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Jon Gilbert
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A Solid Platonic Connection

The Great Octagon's great Geometry example:

Giza's Great Pyramid is built as a Platonic Solid shape of the three-sided Triangle, with a rather simplified 'square base' footprint.

England has the great Stonehenge revealing geometry's '360 degree Circle'.

With the Great Pyramid purposely built at 360 of a degree off true North to reveal a hint to a 360 degree circle, amazingly Stonehenge, which is created as a megalithic circle, is located 3,600 Kilometres from Giza's Great Pyramid.

3,600 Kilometer distance between the Pyramid and Stonehenge revelates the circle significance.

These are the basis to geometry also combining a knowledge of 'Circling the Square'.

Combining the Triangle, Circle and Square leads to the higher understanding of math and geometry which then creates the Pentagon allowing the combined knowledge to illustrate the exotic Eight-sided Octagon.

Searching the globe of archaic monuments, we find the heart of the America's to be home of dual perfect Octagons of megalithic examples exemplified in detail revealing the sacred geometry of our ancient history combined with advanced cosmological knowledge.

With over 200,000 mounds attributed to North America alone, and although some claim North American mounds to pale in comparison, the idealogy of cosmo-mathematics created by sacred symbology on a megalithic scale which includes the advanced state of the Octagon, leads this journey into lost history as a horse of a different color.

High Bank Mound

"Hopeton and High Bank are two major geometric earthworks that remain (though degraded) in the immediate Chillicothe area, now under the protection of Hopewell Culture National Historical Park (contact the park for possible or future visiting arrangements).

The linked circle and octagon at High Bank look remarkably similar to another pair at Newark, Ohio. Archaeologists are still investigating, but it seems the shapes are similarly connected to astronomical events. The crossaxis of the octagon points to the northernmost rising of the moon.

And one of the octagon walls points to the summer solstice sunrise. Between them, these two alignments determine the orientation, and the shape, of the octagon. More mysterious are the walls and circles that trail off to the southwest.

While Newark and High Bank are about 60 miles apart, they were designed using similar principles.

Their Circles share the same diameter, and each harmonizes with its Octagon: at High Bank, points at the center of all Eight sides of the Octagon can be joined to form a Circle of 'equal diameter'.

Ray Hively and Robert Horn have shown that High Bank, like Newark, encodes all Eight Lunar-standstills, plus the Four Solstices, while the axes of the two designs are exactly 90 degrees apart.

The builders could not simply replicate Newark’s design, due to the difference in Latitude, so had to create here another equally complex and subtle instrument."

The Octagon built with 8 sides divided into 135 degree increments, also uses the 'Stadium' measurment method, which the Great Pyramid uses this same measurement in duality to the NA Octagon's. This geomtric language reveals a unique understanding in their dual connection of knowledge regarding platonic geometry, and with a distance from the center of Newark's Great Circle to the peak of Giza's Great Pyramid (using Google Earth's measuring tool) is exactly 6,007.71  Miles.

The recorded distance of 6,007.71 equates as 6+7=13 and 7+1=8.

Pentagon Mound

The outer circle was more than 1,200 feet (365.76 metres) in circumference and the earthen wall 5 feet (1.52 metres) high with a general base diameter of 12–16 feet (3.65–4.87 metres). However, the small inner circle had diminished to only 12 inches (30.48 centimetres). In contrast, the pentagon walls had retained ‘a more perfect form’. The five small mounds within the pentagon were the same size as the wall giving the design stunning symmetry.

This noble effort grants passage to the Tribal Codex written upon Earth in a time before our understanding.

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Ancient Agenda's Tribal Codex: NA Mounds article ..

AA's Tribal Codex video:

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