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Jon Gilbert
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Let's investigate an interesting mystery surrounding some of the Egyptian symbolism found in hieroglyph's which are also found in Mexico and Peru of the Americas where academia dare goes.

At the very end of the 18th century (1799) a stone was discovered in Egypt with hieroglyphs and text. It took the better part of a quarter of a century for the first hieroglyph presentation by Jean-François Champollion in Paris in 1822. However, the decipherment and resulting knowledge is far from settled 200 years later. One of the bigger problems we see now is that ancient Egyptian literature seems to have found it's way to the western hemisphere possibly contemporaneously..or dare we say in a time before.

We'll start in the Yucatan at the Solar City of Chichen Itza. Central to this complex sits El Castillo pyramid.

Linking our Chichen Itza article we see that El Castillo represents our sun in Chichen Itza's solar system layout. To the east of El Castillo is the Temple of the Warriors and a statue of Chac Mool gazing westward towards the sun pyramid and the western horizon. Interestingly in Egypt there are many Chac Ra hieroglyphs with Chac in a similar posture with knees bent gazing at the sun.

Moving to the Veracruz region of southern Mexico we find the Olmec Twin statues who bear headdresses of Egyptian design also in submissive posture - on their knees.

These two statues are now on exhibit at the Museo de Antropologia, Xalapa, Mexico. They were found on the south side of the large pyramid/hill on the site at El Azuzul, intact and apparently undisturbed since they were placed there - facing east. Facing these two humans was a feline-like statue, generally identified as a jaguar. 

From Maya Sun god lore - Almighty God the Sun dwells in the highest levels of heaven. When he traces the path of the sun across the sky in the daytime, his name is Kinich Ahau. When the sun falls into the West Door and enters the Underworld, he becomes the fearsome Jaguar God.

Heading to South America and the National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History in Lima we find very interesting artifacts consisting of headdresses and breastplates. One particular headdress is unmistakable in appearance and identical to Egyptian headdresses seen in hieroglyphs.

Nazca Lines Decoded seemed to be the discovery of a lifetime and with further investigative work it's very likely 'the discovery of all time' and the most impressive evidence for an Egyptian-South American correlation. Nazca lines, geoglyph's and trapezoidal's are the greatest historical (metaphorical) onion ever peeled and dissected.

Thousands of hours on Google Earth have strained and teared the eye, but the knowledge it bequeaths is sweet to the historical crime scene investigators recipe.

We offer these intriguing correlations between the Americas and Egypt for you the jury in our UNISON Quest and we humbly ask; have the Egyptian antiquity authorities and Egyptologist's correctly interpreted the ancient history under it's guardianship?

Might there be more? An ANKH of hidden knowledge and wisdom perhaps..

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