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Joani Jiannine
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Ancient Agenda's 2020 Calendars

Attention Ancient Agenda members:


Does history confuse you?


Tired of losing your place month to month due to ever upgraded-updated knowledge?


Well, instead of carving it in rock, now there's a simple way to log each and every confusing step..


with Ancient Agenda's yearly Calendars.


That's right friends, you read it right -


calendarS as in plural.


Created by Ancient Agenda's own Joani Jiannine, we are pleased to offer (for your donation of $25)


your choice of one of three calendars custom hand-crafted by Joani herself. All donations go towards furthering this research so all may know history by the numbers.


But wait - there's more..


If you buy all 3 calendars; your choice of calendar will be personally autographed by Joani, with the Ancient Solar Sites calendar autographed by Jon Gilbert.


If you're  like me, I'll be ordering all 3 as I get lost often.


Hard to believe when everyone is telling me where to go, ��


but now I can mark it on my calendar.����

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Joani Jiannine
Posts: 24

From Lauren Matthias Swander:  I got the calendar last night-I Love it!! you guys did a great job! i'm so thrilled to have the pictures and diagrams to look at. I was trying to remember how I came across the Nazca lines video. i'm into hidden history and in related FB groups and someone linked your video and I was so blown away when I watched it. it's one of those things that you want to keep watching over and over but time just doesn't permit. it's even cooler for me since my husband is a carpenter and all those tools are part of the lines.

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