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Babel  On:  Great  Pyramid  Speaks

Babel on ..and on ..and on..

Many historians and researchers of ancient monuments define the Great Pyramid as a vault of advanced numbers and ratios that explain our Earth, solar system and Sun.

These numerical riddles often contain complex sequential mathematical computations seemingly aimed at a certain genius level of our civilization. If this is certainly true as those such as Graham Hancock, Carl Munck, Gary Osborn, Randall Carlson and many others have shown in their research; would it not make sense these intellectual creators of such a precision monument would deduce the advanced mathematics to a simple feature that could be easily recognized to even us laymans of the population providing proof of existence to the verification of astronomical figures found contained at the monument known as the Great Pyramid?

As those whom study this great monument are aware, its situated upon 13 acres, and that is usually the first clue offered in this layman's codex recognised by all whom investigate it. Often mentioned is the Great Pyramids elevation above the Nile river at 130 feet.

Always the Great Pyramids height is recognised at 481 feet, and where this recorded mathematical equation of 4+8+1=13 stands out making this simple code worthy of further investigation.

The Subterranean Chamber has been documented situated at 113 feet below plateau surface grade by the esteemed sir Flinders Petrie whom also documented lines scored and etched across the floor of the Descending passageway respectively at 1318.5, 1340.1, 1347.5 and 1350.7.

Equivalently he calculated the first etched line to be at a distance of 481 inches from the entrance demonstrating another 13. [4+8+1=13]

The Ascending passageway is measured at 129.9 feet which numerically 'rounds up' as 130 feet.

Leading to the Queen's Chamber, it's passageway is documented in length at 127.5 feet to the chambers 'outside door opening'; also rounding up to 130 feet.

The floor of this chamber is designed with 13 full stones and a stone a 3rd the size of the other floor stones revealing 13.1 in equation.

Touted as one of ancient history's most magnificent achievements, the pyramids Grand Gallery measures at a height of 8.5 metres in which 8+5=13.

Each corbelled stone overhangs the other by 4.9 centimetres equalling 4+9=13.

The length of the Grand Gallery's wall has a line scribed at the height of 7 foot 6 inches totalling 7+6=13.

In mathematical rounding up form, the Grand Gallery's length is 156.9 feet rounding up to 157 feet seen sequentially as 1+5+7=13.

The great stone known as the 'great Step' at the top of the Grand Gallery is 'V-cut' 13 inches deep.

Entering the pyramids Ante-chamber we are greeted by a granite leaf suspended and embedded in a wall slot with an embossed emblem measuring 5 by 8 inches also reviewed as 5+8=13.

The Kings Chamber in all its glory sanctifies the number 13 in its every corner starting with the highest shaft to exit the building registering from the KC at the 103rd course-row of stone.

Gattenbrinks robot measured the shafts at 175 feet long detailing 1+7+5=13.

Both Northern 'shafts' of the Queen and Kings Chambers cross-over at 6.5 degrees. Two shafts 'crossing' at 6.5 degrees reveals 2x6.5= 13.

The chambers granite Sarcophagus is placed centered at 1/3rd ratio to the room and precisely at 184 degrees in proportion to the Kings Chamber corner and the pyramids South-east corner adding 1+8+4=13.

Observing the pyramid from the outside, the truncated 'platform' height to where the missing Capstone is to be positioned is at 454 feet and another intentional 13 of 4+5+4.

The largest Casing-stone is it's 'base' stone measuring 58 inches wide, or 5+8=13.

Each base side-length of the pyramid is 756 feet in length multiplied by four sides equals 3,024 feet.

Adding the 481 foot height with the 3,024 base completing the full measurement of base and height

of the Great Pyramid tallies at 3,505. 3+5+5= 13.

The Capstone itself is said to measure 103.3+ Pyramid Inches.

Stretching over the pyramid's full perimeter from 'corner to corner' measures at 12,913.26734 Pyramid Inches rounding up to 13,000.

The Mesopotamia Sumerian foot is designated at 13.2 inches - its also known as the Indus Valley foot with Mohenjo-daro as a fine example to this measurement.

Curiously documented here, we have a Mesoamerican pyramid of Mayan association revealing the Sumerian 13.2 foot calculated in its build structure emphasising a globally shared knowledge.

The Kukulkan pyramid recognises a base footprint of 175 Sumerian 13.2 foot side lengths.

Coincidentally 1+7+5= 13

"The units of measure used in the construction of the Great Pyramid are the Royal Cubit and the Pyramid Inch. There is some evidence that the measurement unit known as the Royal Cubit was already in use as much as one hundred years prior to the building of the Great Pyramid, and perhaps even somewhat earlier. It was employed as a unit of measure for the construction of buildings, for the measure of land, grain quantities etc.. The Royal Cubit was of central importance as a standardized unit of measure at the time of unification of upper and lower Egypt.(2) One can infer that the dimension of this unit of measure could be geodetic in nature, that is to say, having some specific relationship with the physical attributes of the Earth's shape. Generally the Royal cubit is understood to have been 524 millimeters +/- 2mm (20.63 inches) in length.

Professor Flinders Petrie, who is regarded as the founder of Egyptology, and had studied the Temples and Buildings of Ancient Egypt with utmost exactitude in the 1880's assigned a value for the Royal Cubit of 20.632 +/- .004 Imperial British Inches based for the most part on the dimensions found within the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid (3).The Pyramid Inch was first suggested as a common denominator in the construction dimensions within the Great Pyramid by Sir Isaac Newton. In review of the dimensions of the King’s Chamber, Sir Isaac Newton ascribed a value of 20.63 Imperial British Inches for the Royal Cubit.(4) It should be noted that 1.0011 Imperial British Inches constitute1 Pyramid Inch.(5) Furthermore, at the time of Professor Petrie’s measurements in the 1880s the Imperial British Inch had an equivalency of 2.53999779 cm. It is important to note that the New Imperial Standard Yard was legalized in Britain in 1855.

In 1896 Benoit, Director of the BIPM and Chaney, Head of the British Board of Trade Standards Department, physically compared the Imperial Standard Yard with the International Prototype Meter, with the result that the meter was found to be 39.370113 Imperial British inches.(6) Undoubtedly, Professor Petrie would have used the most exact instruments calibrated to the New Imperial Standard Yard that was legalized in 1855. It was not until 1959 that the British Inch was re-calibrated along with the American Inch to be exactly 2.54 cm. In any event, the accuracy of the dimension of the Royal Cubit taken from the measurements in the so-called King’s Chamber is contingent on the accuracy of the mason's work not to mention over 4500 years of time passage from when the Great Pyramid was built and the time when measurements were taken. Any subsidence in the interim could have skewed the measurements. Professor Petrie did in fact make allowances for subsidence in the determination of his measurements. An alternate approach to determining the exact dimension of the Royal Cubit involves its relationship to the overall exterior dimensions of the Pyramid.

Acres-Cubits-Metric-etc.. these and many more 13's are calculated and documented by this archaic building. Regardless of the mathematical  formula used to build the megalith, it continues to answer in our known math registering 13 Imperial.

Referring back to the opening paragraphs to Babel on-wards regarding the Great Pyramid; numerical riddles contain complex mathematical computations aimed at a level of our civilization such as Graham Hancock and many others have shown in their research;

Graham Hancock Great Pyramid  base perimeter measurement;

"If one multiplies this measure by 43,200 ( the number of seconds in 12 hours)

one arrives at a value of 39,806.748 km.

The radius of a circle with this circumference would be 6335.4407 km. The Radius of Curvature in a Meridian plane at the Equator as calculated from WGS 84 (World Geodetic Survey 1984) data is 6335.4393 km. The difference in these two values is .0014 km or 1.4 meters in radius."

NASA  unknowingly corroborates -

"With a radius of 432,168.6 miles (695,508 kilometers)

The Sun’s volume would need 1.3 million Earths to fill it."

The Sun, Math and the Great Pyramid

"Twice the perimeter of the bottom of the granite coffer times 10^8 is the sun’s mean radius. [270.45378502 Pyramid Inches* 10^8 = 427,316 miles].

The height of the pyramid times 10**9 = Avg. distance to the sun. {5813.2355653 * 10**9 * (1 mi / 63291.58 PI) = 91,848,500 mi}

Mean Distance to the Sun: Half of the length of the diagonal of the base times 10**6 = average distance to the sun Mean Distance to Sun:

The height of the pyramid times 10**9 represents the mean radius of the earth’s orbit around the sun or Astronomical Unit. { 5813.235565376 pyramid inches x 10**9 = 91,848,816.9 miles}

Mean Distance to Moon: ] The length of the Jubilee passage times 7 times 10**7 is the mean distance to the moon. {215.973053 PI * 7 * 10**7 =1.5118e10 PI = 238,865 miles }

The Great Pyramid and planet Earth

The weight of the pyramid is estimated at 5,955,000 tons. Multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth’s mass.

The sacred cubit times 10**7 = polar radius of the earth (distance from North Pole to Earth’s center) {25 PI * 10**7 * (1.001081 in / 1 PI) * (1 ft / 12 in) * (1 mi/ 5280 ft) = 3950 miles }

Equatorial Circumference of the Earth: The Pyramid embodies a scale ratio of 1/43,200. The perimeter of the base * 43,200 = 24,734.94 miles, which is within 170 miles of the equatorial circumference of the earth.

Earth’s Volume: The product of the pyramid’s volume and density times 10^15 equals the ratio of volume to density of the earth. [10,339,823.3 cubic cubits * 0.4078994 * 10^15 = 4.21760772 x 10^21 cubic cubits = 259.93 x 10^9 cubic miles]

Earth’s Mass: Mass of the pyramid = volume * density = 10,339,823.3 cubic cubits * 0.4078994 earth density = 4,217,497.

The mass converted to pyramid tons = 4,217,607.72 * 1.25 = 5,272,010 pyramid tons. Since the mean density of the earth was defined as 1.0,

then the mass of the earth is 10^15 times the mass in pyramid tons = 5.272 x 10^21 pyramid tons = 5.99 x 10^24 KgSpeed of Earth around the Sun:

The Pyramid Inch times 10^8 = the speed of the earth around the sun, circa 2600 BCEMass of the Earth:

The weight of the pyramid is estimated at 5,955,000 tons. Multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth’s mass.Average Land Height:

The average height of land above sea level for the earth is 5,449 inches. This is also the height of the pyramid.

The Light Equation: The height of the Great Pyramid, minus the height of the capstone represents one millionth the time it takes light to travel the mean radius of the earth’s orbit around the sun (1 astronomical unit) using 1 Pyramid Inch equals 24 hours (mean solar day).

[(5,813.2355653 - 103.0369176) /10^6 = .0057101986+ days = 493.36116 seconds = 8 minutes, 13.36 seconds]"…/

8 minutes, 13.36 seconds; as stated in the opening paragraphs- Many historians and researchers define the Great Pyramid as a vault of advanced numbers and ratios that explain our Earth, solar system and Sun..would it not make sense these creators of a precision monument would deduce the advanced mathematics to a simple feature that could be easily recognized to the population providing proof of existence to the verification of astronomical figures found contained at the Great Pyramid?

Great Pyramid Cubits sir Flinders Petrie research:

229 cubits tall = 13

661 cubits volume = 13

8 minutes, 13.36 seconds revealed by the height of the Pyramid, minus it's capstone height represents one millionth the time for light traveling the mean radius of Earth’s orbit around our Sun.

The Great Pyramid is built with 8 sides and a footprint of 13,

also known as 'pyre-mid' translated as Fire in the Middle.

It's often stated the Great Pyramid is built encoding Phi and Pi math systems.

Pi..the Great Pyramid is built with 8 sides..Pi is 3.14 and also adds to 8 as in 3+1+4=8..

which 8 is Infinity as is Pi.

13 is a Prime Number and the only number Pi breaks down to in it's self, and why the Great Pyramid's

footprint is 13 acres and it's  created 481 foot height.

Also 8 Miles Imperial equals 13 Metric Kilometres.

Giza's enigmatic sanctuary calaculates a specific message including the magical mystifying number 137

as revealed by Gary Osborn's amazing technical display of math and geometry.

"From physics, mathematics and science, to mysticism, occultism, the Kabbalah and the Torah, the number 137 may just be the most magical and important number in the universe.

What's the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe?

It might just be the number 137.

Those three digits, as it turns out, have long been the rare object of fascination that bridges the gulf between science and mysticism."

"137 continues to fire the imagination of everyone from scientists and mystics to occultists and people from the far-flung edges of society,"

Arthur I. Miller, an emeritus professor of history and philosophy of

science at University College London and author of the 2009 book "137: Jung, Pauli and the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession," says via email."

Currently the Great Pyramid's 'Capstone socket-level' height is given at 138.8 Metres.

This is but a sample of how the Great Pyramid vaults the number 13 in a layman's-way

that babels on and on a silent message verified through documented historian's research

of the pyramid itself.

A monumental whisper from our forgotten past, gifted as your birthright -

Welcome to Codex Babylon: the Great Pyramid Speaks.

Copyright research of JD Jeffrey 2019

Great Pyramid research:


"Between us we may hold all the answers, if not for confrontation."

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Re-Henging Babel On's Language

The layman's Codex to the Giza plateau and it's Great Pyramid  uncovered and revealed leads to a higher understanding of Math, Geometry and the Stars.

It's often stated the Great Pyramid is built encoding Phi and Pi math systems. Giza's Great Pyramid is built with 8 sides..Pi is 3.14 and also adds to 8 as in 3+1+4=8.. which 8 is Infinity, as is Pi.

13 is a Prime Number and the only number Pi breaks down to within itself, and why the Great Pyramid's footprint is 13 acres and it's created 481 foot height. Also 8 Miles Imperial equals 13 Metric Kilometres, which helps to understand Astronomical Unit values. (AU).

This a Key example to the pyramid's construction with 8 geometric sides and 13 acre footprint.

According to Dr. Chuck Missler's research regarding Stonehenge; multiplying the 30 'outer trilithon stones by their height' unmistakably gives you the exact height of the Great Pyramid.

By applying the geometry from the pyramid's orientation, which is 360-tieth of a degree from true-North, pursues the knowledge of applying the 360 degree circle-ratio directly to the pyramid's Square-base connecting the geometry method of 'Circling the Square'.

Giza's enigmatic square-base sanctuary of Sacred Geometry calculates a specific message including the magical mystifying number 137, and Giza just happens to be located 3600 Kilometres from the epic Stonehenge - a circular constructed megalith.

The 3600 Kilometre distance is a ratio to 360 degrees and what we see Stonehenge to be.

Gary Osborn's Giza research revealed the sacred mysterious number 137, a number given to a specific geomatrix.

"From physics, mathematics and science, to mysticism, occultism, the Kabbalah and the Torah, the number 137 may just be the most magical and important number in the universe.

What's the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe?

It might just be the number 137.

Those three digits, as it turns out, have long been the rare object of fascination that bridges the gulf between science and mysticism."

"137 continues to fire the imagination of everyone from scientists and mystics to occultists and people from the far-flung edges of society,"

Arthur I. Miller, an emeritus professor of history and philosophy of science at University College London and author of the 2009 book "137: Jung, Pauli and the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession,"…/why-is-137-most-magical…

Although Stonehenge itself sanctifies the laymans Codex 13 as well proving it to be an archaic monument in corroboration with the Great Pyramid, it uniquely refers back to the Great Pyramid in a numbered language also exclaiming knowledge of the Great Pyramid's geo-coordinates and the mysterious revered number 137.

Stonehenge is created with 75 trilithon stones, 1 Sun-stone and 95 Bluestones.

The bluestones estimate at 13 feet tall.

The Sunstone also known as 'the Friar's Heel' is 4.9 metres tall. [4+9=13]

75 trilithon stones plus the Sun-stone trilithon equal 76. [7+6=13]

More to the layman's Codex 13 can be found in this article:…/44015251-stonehenge-to-giza…

The following regarding Stonehenge's connection to Giza's Great Pyramid is from

"The 'Station-stone-rectangle' has a perimeter the same length as one side of Giza's Great Pyramid.

The angle created by connecting the rectangle's hypotenuse, is at an angle of 118° degrees, which has been noted as the same azimuth one would follow to reach Giza in Egypt.

This remarkable astronomical fact sanctifies that the mathematical peculiarity of the Stonehenge 'Station-stones' having proportions that mirrors the latitude of the site, is only surpassed by the fact that both the Sun and the Moon (at their respective maximum settings) rise at approximately the same point on the horizon from the site, which is also mirrored in the latitude of 51° 51'. (Great Pyramid's - Side Slope Angle)

21,600 degrees which is the precise fractal of the number of miles of the circumference of the Nautical Earth wherein every degree equals to 60 miles

and 360 degrees * 60 Nautical Miles = 21,600 Nautical Miles * 6072 feet in a Nautical Mile = 131,155,200 feet / 5,280

(Number of Feet in a Statute Mile or Imperial Mile) = 24,840 Imperial Miles which is the mean circumference of the earth in Statute Miles."

131,155,200 feet is Earth's Nautical distance and why this codex includes the Great Pyramid's 13.1 acre base footprint and Stonehenge's megalithic circle, both of which are re-henging a monumental message in megalithic stone.

The coordinates of Stonehenge reflect an exact knowledge of the Great Pyramid's location upon our planet.

Stonehenge's recorded Latitude locates the Great Pyramid at 51.1.43/84 which incidentally is both the Great Pyramid's Southern slope angle of 51.43 and Northern slope angle of 51.84 degrees.

The '10' plays a significant role in linking Stonehenge's Latitude side-slope coordinates to the Great Pyramid.

The diameter of Stonehenge equals the diameter of the Great Pyramid 'corner to corner' divided by Ten.

In concordance with the Great Pyramid's numbers computing astrological implications of centering on the Grand Gallery which reveals to us the equation of the Speed of Light in a vacuum, Stonehenge likewise explains our Earth and Sun positioning by using it's geo-coordinates as well.

"The average distance between the Earth and the Sun depends upon the Aphelion and Perihelion distances since the Earth has an elliptical Orbit around the Sun from one of the Focal Points of the Ellipse. At the point of Aphelion (the furthest point from the Sun) the Earth has a distance of 152.097,701 km from the Sun and at Perihelion (the closest point to the Sun) the Earth has a distance of 147,098,074 km from the Sun."

The average between these distances is 149,597,887.5 km.

In Astronomy this term is known as 'Mean Distance'.

The recorded 149,597,88.5km is the average Sun to Earth distance which equals Stonehenge's Longitude Geo-Coordinates of 1.49'34.28. 1 degree, 49 minutes and 34.28 arc seconds West Longitude.

Stonehenge has 95 Bluestones reflecting the astronomical knowledge of our Sun and Earth 'Aphelion'.

Aphelion is almost 95 million miles from the Sun answering why there is 95 Bluestones.

95 million Miles transfers as 152 million Kilomteres.

152 million Kilometres is also 1+5+2= 8, contributing to the knowledge of our Sun's travel, which creates

an 8 in the sky over the period of a Solar year.

Photographing the Sun, taken at the same time every day, creates the pattern known as Analemma.

The figure-8-Ininity pattern is due to varying factors of Earth's orbit.

Stonehenge's circle babels on and on with the top of the lintels created at 4.9 metres (4+9=13) above the ground.

Within this circle stood five trilithons of dressed sarsen stone arranged in a 'Horseshoe' shape 13.7 metres across, with its open-end facing North-East.

With both sites imploring astronomical values, should it be a coincidence Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid both face North-East?

Understanding Stonehenge's tallest stones arraigns the mystic number of 137 unequivocally suggesting the builders understood the importance of 137 reflecting it's astronomical and scientific applications.

The number 1/137.035 combines several constants from nature, including the charge on a single electron, the Speed of Light, and also Planck’s constant.

According to scientist Michael Brooks, “..the number determines how stars burn, how chemistry happens, and even whether atoms exist at all.”

From physics, mathematics and science, to mysticism, occultism, 137 suggest it may very well be the key to finding the Grand Unified Theory.


To physicists, 137 is the approximate denominator of the fine-structure constant (1/137.03599913), the measure of the strength of the electromagnetic force that controls how charged elementary particles such as the electron and muon interact with photons of light, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


"This immutable number determines how stars burn, how chemistry happens and even whether atoms exist at all," Michael Brooks explained in a recent New Scientist article.

"The fine-structure constant "characterizes the strength with which matter couples to light, e.g. the probability that an excited atom will decay in a certain time," Paul Davies, Regents Professor of Physics at Arizona State University and a best-selling author of 30 books on science, explains in an email. If the constant was bigger, "atoms would decay faster. It is significant too because it is a pure number – a ratio of quantities with equal units. Unlike, say, the speed of light, which is either 186,000 miles per second or 300,000 kilometers per second, depending on which units you prefer." (Fine-structure constant submitted to Cosmos by Davies 2016)

Rehenging Stonehenge's unique reference to Codex Babylon, Giza's Great Pyramid and the mysterious astronomical number 137 computes a past advanced history known today as Babylon who left their footprint of a prior truly historic one world language.

As this Codex continues to babel on from archaic monument to archaic monument, we are aware and privileged to speak across time with our epic ancients in a way only modern technology can provide, gifted as our birthright as we, the god's offspring, return to time at the foot of a tower to Babel.

Copyright research of JD Jeffrey 2019


"Between us we may hold all the answers, if not for confrontation."

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Angkor Wat Babel's On SynchroniCity

The Egyptian mythology claims the Pyramids were ascension portals where Pharaoh's would join the Gods by becoming Stars in the Heavens.

Stonehenge's Druid culture, likewise were heavily vested as Star gazers. They were students of ancient verse, natural philosophy, ancient gods and astronomy.

The geometric language spoken at both Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid allow us the understanding of that which those whom constructed this global message into a living-language understood; language is created from words, which continually changes due to cultures, geographic locations and trending times. However math, geometry and astronomy never change, and are a language of their own.

This is simplified by the codex and where Angkor Wat babel's on in synchronicity. The mythology of Angkor Wat also speaks of astronomy to the heavens.

"Angkor Wat is a miniature replica of the Universe in stone and represents an Earthly model of the cosmic world. The central tower rises from the center of the monument symbolizing the mythical mountain, Meru, situated at the center of the Universe. Its five towers correspond to the peaks of Meru.The outer wall corresponds to the mountains at the edge of the world, and the surrounding moat the oceans beyond."


Angkor Wat meaning 'City of Temples' befits it's visual conception.

The layout of Angkor Wat's sanctuary presents a knowledge of just that, our solar system within the universe. During Equinox, the Sun sets on top of Angkor Wat's grand center obelisk, offering a clue to the mythology.

Angkor's inner courtyard towering layout is our replicated solar system.

Our Sun is situated as the center and tallest tower. Geometrically surrounding it are 4 additional spiraled towers, which complete our inner solar system.

In relation to the inner 5 towers are it's outer four towers, which construe our four outer large gas planets. 

The encompassing outside wall reveals solar-gates at all four cardinal directions.

Surrounding Angkor is a moat hinting to our solar systems surrounding Oort cloud, known in modern astronomy as the Kuiper Belt.

Digesting the diagramed layout in accordance to the structure's solar Equinox alignment, upon close inspection to the complete monolithic layout which includes the expansive moat, the varied knowledge of our solar system is re-created. The 3 dimensional architectural design of Angkor Wat's heavenly layout incorporates the Oort Cloud-Kuiper Belt system as a 'moat' to the cosmographical boundary of our Solar System allowing for extension beyond it's premise as the Milky Way. Angkor's spiraling towers enforce the movement of our solar system as it spirals through our Galaxy and Universe in a geometric expression.

Throughout this uncovering we have found a codex to the mysterious number 13, but we have also uncovered a geo-matrix with the Great Pyramid's Geo-coordinates centered on the Grand Gallery revealing the Speed of Light in a vacuum, and Stonehenge's use of coordinates to show the pyramids South and North side-slope angle's, plus the 'mean distance' between our Earth and Sun.

Angkor Wat's mythology suggest the relationship between Earth and our Sun, revealing an astrological connection between Stonehenge and Giza's Great Pyramid.

Graham Hancock's research details the significance between the Great Pyramid and Angkor Wat:

Angkor Wat is located at 72 degrees West of the Great Pyramid revealing the knowledge of incremental astronomical procession of Precession.

"..Angkor Wat has an intriguing root(180) degree latitude, pertaining to degrees as an angular measure, with the Khmer 'hat' equalling 0.66^2 metres.

The site is precisely rotated by one gradian relative to the points of the compass. Every 216 years, axial precession causes the celestial sphere to advance three degrees, the angle subtended by Angkor Wat's westernmost towers as viewed from its main entrance.

Whilst alluding to the Standard Model, 216 also signifies the distance/radius ratios of the Sun and Moon, along with the number of seconds the Earth takes to rotate through one gradian.

Angkor Wat's 4x5 and 6x7 moat-related geometry, which is scaled by 216 metres, reveals the origins of our 24 hour, 60 minute, 60 second timekeeping system by ingeniously mapping rotation to precession via degrees and gradians. The world's largest religious temple teaches us why there are 180 degrees in Pi radians and why a solar day lasts 86400 seconds."…/307513428_Angling_for_furthe…

The astronomical knowledge of precession displayed in precision verifies from the center statuesque obelisk as it anchor's the Sun twice yearly distributing it's solar message. During Equinox, the Sun sits atop Angkor Wat's grand center obelisk dividing equally as possible the 12 hours from day and night; a magnificent feat not only in engineering but also as 'working' astronomical knowledge of the cosmos.

The layout to the city is calculated as the 'geometric square' incorporating spiral towers at all 'four' corners. These outer four towers are represented by four rooms whereas the five towers at center-point in the industrial layout are created as five rooms. This in itself is a geometric clue to understanding Angkor Wat's multi-stacked knowledge needed to answer it's timeless riddle.

In reservation from Angkor Wat's inner courtyard sanctuary holding an additional 'five towers', the largest megalith stands tallest at center. Following the example of an 'obelisk', Angkor Wat's center tower distributes light and shadows aligning with the 'courtyards other towers' to create a time sequence allowance for understanding the time of day and year, which includes seasonal movements for planting and harvesting.


"The height of Angkor Wat from the ground to the top of the central tower is greater than it might appear: 213 meters (699 feet), achieved with three rectangular or square levels. Each one is progressively smaller and higher than the one below starting from the outer limits of the temple.

The third level supports five towers –four in the corners and one in the middle- this is the most prominent architectural feature of Angkor Wat.

This arrangement is sometimes called a quincunx. Graduated tiers, one rising above the other, give the towers a conical shape and, near the top, rows of Lotuses taper to a point."

The square base (60 meters, 197 feet long) of the upper level is 13 meters (43 feet) high and raises over 40 meters (131 feet) above the second level.

The Central sanctuary rises on a tiered base 42 meters (137 feet) above the upper level."…/angkor/angkor-wat.htm

The calculated abundance of the number 13 at Angkor synchronizes it with the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge's mathematical message, including the auspicious sacred number 137; a number given to a specific geomatrix recorded at all 3 of these archaic sites.

Angkor's tallest tower and center obelisk is built without cement or adhesive consisting of a 10 interlocking ring stage system to create the remarkable free-standing structure. Built upon a triple platform base system, the overall tier becomes a 13 tiered tower.

As other archaic monuments Longitude's and Latitude's reveal unbelievable monumental and astronomical results, Angkor's prime real estate location is centered on 13 Longitude & 103 Latitude and does not seem to be an accident, predictably revealing the implications of prior geo-coordinates to our globe today's present civilization is now currently accustomed to.

Using Google Earth distance measuring tool, the distance between Angkor Wat to the Great Pyramid calculates as 7,629.67 Miles.

With a distance of 7629 adding as 7+6=13 and 2+9=11, we are first given a 13 and adding the 11 equals 24 as in 24 hours to a day; the .67 adds as 13. 

What Angkor defines in relation to Stonehenge and Giza's Great Pyramid, is a synchronicity to our previous world-grid Longitude and Latitude we are somehow now aligned with. The histories we are taught are highly compromised in it's stories and time-lines; as if it was lumped together with minimal understanding.

Through the knowledge of the monuments themselves revealing advanced astronomy, clarifying a codex written on the face of Earth revived as it was originally written with math and geometry to be applied to the archaic monuments for disclosing a cycle of humanity; a living message is understood.

Our past ancestors were 'seers'; visionaries of great mental and astronomical perceptions. The cycles of time were created as monuments, so we may all see visions displayed in the heavens with their forethought to include us as seers in destiny. They could foresee the future, past and present. With great honor they bestowed upon our generation the fortitude to join them. Understanding to this Codex Babylon is a disciplined task defined by a singular line of approach (much the same as Angkor's Equinox path) using what is obtainable to reassemble it, clarifying a possible understanding. Through the motion of sunlight and shadows calculated daily by Angkor's towering center obelisk, using the other shorter obelisk's of the 'inner and outer' courtyards for reference points in their cardinally pointed directions, like numbers on a clock, an astrolabe time calendar is recognised.

At the point of external wakefulness being revealed, this living message culminates as Babylon's synchronised solar City of Angkor Wat. It is at our ancestors request that WE together join the journey as seers, and see with our own eyes, a synchronised window to the soul of what we were born to know!

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Eight minute video explaining Angkor Wat's Astrological implications.


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 Chand Baori's Chants Babel On

Egypt's Great Pyramid, United Nation's Stonehenge, Cambodia's Angkor Wat; all have eloquently catalogued the heavens and have done so with a specific message.

Next to Angkor Wat is the prestigious Angkor Thom, whose name translates as 'Great City', and covers an area of 9 Kilometres.

The great city of our solar system has 9 planets.

An impressive 6,375,000 cubic metres of soil and clay was excavated to create Angkor Tom's massive moat.

This number is very similar to the Great Pyramid's 'estimated weight' of 6 million tons.

Angkor Wat measures exactly 3.3 Kilometres to Thom's center temple, and 3.64 Kilometers to it's next temple.

Angkor Thom's city is created as a Square, with each side measuring 1.9 miles in length enclosing an area of 360 acres.

The city as a square on 360 acres hints to sacred geometry and Circling the Square, as does the Great Pyramid's square base selected off true North by a ratio of 360tieths of a degree.

Located 1.7 km North of the entrance to Angkor Wat, the great city's 'tower-gates' measure almost 76 feet tall.

The moat surrounding Angkor Thom is 3.25 Kilometres per side for a total of 13 Kilometers.

A moat with a width of 328 feet (3+2+8=13) surrounds the outer wall.

Coordinating with Angkor Wat is Angkor Thom's Geo-coordinates of 13.443302°North 103.859682°East. vaulting it's own ordinance to the number 13.

As part of Angkor Thom's elaborate ornamentation (situated to it's southeast corner basin outside) is what's known as the Breccia Steps (Ta Keo temple), resides a 13 tiered Stepwell 'inverted pyramid'.

Our historical monuments have been methodically revealing a message of brightness equated to modern days mysterious almost forbidden number Th1rt3en. 

Stepwell pyramid's were revered architecture in our ancient past, as we will document next moving to Chand Baori's amazing megalithic inverted stepwell pyramid advancing further into this journey of Codex Babylon.

It should be noted using Google Earth's measuring tool; from the center of Angkor Thom to the center of Chand Baori is 3,208.35 Kilometers.

These numbers added calculate as 13.

India presents some of the most beautifying and majestical monuments to grace our history with Chand Baori deep in the running for magnificence.

Chand Baori was previously named from antiquity as Abha Nagri, which chants "City of Brightness".

This is one of the deepest 'step-wells' in India which extends approximately 30 metres into Earth's ground revealing to an inquisitive mind architecture built to resemble an upside down Ziggurat pyramid with it's stairwells revealing the up-righted ziggurat pyramid shape.

The water at the bottom signifies sky..or the heavens to be precise.. chanting "As above - So below."

As deep as Chand Baori is, there is a deeper message chanted here and it is numerical showing a higher intelligence that we are only now starting to acknowledge.

Approximately 30 Meter's deep and a total of nearly 103 feet with upper walls; India's largest and deepest stepwell is created with 13 floors.

This amazing 'step well pyramid' has each staircase (counting base platforms) devised of 13 steps.

The total steps are 3500 covering approximately 13 stories which devises the math that is necessary in understanding Chand Baori's advanced astronomical message.

We've used the catalogued recordings of past and present historians as well as the monuments themselves in this Codex Babylon to indicate a code directed upon our present day geo-coordinates.

Chand Baori's Geo-coordinates are 27.0072°N 76.6068°E.

The Northern coordinate of 27.0072 is interesting as it reveals advanced Astronomical and Lunar observations:

27 is a monthly Lunar calendar number, revealing a Lunar calendar can be seen in it's side-rea' as 27. The Moon revolve's around our Earth every 27.32 days, and known in astronomy as the length of the 'Sidereal-Month'.

"In the yogic astronomy, we divide the orbit of the Earth around the Sun into 27 segments, called nakshatras.

Each nakshatra is further divided into four equal sectors called padas or steps. Multiply 4 by 27 and it equals 108.

These 108 units mark the 108 steps that the Earth takes through space.

Each nakshatra corresponds to one half of the lunar orbit around the Earth.

The cycles within the human body respond and correspond to that.

In a woman’s body, there are very obvious cycles of 27.55 days if she is perfectly healthy.

In a man’s body, the cycles are less obvious and pronounced – they happen in a different way and are of a larger span of time.

In any case, these cycles are happening all the time in the solar system and the larger universe."…/kali-yuga-when-did-it-end-a…

27.00072 equals that of the Lunar count and also reperesents 72 as a Precession increment;

"The Precession of the equinoxes = 25,920 yrs = 360° rotation

If the sky is divided into 12 constellations: 25,920 / 12 = 2,160

Note: 6 x 10 x 6 = 360 and 360 x 6 = 2,160

A New sign appears on the horizon each 2,160 yrs (30°;)

Therefore to move 1° on the horizon = 72 yrs."

("2160 and a New Sign" references Zodiac Houses)

76.6068°East coordinates dictates an opening of 76 and these two numbers added equal 13.

The coordinates 27.0072°N 76.6068°E added together compute as 103.614

The Codex encompassing Chand Baori is also registered in it's circumference calculated at .0.13 miles.

For further contribution and evaluation is the adjacent Temple.

It registers dual 'squared' rings.

The 'outer-ring' measures 0.13 Miles while it's 'inner-ring' measures 0.13 Kilometers.

Measuring from center of the Temple's Cathedral-tower, along the pathway to Chand Baori's entrance, gives a value of 0.13 Kilometers in length.

The intentional unique 3-D design of varied step feature viewed from directly above creates Chand Baori in appearance to rise above ground as a true Ziggurat pyramid.

Chand Baori's step construction serves more than climbing purpose's.

Please view the steps; (review the small inset picture also)

The steps cast shadows to count the daylight hours.

The stair-shadow will 'climb' the adjacent steps marking late afternoon and early evening hours.

This ingenious design creates a Solar Shadow-Clock.

Likewise, the stepwell's water pool serves additional purpose's.

Nightly visions of the Heavens are displayed in the stilled water mirroring a certain section of the cosmos as it passes over Chand Baori's ancient enchanted open air theatre. This allows the viewer to focus upon a certain star or constellation as it transcends the night skies.

Various monuments across our planet define the use of Sunlight and Shadows to send a silent message with Chand Baori serpentine shadows also utilizing this phenom.

Combining the Shadows of ancient with the mystical Heavenly waters and the message continues as Ouroborus, the Serpent whom cycles the Heavens eating it's own tail, signifying never-ending-life. A Serpent to be calculated every 13,000 years.

A true grand architectural marvel; this 'inverted' Step-well pyramid with it's shadowed 3D principal, gifting us knowledge of the Heavens, offers to quench our thirst with it's holy waters.

To understand this distinguished coded message, Chand Baori's 'City of Brightness' has chanted it's position in depth, now revealed by the silent monuments of antiquity chanting explanations of humanities past missing history.

Through the monuments themselves also incorporating actual history, oral traditions, mythology with scripture; this Codex 13 irrefutably connects our society with a highly intelligent and technological civilization that walked our planet unknown years ago.

Our Grandcestors wrote this gift in book form created upon Earth with monuments as the very pages so that with our OWN eyes we may read this coded message; a message that could never be erased or hidden as time chants on, a message that could only be understood by children of the past.

A book written in steps, for our civilization, as we develop into our own enchanted technological world.

Copyright research of JD Jeffrey 2019


"Between us we may hold all the answers, if not for confrontation."

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