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Jon Gilbert
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Ankh if you like History

The ancient symbolic Ankh is identified and made of two distinct symbols:

-the top symbol of Ouroboros signifies 'Never Ending Life'.

-the Tau symbol signifies 'Life & Wisdom of Earth'.

Together the symbol[s] explain the 'breath of life'; giving reference to Resurrection, or more plainly in layman terms - Reincarnation.

Reincarnation is often told about in different world-wide cultures mythologies. A mythology of resurrecting from the ashes...humanities return to glory after catastrophe.

The earliest civilization to use the Ouroboros comes to us from Sumeria.

The earliest civilization to use the Tau comes to us from South America.

Together the two symbols embody the Ankh, which was a symbol the Egyptians incorporated.

"Among the ancient civilizations who used the cross as a religious symbol were the Egyptians. The ankh, or Egyptian cross, was a tau cross with a circle or oval on top. The T part of the cross represented life or wisdom, and the circle or oval stood for eternity. Under the pharaoh Akhenaten, the ankh became the symbol of the Egyptian sun god, and gods and pharaohs were often shown holding the cross. Early Egyptian Christians adopted it as a symbol of eternal life through Christ's sacrifice.

Other ancient peoples, such as the Phoenicians* of the eastern Mediterranean and the Aztecs of central Mexico, also used the ankh. For the Aztecs, it was a symbol of secret knowledge available to only a few. "

"The Cross of Tau or Tau Cross, named for the Greek letter T, is thought to have been the first cross used in Christianity, but its origins are believed to date back to the Egyptians. The Egyptian cross called an Ankh is a simple T-Cross mounted with an oval called the Ru.

In its long history, the Tau cross was also the symbol of the Roman God Mithras and the Greek God Attis. In Norse mythology, the hammer of Thor is seen as a Tau Cross. The Bull as the Astrological sign of Taurus gets its name from the Tau and Ru. Even the Druids used the Tau when venerating trees by scrawling the symbol into the bark of their sacred oaks.

The Tau Cross was first alluded to in the Bible in the Old Testament book of Ezechiel.

As Christianity gained followers, the pagan symbols were converted into Christian ones. The Tau was used as the first cross of the followers of Christ and many believe that the cross of the Crucifixion was actually T-shaped, and many early Christians adopted the Tau as the symbol of their religious belief."

Notably scripture defines the Tau when Moses traveling through the Sinai desert came upon the Midianite tribe, also known as the Kenites, whom had it embossed on their foreheads in 'ashes'. 

Scripture states, Moses met this Midianite tribe, known as Kenites, ...or latterly known as the Canaanites...Cain's tribe. God marked Cain to keep him safe..i.e., the ash Tau symbol on their foreheads.

Moses also stated humanity shall be lifted like a snake upon a stick.

This is the Ankh Ascension.

Veritably, we are being explained a mythological story of truth, hidden in astronomy centered around Ouroboros and Humanity. These are the days of old come back around again.

The breath of the God's days ..where we breath what we are;

What we dream - WE can do.

..the breath and wisdom of our Grandcestors vision.

Ankh if you like history - Beep beep - thats all folks!

written by JD Jeffrey 

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