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Baree Site - Australia

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The Baree site is located in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales Australia and was discovered in 2011 by Leanne Egan.

 "I am a prehistory researcher and discoverer of a lost culture known as the Baree- It is my belief that the Baree may have been part of the Gynocratic age- this is where their society was governed by women. There is a lot of evidence which has led me to this conclusion - one being the large amount of stone tools I find which fit perfectly in my hand, each beautifully crafted for the owner - another- is the large quantity of egg symbolism- which has been worked onto hard basalt rocks. Childbirth was considered magical to the Baree. - and the Women were both worshiped and revered because of it.... The Men looked up to the women- they were the center of their everything- This was the way as it was with many first cultures around the world- and this peaceful way of life continued until conflict began to grow between the male dominated and the female dominated cultures - this was the downfall of The Gynocratic age - and the final result was women becoming the underclass - a problem which still exists today in many countries. 

The Baree culture was very spiritual, and the men were proud warriors who sought power and standing from their sun god, and the underworld- this is evident in the many male effigy palm stones and portable rock art I have discovered. Men and women were equal at this time- there was a balance- It was An amazing time to be alive." 

There are many strange carved rocks here, which have been officially deemed, not to be of a known Australian Aboriginal civilization by an Australian government official. Who goes on to say "they are natural columnar basalt with vents in them" I made the discovery after I set out to find land which would be suitable for the survival of a pole shift or natural event such as an Ice Age. 

I did this by creating maps and flooding them- I also took into consideration the survival zones for mega fauna during the last ice age. Map below could suggest evidence of a possible global flood some 14,000 years ago. Skeletal remains of 3 very different cultures -Kow swamp, Mungo and Nacurrie are all situated on what would could of been the edge of a receding basin 80m above sea. Radiocarbon dates from bone and charcoal associated with Kow Swamp show a period span of 13000 to 9500 BP. The 3 different cultures were each unique physically, Kow swamp had large long heads with thick skull bone, up to 13mm thick, their faces were large wide and projecting and they had a prominent brow ridge, and receding forehead. From above, the skulls showed a pronounced inward curvature behind the eye socket, giving the strange appearance of a flask. Mungo has no matching DNA to modern Aboriginals or other global cultures, and evidence suggest Kow Swamp were performing cranial deformation, a practice which was vanished as the Basin receded.  

What we have are 3 different cultures buried around the Murray Darling Basin, this shows how unique cultures were in close proximity over different time frames, yet remained unchanged. Could this suggest that first peoples were far more spiritual, peaceful and accepting than man today? Location of Kow swamp, Nacurrie and Mungo skulls in regards to a Sea rise of 80 m shows burials all placed around Basin. 4- Kabool Creek- possible cranial deformation. 5 Nacurrie Skulls. 6.- Location of my Finds in relation to flooding- also suggesting arrival from the South-7.- Mungo man- no matching dna to other humans he was traditionally buried. I propose there may have been several cultures that came down from the safety of the Mountains at the end of the last Ice age. Many of those people Such as Kow swamp may have met their demise in a competition for survival. Cranial deformation was a practice that seemed to be lost as the Basin receded.
Here is a picture of Baree petroglyphs in comparison to the rest of the world- what stands out is how many of them are actually missing- compared to both Australia and the rest of the globe.

Baree Site - Leanne Egan Interview

Stone Tool Presentation


Baree Site Snowy Mountains Australia

By looking at pictures of the stones I can say that the stones in pictures look like weapons and art from an ancient time. (may be before civilization) as some of stones are chisel shaped and some stones have art or symbols . As the information provided by Leanne these stones are made up of basalt rock so it becomes easier to understand that the designs on the stones are not natural they are man made because this kind of weathering is not possible in basalt

Mohd. Shahbaz Khan, Sr.Associate Geologist vice 

Leanne Egan

Baree Site Founder

I am a prehistory researcher and discoverer of a lost culture known as the Baree-It is my belief that the Baree were part of the Gynocratic age
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