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Jon Gilbert
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The all-seeing Egyptian Eye ~

Serpent Mounds winding tail ~

Chaco Canyon's Anasazi Sun-dagger ~

Our solar tongue of phonical Language;

Square below Eye - Phonic of Square is Squ..

Eye above Square - Phonic of Eye equals Eye..

Combining phonics of SQU and EYE equals SKY

Egyptian eye represents the Eye of Horus which is presented as HORIZON.

The phonic message of the 'eye on the squares horizon' is stating to Keep Your Eye On The Horizon. Gods of ancient were always presented as STARS.

We are given a global solar message to digest with our eyes.

This is explained through archaic monuments such as Serpent Mounds monumental tale of it's spiraling tail and body of Sun examples towards Solstice, Equinoxes and Moon explanations.

The Anasazi Sun-Dagger of Chaco Canyon defies us to look away from its majestic spiraling shadows of Sunlight displacement chosen to be signaled through a triptych doorway of rock, leaving an additional clue as to the time-piece's historical announcement of what's to come as we're

Risin' up, back from defeat

Passed on time, stood the chances

Went the distance, Oroborus back to its feat

Grandcestors plan for our will to survive..

So many times, it happens too fast

Time fades our passion destroying glory;

We lose our grip on the dreams of the past

As we fight just to keep ourselves alive -

It's the Eye of the tiger, it's the still of our plight

Risin' up to the challenge of our rival -

And the last known survivor talks his prayer in the night

Times watchin' us all, with the Eye - of the tiger..

copyrighted research of JD Jeffrey 2018

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