"Sharing the Keys, to our Grandcestors archaic past"

Bear Warrior's Wisdom

The following is a collection of writings from Bear Warrior (Yona Ayawisgi) - Cherokee Elder, AIM member and Activist for Native American Rights

More will be added in time, along with some that will be in audio/video format. 

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Wisdom From My Mother

Written by Bear Warrior

Lessons From A Childhood Experience

Written by Bear Warrior

I asked for...

Written By Unknown

The 20 Native American Codes Of Ethics

Native American

Dark Clouds

Written by Bear Warrior

Things that I learned from boxing

Written by Bear Warrior

Rod Dog

Written by Bear Warrior

Spotted Pony

Written by Bear Warrior

Something to think about

Written By Bear Warrior

Nobody can walk in your shoes

Written by Bear Warrior

We are all called to be Warriors

Written by Bear Warrior


Written by Bear Warrior

Bear Warrior's Wisdom - What Do You See

What do you see? What’s in your heart?

He sits atop the hill with a pain in his heart as he looks down at the valley below where his village is. A tear suns down his cheek because instead of seeing what is he sees what was. As he looks down on the valley he sees his ancestors dancing, praying, smiling and laughing. He sees his ancestors living happy and free. He sees the children running, playing and laughing without a care in the world. He sees a free and united people. He sees a happy and peaceful people. He sees lush green forests and a clean flowing river. He sees abundant wildlife everywhere. He doesn’t want to let go of what he is seeing. He knows that once he lets go of what he is seeing he will no longer see what was. Instead he will once again be looking down on what is. He will look down and see his village in the valley ravished by poverty and disease. He will see wino’s sleeping on the ground some frozen to death by the bitter cold of the evening before. He will see little children with pain in their eyes and hunger in their belly. He will see teenagers slowly killing themselves with drugs trying to escape reality. He will see a dry river bed where once flowed a mighty river. He will no longer see a lush green forest and abundant wildlife. Instead he will see dry brush, rattlesnakes and scorpions. He will no longer see a proud and free people. Instead he will see a hurt lonely people locked up in their prisons called poverty, disease, alcoholism and fear. The tears begin to flow as freely as the mighty river that once flowed in the valley below. He knew what he would see once he let go but the ancestors planted forever in his heart what was and he knew that he had to do something in the world of what is to help his people. What do you see? What is in your heart? What will you do?

Written by Bear Warrior

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