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Grandcestors Triptych Star Message

Recognizing the search for truth can sometimes be a path of light and darkness, discovery and frustration, we have a humble request for our family of light-bearing UNISON Questers.

Pictures are known to speak a thousand words and hieorglyphs are no exception to the rule.

Until, well until never in the annals and artwork of our historic Egyptian timeline has there been any blueprint diagram, draft, sketch or even a mention relating to the Great Pyramids of Gizeh.

Recognizing this would be quite a historical find.

We've come across something WE find quite fascinating and in UNISON Quest fashion, we are reaching out for help to identify the Temple location of this relief.

Ancient Agenda presents another clue in heiroglyphs as we all seem to love pictures instead of reading, which brings us back to a modern type of pictorial hieroglyphs again.

However for those who enjoy reading a good mystery, we offer -

History re-forged: is the writing on the wall..?

Since the advent of Robert Bauval's groundbreaking research regarding the three main Giza temples aligning with Orion's belt stars, many have inquired 'where is the hieroglyphic reference that establishes this as fact?'

Please review these 'hieroglyph stars' as they present a very interesting amd familiar alignment also replicating the same size distinction as Giza's three main revered pyramids.

By examining in detail, you can see the end star on the right is just a little bigger than the center star, and of course the end left star is smaller. This is exact to Giza's three greatest pyramids as we know and understand them today.

The adjoining inscriptions reviewed as 'round things' or 'curves' constitute crescents representing the rise and fall of Orion every 13,000 years.

As the three great pyramids are distanced, we see the same distanced three shapes but as stars providing in reflection the Orion confirmation.

In answer to the Orion-Pyramids connection;

Do these triptych star-pyramid hieroglyphs reveal the writings on the wall..?

Researched and written by Jon Gilbert & JD Jeffrey 2017


"Between us we may hold all the answers, if not for confrontation."

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