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Joani Jiannine
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A Giant Foot Forward 

On the pictures that are being claimed as 'giant's footprints'..and of course, most have no data or geo coordinates as to where, when or how they were found, but are simply being used as unsubstantiated proof or cases of pareidoia that giants once roamed the earth. In most instances there is only one 'footprint''... and none remotely near those that have been 'found'. This leaves one to wonder if we had a bunch of one legged giants hopping all over the earth in the far distant misty past.

Now in some cases we have found what appears to be the matching footprint that looks like the missing 'other' foot, but a diligent study shows that the picture is exactly identical to the first which means the photo was simply flipped from right to left, or vice versa. True, some of these look like real footprints, 'almost', with toes and shape, but doesn't it seem odd that they would remain so perfect after possibly many millions of years of water and wind and definitely ice erosion?

Many of these are just geological curiosities that happen to be shaped like a foot, but some are rather interesting and are being used as 'proof' that giants once walked the Earth. Maybe we should look at some hard evidence first. And don't ignore the fact that water, wind, and definitely ice, can make some amazing carvings that are often so easily taken as something else.

Some bear a resemblance to a real foot but many do not. Flat and shapeless, and again as stated before, most are single save for a very few.

Take the one near the town of Mpaluzi in S. Africa. This one (and we have seen a few others in this upright position in other countries) is on a rock and pointing straight up towards the sky.

It has been estimated to be between 200 million and 3 billion years old...? In the official Geology Of South Africa this particular outcrop is called Mpuluzi Batholith (Granite) and the official dating of this rock produced dates of around 3.1 billion years. Now the Mpuluzi Batholith belongs to the 3.105 billion year old granodiorite-monzogranite-syenogranite GMS suite intruding paleoarchaean TTG (trondhjemite-totalite-granodiorite) plutons. The 3.105 billion year age has been established on numerous occasions by many geoscientists and is published in multiple peer reviewed earth science journals both in South Africa and internationally. A quick internet search reveals a plethora of scientific papers on this much studied pluton. So one can safely attest to the fact that the Mpuluzi Batholith footprint is not 200 million years old and certainly has not been in the process of being formed for over 2.8 billion years. (3 billion years minus the 200 million years which is the time span attested to for this footprint)

Let’s further evaluate whether or not it is possible for a “giant” or any other living being to leave imprints anywhere in soft (molten) granite. Granite is formed deep within the earth’s crust (the geological term for this is “plutonic” usually several kilometers below the earth's surface. This magma typically has temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees centigrade. So the obvious question would be 'how is it possible for a living being (giant or other) to make a footprint several kilometers below the earths surface into material that is over 1200 degrees centigrade?'

This leads to the conclusion that that particular footprint and many others found in granite around the world cannot be that old, and so how did they come to be formed? Wind, water, and possibly ice? Or by chipping away, some maybe carved intentionally? Why? Could they possibly be pointing to something?

Our ancients carved incredible stone monuments and statues. These giant feet are one and the same, carved monuments stating 'walk this way'.

In essence they are directional markers which could very well be marking Solstice/Equinox as so often found with global monuments. These giant feet were created by giants of yesteryear, giants of technology. Our Giant Grandcestors inscribed a message we could understand when our civilization become giants, and return to the lands of the gigantes.

A Giant Rule:

When I was a child, adults were giants.

As an adult, I had children, and I became the giant.

Only then could I see over everything as other giants had done.

There I learned giant rule number one..

Giants reside in the eyes of children..;_ylt=AwrC3RtQ1b5cwAYAgAkPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Giant+footprints..+which+ones+are+real%3F&fr=yhs-omr-001&hspart=omr&hsimp=yhs-001

article co~written by J. Jiannine, J. Gilbert and JD Jeffrey

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