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Joani Jiannine
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Levitation of Stone by Sound/Vibration

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”      -Nikola Tesla

Littered across our planets deserts, we find colossal geoglyphs. Here, located along the South American coastal region near Sajama's desert, we find a peculiar sign-wave geoglyph stelea. This 'box' geoglyph finely etched with smaller geoglyphs, in appearance defines what appears as known Egyptian hieroglyphs such as the Bird-Hawk, the Serpent-snake, the Flowered-headdress (lines with dots at top ends), which also resembles the coveted Lotus plant. The design, roughly 1700 feet long and 750 feet wide, offers a knowledge once known, now forgotten in the dust of mother Earth.

Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates..ya never know whatch-ya'll get.. so how did they get the caramilk inside the Cadbury bar? This has been a sticky situation throughout history questioning how the megalithic blocks were moved to build monolithic monuments.

So, how DID our Grandcestors build such magnificent monuments? How did they create walls with perfectly connecting odd shaped blocks of stone? How did they raise dolmens to rest on smaller stones? Did they have the use of traditional tools? Did they harness the power of the sun? OR.... did they know the secrets of sound: energy, frequency and vibration?

In the ruins of several ancient civilizations — Stonehenge, Carnac, the Pyramids of Egypt, Mexico and Central America, the megalithic ruins of North and South America, Europe and Asia, and let's not leave out Easter Island to name just a very few— we see that they used enormous stones. The two questions everyone asks is why, and how? Why use stones of such size and weight when the same structures could have been constructed with more easily managed smaller blocks?

Could the answer be that the Grandcestors had a method of lifting and moving these massive stones — some weighing several tons — that made the task as easy and manageable as lifting a two-pound brick? The Grandcestors, I would like to suggest, just might have been masters of the art of levitation, through sound, that allowed them to defy gravity and manipulate massive objects with ease. Only in this way they could leave monuments with a message that would last throughout countless centuries for all of us here in this current time. And remember, many of these huge stones have large amounts of quartz in them, which gives them electro-magnetic properties.

Let's first take a look at some of the many historical accounts of large stones being moved with sound. It is said that there is a papyrus from ancient Egypt describing the pyramids being built by " priests who struck the stone with their staff and played a trumpet, thus moving the stones into place as if by magic." Masoudi, an Arab historian of the 10th century, wrote that the Egyptians used magic spells to move large blocks. His account is the following: "In carrying on the work, leaves of papyrus, or paper, inscribed with certain characters, were placed under the stones prepared in the quarries; and upon being struck, the blocks were moved a little over 200 feet each time, and so by degrees arrived at the pyramids."

And then there is a more modern account by the British Royal Scientific Society of a Dr Jarl from Sweden observing priests in Tibet around 1939 (not even 100 years ago) standing in a semi circle around a 5 ton stone with an array of musical instruments and with accompanied chanting, caused the stone to lift off the ground and place itself into a retaining wall being built. The stone also had a circular depression at the top filled with water. and the films "Dr. Jarl" claimed to have taken of this technique put into practice seem to have never been shown to anyone. One wonders what happened to them and/or did they ever even exist?  http//…/…/Levitation03.html


Another account of Tibetan levitation of rocks is the fascinating experiences of one Rudolf von Linauer.. During his travels in Tibet he met two monks who brought him to a remote monastery. He also witnessed a large gong 13 meters in diameter. It is at this place he becomes a witness to the lifting of heavy stones with the help of sound. One day monks are stationed around the monastery to keep all strangers away. Large metal shields are placed in a certain geometrical position together with the gong made of three different metals. Monks are nude with only shields of metal on their bodies. They strike the gong which gives a thunderous sound. The monks can now carry large blocks of stone as if they were made of paper and built the new structure very easily. Linauer tries this himself and is surprised to be able to lift a massive stone without effort. After about three hours two hundred stones have been set in place. 



Are these accounts real, or are these just tall tales that lend more mystery to the land of Shangri~la?   http//

Another more familiar story involves Edward Leedskalnin, (of Coral Castle fame) who at his home in Florida, built a castle entirely from large blocks of coral, some weighing between 2 to 3 tons. In the 1920's Ed, with only a fourth-grade education exclaimed to the world that he understood how the megalithic monuments were built and he did this by constructing what is known today as Coral Castle.

Ed Leedskalnin, a man of slim petite stature by himself quarried, shaped and erected what he called the 'Rock Gate Park'; over 1,100 short tons (997,903 kg) of coral into a colossal monument. Ed publicly stated- "I understand the laws of weight and leverage and I know the secrets of the people who built the pyramids."


After Rock Gates initial build, Ed relocated his monumental effort to another area ten miles to its present location on a 10-acre site near Homestead, Florida. Ed's claim of these megalithic stones entails a theory of switching the elements in nature to create levitation. He believed Earth is a magnet and so are the rocks and stones; that you could change the polarity in the stones thereby using Earth as the main magnet to 'repel' the stone causing levitation.


Mythology claims sound frequency could move megalithic stones and "float them through the air". Even today, as mentioned above, the Tibetan monks claim this practice as truth. We know Ed was famous for the sound of music while he mysteriously worked alone, as it was often said by neighbors and curious passersby who sometimes unexpectedly dropped by to see exactly what ol' Ed was purposely up to, they could hear a radio softly playing in the background. The total 'castle' took him 28 years to complete. He claims to have done it all by himself. He never revealed his secret and took it with him to the grave. http//

Here is another story that says, quote: “Indeed, this prompts me to ask if you know about the "tuning forks" which were discovered by Egyptologists who, presumably because they were unable to ascribe a utility to these items, deemed them to be "anomalous". Some years ago an American friend picked the lock of a door leading to an Egyptian museum store-room. Inside she found "hundreds" of what she described as "tuning forks". These ranged in size from about 8 inches to approximately 8 or 9 feet overall length, and resembled catapults, but with a taut wire stretched between the tines of the "fork". She insists, incidentally, that these were definitely not non-ferrous, but "steel". These objects resembled a letter "U" with a handle (a bit like a pitchfork) and, when the wire was plucked, they vibrated for a prolonged period.” Unquote                            http//

More recently, Tom Danley, an acoustics engineer, has developed an acoustic levitation device, that can levitate small objects. The 1991 Patent of the device reads:"An acoustic levitator includes a pair of opposed sound sources which have interfering sound waves producing acoustic energy wells in which an object may be levitated. The phase of one sound source may be changed relative to the other in order to move the object along an axis between the sound sources."  http//


The questions are many...and answers are few. Did ancient civilizations possess knowledge that has since been lost to science? Were amazing technologies available to the ancient Egyptians (or those who came before them, maybe not known to us as Egyptians?) that enabled them to construct the pyramids — technologies that have somehow been forgotten, hidden, or lost forever?

It certainly appears these secrets of levitation are lost to antiquity or the remoteness of the Himalayas. They seem to be forever elusive to modern man. Or are they? How about the use of tuning forks? Yes, like those we use today for the human body, but larger. Here is a theory as to how they cut the stone. They used sound. Tuning forks, vibration, sonic drilling, acoustic levitation to name a few.

This isn't magical science at all and could be achieved using ancient methods and materials.



How does sound affect a stone? When a stone vibrates at its resonant frequency, a standing wave of compression/expansion sets up within it. What makes stones unique is that they are piezo-electric, meaning they convert pressure into electricity. Therefore, applying sound to a stone converts that sound into electromagnetic or electrogravitational energy. Imagine that - you hit a large tuning fork with a hammer, apply the bottom of its handle to the side of a stone, the stone vibrates in sympathy, standing waves arise within the stone, and those standing waves turn into electromagnetic or gravitational waves. In short, longitudinal acoustic waves in stones create longitudinal magnetic vector potential waves within the stone, thanks to the piezoelectric effect, and these are identically gravitational potential waves. When gravitational potential waves are made to be standing waves, you have a stable gravitational node or antinode at the center of the stone - essentially an artificial vibrating center of gravity. That alone may affect the stone’s weight (not to mention, may open portals if the gravitational node is sufficiently intense).


Now, by additionally muting the opposing end of the stone (say through a non-vibrating rod pressed against it) the node shifts a bit off center, thereby unbalancing the stone’s center of gravity. If shifted upwards, the stone will become lighter. The point of muting and point of applied vibration can be shifted to direct the stones.  

http//  ~  https//…/tuning-forks-and-megalithic-technolog…

In ending, however, there really is a sweet answer to this chocolate bar-none riddle from history. Ancient Agenda has introduced the megalithic Great Pyramid Blueprints referred to as 'The NazCAD Pyramid Blueprints', which details the building procedures of Giza's greatest pyramid, leaving very little to question.

As our research is in~depth, we release portions slowly so that all in this Unison Quest can digest without overwhelming volumes of information that overloads the brains thought process.

And although we may never get the truth behind how they fill the Cadbury bar with caramilk, our Grandcestors take a bite out of one of histories sweetest chocolaty riddles leaving a trail of candied-covered clues so we lost Hansel and Gretel's can finally 'together' make our way back home. 




Researched by JD Jeffrey and Joani Jiannine

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