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Jon Gilbert
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Within the Tower of Babel mythology, we are explained Gaia once consisted of a 'One World Language'.

Mythology explains this unique civilization was extremely advanced. We see this from the wondrous examples conduced by megaliths created at all cardinal points of Earth which defiantly construe the movement of the sky, sun and heavens.

The Tower of Babel mythology also explains the industrious civilization was as advanced as the 'gods' able to build towers to the Heavens; that they were so advanced they could create miracles as only the gods could achieve.

Through the study of Sacred Geometry, we are able to understand this once forgotten one-world tongue.

Ishtal Maxin defines as a triptych sacred symbol of the Sky, Sun and Stars. Solex Mal is the tongue of the archaic astronomical language. The Aztec 'SUN' Calendar exemplifies this knowledge pictographed in stone with a human face detailing a tongue protruding from it's center.

The word 'Babel' translates as 'confusion'. The Tower of Babel was an advanced civilization whom understood the movement of the Heavens, which could be considered as their sacred 'religion'. It is this precise confusion of our lost history that has corrupted the prior advanced civilizations sacred astronomy religion.

Through mythology it has been defined 'we', the offspring of our Grandcestors, will return to this sacred wisdom;

So it has been written ~ and so it will be again.

This is UNISON Quest !

written by JD Jeffrey

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