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Joani Jiannine
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                              KUELAP'S COSMIC OUROBORUS CYCLES


There is a place in South America where the winding rivers and creek beds carve the terrain, headwaters of fuel for the mighty Amazon River. The few and far between roads and paths scar a landscape where ancient civilizations arose and fell. Remote and oasitic stone ruins hide beneath the plants and trees. Amidst this stunning setting, high on the slopes of the Andes in Northern Peru, we find one of the largest ancient monuments of the Americas, the walled city of Kuelap.

This 'Land of the Cloud People' holds many mysteries.

Kuelap is the largest stone structure of South America, and is often hidden by the rain and clouds. Much older than the Incan Empire it is located 9,842.5 ft above sea level, although the highest point, Palo Alto, rises to 9,931 ft ( 9+3+1= 13).

The ruins are what remains of the stone temples, towers, ceremonial circles, and houses of the lost people called the Sachapuyos, or Chachapuyas. As per GE this 'island in the clouds' is 625 yds (6+2+5=13) in length and 148 yds (1+4+8=13) in width.

The surrounding wall encircling the city, constructed out of large limestone blocks, is nearly 60-feet high in places. While building this wall. at the same time, the people back-filled inside to form their 'island' as this was built over a mountaintop; and in the center of this 'island' is another filled in area which was also walled, making this smaller area higher than the rest.


Kuelap's Southern GE co~ords (from center of El Tintero): 6.25' 10.33” S (6+7=13; 10+3 =13)

There are 3 entrances to this walled city, the first East side entry is the main entry point; there is much more to this entry than you would think!

Seen from above is a Serpent shadow surrounding the circles..the left side shows his tail with 'humped' back while the right side, the entry way, wraps around towards the tip of his tail with his head expanding in the tails adjacent circle. Our 13th Zodiac sign, Ouroborus, is beautifully portrayed here as, 'Ouroborus, Cycling though the Cosmos'. This was an intentional design by the builders, as the serpent iconography at Kuelap is very evident.

The architecture here is very different than anything else to be found in Peru, thereby adding a new complexity to the known Peruvian culture mix. The designs and circular buildings with windows are reminiscent of North America's Indigenous peoples Pueblo's and Kiva's. Intriguingly, the main temple, Tintero is exactly 3,513 miles from the center of the largest kiva in Chaco Canyon's Pueblo Bonito to the center of El Tintero. 3+5=8 (8 is imperial for 13 metric) and 13 is 13.

This fortified city is fascinating in its layout as the colors and sheer size are so different from anything else seen in South America. There are ceremonial temples and 420 circular stone circular rings and dwellings, which contain geometric patterns, high relief carvings of monkey's and human faces, along with serpents and other animals.

Advanced Geometry at Kuelap

On the GE picture you will notice what is a 'triangular' design. It was intentionally man-made to form an even 3,024 meters altitude as this particular height can only be found along this line.

This number 3,024 is an exact match to the base 4 sides multiplied by 4 to the Great Pyramid of 3,024 feet.

On the left side the center point was formed with two shorter lines to connect the two angular sides together. By drawing a rectangle (88.5 ft by 13 m) here in the center using the two shorter lines as a guide, and by then drawing a diagonal line through from opposite corners we see two 30-60-90 degree triangles. This 60 degree angle is the precise angle that the thatched roofs were built on the round buildings.

Combining this one basic design with the five separate measures and reducing them to the lowest number gives us: 1 complete design line = 1. 721 total feet = 1. ~ 3,998 total inches of the straight side = 2. ~ 219 total meters = 3. ~ 239 total yards = 5. 8,648 combined inches of both sides = 8. This sequence of numbers shows us the Fibonacci Sequence of 1-1-2-3-5-8.

There are many geometrical patterns found here. The ruins of the main temple~El Tintero ~ has a Seven pointed Star on it's roof with a circular hole in the center of it along with a 6 sided Hexagon.


Many of the stone circles have pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, square, diamond, and even a heart and 5 pointed star shape around a small circular hole in in the ground. The stone circles with the small geometric holes in their centers from above create the ancient Egyptian Sun symbol of a cirle with a dot in the center. 

Kuelap's brilliant megalithic walls of Sun colored yellow stones with the Circle-Dot Sunstone circles offer a clue to the design and knowledge of our Sun's cycle through the heavens.

These shapes are all made with the finished bordering stones. These small holes, barely longer than a man's shoe, indicate acoustical properties. The different geometrical shapes would all have different tones. Certainly with the advanced knowledge these people had and the fact that they backfilled this 'island in the clouds' it's quite possible they had an underground system somewhat like a PA system and these holes would have been used as that. 

Some circles have entrance ways with steps leading down to a lower than the surrounding ground level, some have higher wall parts still standing, with windows, and many have a low curved stone 'serpent' wall' dividing them. Many walled circles were used for ceremonial purposes.

Clearly the engineers had great mathematical skill in building and the circular stone buildings have diamond shaped patterns made of flat stones as an ornate border around them.

These diamond shape border decorations are found in 3 styles.. a single diamond shape <><><>, some with a second diamond shape inside it, and some with two diamond shapes inside it to make three. On the single diamond shapes a few are found as a pair with a perpendicular straight 'line' through it that have been called the "eyes of the jaguar". (We would suggest a better term: 'eyes of the serpent'.)

There are also building ruins with a connected VVVVV pattern around as so. In a sampling GE measure of 5 of these circular foundations the diameters are 27.4 ft; 31.1 ft; 28.3 ft; 31 ft; and 44.5 ft. These all add to 13.

Solstice and Equinox:

Kuelap's architectural design incorporates a ceremonial Serpent Solar disc.

This is located in a ceremonial circle just to the Southeast of El Tintero, although no previous researchers have noticed or speculated whether the raised solar disk captures Solstice light and defines the stones dual Serpent's features. This circle is also where one of the eight sided Octagons are located.

There are two major ceremonial buildings, Tintero on the south end, and Torreon, located in the north end of this 'island in the clouds'.

El Torreon on the Northernmost tip was a solar observatory. It is a 3 rounded corner triangular stone tower and is 7 meters tall (27 ft) and it appears to have had a building with it on the North end although as of yet it has not been renovated.

El Tintero was also circular, although a part has caved in upon itself. It is 5.5 meters tall (18.04 feet 1+8+4=13) and was the main ceremonial center. It has short graduated roof lines, each one a bit higher than the previous one. This could be used for telling time by sunlight moving along them. It also has a small addition built on the east side of it with 3 squared sides which may have been used as a marker for the Summer and Winter Solstices as the light from the sun would fully light one side in the summer and the other side in the winter. On the Equinoxes the sunlight would illuminate the one side facing East.

Besides this marker, the surrounding wall of this city in the clouds has three entrances and two of these are directly opposite each other. On both Spring and Fall Equinoxes the light would completely fill both of these, in the morning from the East side, and in the evening from the West side.

Orion's Belt:

Here at Kuelap the architects created a correlation to the three stars of Orion's Belt. From the North, El Torreon is 256 yds (13) to Palo Alto, and from there it is 336.1 yds (13) to El Tintero in the South to form the 3 belt stars. From end to end in a straight line center of Torreon to center of Tintero it is 1741 ft or 580 yds, (both numbers add to 13).

Building here 'is said' to have started around 500 AD and continued until 1400 AD, taking in the Chachapoyas culture. It had been thought that they were conquered by the Incas sometime in the second half of the 15th century, but the walled city of Kuelap appears to have been left alone by the Incas, and the people continued to thrive there. However, with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century the Incas finally took Kuelap over and between them and the diseases brought by the Spanish the Chachapoyas culture at Kuelap collapsed and sadly vanished into history.

The entire fortress site, including terraces, tombs and outlying settlements, is around 1,112 acres. 1+112 =113.

Kuelap provides an opportunity to understand the legacy left behind by a civilization that contributed much to the region before its disappearance. The preservation of the fortress complex will allow for greater understanding of the rituals and practices of a people inhabiting hillside dwellings at high altitudes. The structures are stunning examples of the artistic, mathematical, and engineering sophistication of ancient cultures in the Americas.

The creators of Kuelap designed it's features with adjoining raised terrace walls that hold the stone circles to cast shadows identifying an encompassing cosmic solar serpent that enters and exits Kuelap's architecturally magnificent entrance.

We stated at the beginning that Kuelap is located at an altitude of 9,842.5 ft above sea level. With all the advanced geometry and astronomy, is it possible this designated island in the clouds offers an illuminated equation? This number: 9,842.5 feet, equals 2,999.994 meters - a hint to the Speed of Light in a vacuum..which is 299.792.458 mps.

Kuelap's Cosmic Ouroborus Cycles recreates the hidden technological knowledge from our Grandcestors, whom bestowed it to our generation.

Researched and written by Joani Jiannine, JD Jeffrey and Jon Gilbert.


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