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David Jay Jordan
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Tell ye I now of the mystery of cycles

that move in movements that are strange to the finite,

for infinite are they beyond knowledge of man.

Know ye that there are nine of the cycles;

aye, nine above and fourteen below,

moving in harmony to the place of joining

that shall exist in the future of time.


This whole writing, just seems to be a type of Enoch expose of the cycles of the Creator when creating the whole Universe..... It should have been clearer, that the gate keepers were subservient to the Ancient of Days MASTER, but nevertheless decoding it makes a whole lot more sense, now that we have determined scientifically that there are gravitation waves.... and that Einstein was right. Einstein didn;t create these waves they always existed, from the BEGINNING. Yet they deal exactly with time and space as stated in the above 'Thoth' or Enoch style writing. Gravitational Waves combine and gravitational waves change time and space, a phrase used numerous times in the expose.

It also uses the word 'PLANE', lets say the Galactic PLANES of the stars, or the ecliptic PLANE of our planets.

But lets get back to the phrase 9 above and 14 below.

above surely relates to the Sun

Whereas 14 below surely relates to the Moon.

Stonehenge had 56 holes or posts in its outer ring to supposedly calculate lunar eclipses. The moon having 14 days of increase, 14 days of decrease. A rthymn or cycle of 28 days.... or in the  Hebrew calendar which is lunar based, months based on the moon and its rising, with Holy Days accordingly set aside.

But 9 referring to the Solar Cycle..... Hmmm Tesla said if you know 3,6,9 you can understand the Universe

Or as I wrote

Because 432 hertz is part of the Key of David.... or Key to the entry into the Hall of Records harmonically speaking..... IMO and according to other interpretations.

Its harmony and its power because it relates to the exact resonant frequency of the pyramid, and all of life.

And when the MOON joins with the Earth, when Bride descends onto the Earth, and joins with the Earth, or as they say in magic circles... when the Moon is called down... or as said in prophetic circles when New Jerusalem descends down onto the Earth, then time will be no more... and we will be into infinity, where time and space are ONE.

Then with these principles in mind, then this 'Thoth' or Enoch..... writing makes sense..... or at least more sense.



It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, the honor of kings to search it out.... Proverbs

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I know it's an old post but I just ran into it. I have to disagree with you about the cycles. Your wrong in your theory.

9 is the moon and 14 is the sun. 9 is the cycle ( circle ) 14 is 9+5 ( days )

The 5 days is clearly explained in the Aztec / Mayan calendar and in Egypt when Thoth won 5 extra days from the sky god.

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14/9 = 1.55

1.55 rounded to the nearest tenth = 1.6" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

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