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Imagine history is older than we've been taught..

When you digest histories world wide examining the archaic monuments, myths, coupled with scripture.. a hidden history unfolds.

Close your eyes..

Imagine it to be all true.

..imagine if you will a great cataclysm enveloped a technologically advanced society.

Destruction on a global scale - world wide roving tsunamis as explained by Noah & the Sumerian epic tale of Gilgamesh..such as we witnessed during the 2004 boxing day Indonesian Tsunami.

Massive Richter scale 9 - or worse earthquakes likened to that of the Haiti or Fukushima disaster, as mentioned at the fallen Tower of Babel where the remaining survivors were scattered to the four corners of the Earth confusing the archaic one world language..the now acclaimed Atlantean myth; awakening the forbidden beast of the Abyss from Revelation scripture - the great volcanic Ring of Fire!

This all takes place as our (yet to be discovered in modern day) binary system passes - as we are two magnets which the stronger causes the weaker to flip (Pole Tilt) ..again taken from Gilgamesh - Noah and the book of Revelation, completing the story of God fighting Satan, the Serpent in the Heavens..the battle of Good & we are pelted during a meteor strike mentioned in scripture described at the scene of Sodom & Gomorrah by Moses and explained by Lot on a scale of intense heat enough to turn his wife to a pillar of salt (ash) compared with the 1908 Russian Tunguska Event..seen again as a near miss in the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteorite air-burst explosion.

Ash upon the barren sand!

An epic fire-storm assault from the Heavens such as proclaimed by religions Messiah as he is claimed to return through the clouds with his army of soldiers pitting father against son..daughter against against home..where no one young or old, rich or poor can hide in nor cavern..or crack, nor under a rock..where the wicked shall be engulfed in the purity of the "Lake O' Fires"..and the meek remaining survivors shall inherit the Earth!

Where the survivors walk in peace for a 1000 years...for that is how long it would take before mankind grew in population to a substantial number where the destiny of greed and egotism creates hatred the scale of warring City against City..Castle against Kingdom...eventually leading to Nation against Nation.. and as we witness today - Countries against Countries...on a continuous-timeless Scavenger hunt to be the sole owner of lost technology followed through history by the reminders of the Vaticans Knights Templars..the Masons, today's disclose but a few!

Great torrential wind forces over 300 kms greater than witnessed during Hurricane Katrina or any other we today have experienced - carried debris over time burying places such as Giza, covering the Sphinx depositing vast amounts of sand ..hiding Gobekli Tepe for an estimated 11,000 years buried in debris...volcanic ash depositing its remains on the forgotten Turtle Island - we now call Easter Island; burying the enigmatic Moai Head-Watchers as their eyes disclose a silent ancient message peering into the Heavens..vilified by today's misunderstood religions.. as time ravaged the once majestic Machu Picchu - an exact replica to the fabled majestic heavenly Hanging-Gardens.

A hidden human history!

It should be brought to all Earth inhabitants attention how this was known ACROSS our planet in the ancient times - The Maya Long Count was very close to the Eastern Hindu Yuga cycles; as is the Hopi North American Indians Katchina is Oriental Dragon folklore history.

A cycle in time known as the Platonic Year which is actually 25, 922 be exact..if ever it could be exact according to our planets induced rate of slowing and speeding.

Through this knowledge extracted is the belief with a Binary System to our own, as is mentioned in the old scripture; so even though our scientists-astronomers have not located the ancients knew - it was there!

As we travel against our binary system in a figure 8 pattern (infinity symbol)..we travel in a circle pattern as does our binary travel a circle; but at a time, our circles overlap and that is when we are closest to our binary system. We are two magnets attracting and when we reach perigee - the two magnets pull on each other until we FLIP (Pole Tilt) wreaking destruction and refacing our planet, as told by our ancients when our Sun did once rise in the West.

Viewing this event through a high-speed 3D model shows our solar system and it's binary twin to move through the cosmos twisting, entwining each other through their shadowing combined cosmic travel as one would see their own DNA strand..for the ancients knew, not just humans are alive, the cosmos as well All created is aware..!

A history richly verified through scriptures such as the misinterpreted Sanskrit Mahabharata which features the cyclic cosmic demise of an advanced civilization.

Everything is Macro-micro, as all is combined to keep the Universe breathing.

Todays scientist's argue whether our Universe is growing or contracting. Wisdom of the ancients contribute it is both!

It is likened to your very must expand and contract to sustain life!

Bo-bomp - bo-bomp...Bu Bomph!!!

..and God said "Let there be Light." For God to 'SAY' let there be light, would first come the sound of the Primordial One's voice creating the light..equaling sound first and foremost. But not just any sound knew the ancients - the sound of your heart, the Universe, breathing life..

Please now.. your eyes, there is nothing to this is our forgotten misunderstood history..our Earth born legacy!

The resignation you have felt within your soul during this disclosure, is your 3rd eye awakening...telling you what you have witnessed, you knew to be true all along! In your very soul, you have not forgotten your Grandcestors, as viewed through the Codex of these archaic monuments..they have certainly not forgotten us!

There is a scripture written at the beginning of time; a scripture closed up ordained not to be read but for a distant generation to decipher..that time is here, the generation is now...and the scripture has been opened for all with eyes given for which to see- to gaze upon, to hear with your heart and to see with your soul through those given eyes...for truly, eyes are but a window to your soul....for the why of this message is sent to resonate in your soul within the silence of love...a silent message created in monuments of antiquity sent by a parent civilization until now misunderstood and almost ignored.

Each one of us is but a soul likened to a grain of stardust and so as each individual granular through the inevitable omni-potent majestical hourglass gathered first pure, over time the message was first misconstrued and compounded, then intentionally suppressed causing fear, hatred, segregation leading to tyranny, wars, famines and oppression ending us where humanity stands upon this very epocial eon in time to imagine..

Imagine the myth of heaven, it's easy if you try

Sold a hell below us; above us only grandfather sky

Now imagine ONE tribe of people - Living for today...

Imagine we're just one Country, it isn't hard to do

We'd have nothing to kill or die for, and no shameful religions too

Imagine all us people - Living our lives in peace...

Imagine freedom from possessions, I wonder if you can; abolishing greed and hunger,

Serenity to all human ~

Imagine all US people -Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us, And the world will live as ONE

ONE...One Nation Existence!

So.....for those who hear the whispers of their hidden ancestry;

Secrets hidden from the foundation of this world are presently awakened and revealed through the now open ancient-modern portal once forgotten in histories sands of time.. today..known as.. Ancient Agenda..where we the many are equally ONE, awaiting YOUR voice to join ours !

This is UNISON Quest

JD Jeffrey 2017


"Between us we may hold all the answers, if not for confrontation."

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