"Sharing the Keys, to our Grandcestors archaic past"

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Codex 13 - The Great Witness Speaks

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History speaks of a lost book of knowledge from a golden age of wisdom now forgotten.

A book with a Key revealing ..that which has been is now: that which is to be - has already been, and that which is past..recycles.

There is an advanced archaic Key known today as Cheops. This key operates a hidden codex once hidden in the passages of time now entered unlocking a lost history of an advanced race not found anywhere but amongst Earth's misunderstood archaic monuments. Through examining the Great Pyramid as it witnesses history repeated, our technological age presents a new enlightening truth now awakening through a'codexed correlation causation creating confirmation'.

Stonehenge to Giza: RE-Henging the Stones

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Stonehenge; fascination of this unique monument unhenges time itself. In a time not remembered from past, a message sent to the future to be understood by todays technological present..we, humanity and our forgotten history, have come full circle.

An ancient code written across the planet in monuments of antiquity reveals a language explaining our hidden and lost history. This codex is numerical representing astronomical knowledge which explicitly uses a certian number as verification.

These archaic monuments specifically and openly display this number to explain the astrological codex.

In simplification the message is given to the mysterious number THIR13EN

...a monumental number that henges time.

CODEX: The Quest

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2016 will be a new year for history across our beautiful planet where we will explore the ancient monuments of antiquity revealing the depth of this Codex which includes every facet of history, scripture and mythology..

..for history and truth are found within man's ancient historical relics.

The Nazca Lines Decoding

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The decoding of NazCAD is no accident. It could not be totally inspected and verified until satellite technology and Google Earth were created.

This quest has taken over 35 years to BEGIN, and although first noticed over three decades ago digesting everything literary including available pictures and videos over this time period, took leaps of technology to extensively research ultimately disclosing Nazca's true meaning.
A quest just started as the Nazca Lines reveal is not the end, but merely a beginning and will be investigated in full through this particular created Google Earth (shown in the videos). Of what has been recreated and shared - those that have viewed and understood the full decoding to our hidden history have urged this sharing with mankind..those interested in the three released Youtube videos have been allowed to see a glimpse, for there is much more to divulge including a mathematical equation written upon celestial movement explained in antiquities ancient monuments verified and shown as cleverly hidden in scripture exposing the true meaning to biblical connotation.

Great Pyramid Decoding

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Great Pyramid DECODED as Replicated Solar System. One of humanity's greatest academic enigmas stands today as our world's last of the ancient seven wonders, regarded also as one of today's new seven wonders, a wonder that in our past until today, and for the past 4,500 years has been a direct challenge to uncover its persistent mystery.

Said to be created by a dynastic Pharaoh whose specific intent was to be a funerary chamber, a term used by Egyptologists but known to us as a funeral crypt, located near Cairo Egypt, is the Great Pyramid of Giza. A funerary chamber built to house a Ruler so that he may reconnect his God status by escaping through the archaic name of Star-Shafts leading him into his rightful place among the Heavens.

Many have believed this inacurrate distressed history as fact due to the upper area of the Great pyramid known as the King's Chamber. This belief is held due to a rectangular hollowed box labeled the Pharaoh's 'sarcophagus'..or known in latter day terms, as a coffin. This history is steeped in Egyptian mythology leading academics to follow as truth..but it is a truth that has become a Mystery in History.

Atacama Giant Decoded

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The Atacama Desert located in South America west of the Andes mountain range has the distinguished characteristics of being known as one of the harshest forlorn and barren desert plains located on Earth. This non-polar desert known as Earth's driest desert location is of world recognition for it's view of astronomic values also defying logic as the area is known to be artistically littered with over five thousand geometric, zoomorphic and detailed anthropomorphic geoglyphs. The Atacama desert is allocated covering in parts areas encompassing Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. The terrain composition is equally forlorn due to its sun baked daytime temperatures and frigid nights. A terrain which is made up of boulder debris, dissipated salt lake beds, lava of felsic material, which is amassed in these desert sands.