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Atacama Giant Decoded

Posted by JD Jeffrey on February 22, 2015 at 4:05 AM

The Atacama Desert located in South America west of the Andes mountain range has the distinguished characteristics of being known as one of the harshest forlorn and barren desert plains located on Earth.

This non-polar desert known as Earth's driest desert location is of world recognition for it's view of astronomic values also defying logic as the area is known to be artistically littered with over five thousand geometric, zoomorphic and detailed anthropomorphic geoglyphs.

The Atacama desert is allocated covering in parts areas encompassing Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. The terrain composition is equally forlorn due to its sun baked daytime temperatures and frigid nights. A terrain which is made up of boulder debris, dissipated salt lake beds, lava of felsic material, which is amassed in these desert sands.

The production of geoglyphs in the South American Atacama Desert are attributed to three design technique incorporations known in archaeology/science as - Extractive, Additive and Mixed. The ‘extractive’ technique incorporates removing the top layer of soil creating surface designs, which is the most common technique found at Atacama. The technique 'additive’ is conducted gathering material such as gravel, rock or stones producing a 'surface pile' on the desert floor forming a distinct raised outline. The technique known as ‘mixed’ employs both past mentioned techniques to create the formation of the geoglyphs.

An important issue surrounding these specific geoglyphs resides in science defining the fact that geoglyphs are un-datable leaving no relevant timeline of construction even though speculation dates the Atacama Giant design as a representational deity for the local inhabitants from AD 1000 to AD 1400. The giant is termed an early astronomical calendar locating the setting of Earth's moon thereby allowing knowledge of crop cycle, and the time of year which individual season could be determined. The mythology connected to the scattered geoglyphs, reports that the account of this extensively decorated desert plateau as ritualistic and or as a mysterious 'caravan guiding system', exemplified by what are presented academically as the caravan geoglyphs. A desert delegated as a timeless masterpiece in geoglyphs, of mysterious origin and unanswered intent, all created with no certain society claiming responsibility.

Of the more than five thousand geoglyphs represented, one stands alone etched into a hillside as a true solo-man known to academics as the Atacama Giant. A true giant standing alone as the world's largest pre-historic anthropomorphic design; a giant in mathematical calculations standing at 390 feet imperial resolving to 119 metres in metric equivalence.

Upon close examination of the giant, one is perplexed at the advanced design showing a 'spaghetti' string style head of exactly twelve ‘hair-strands’ leading to an Imperial math equation. Detailed exploration reveals his head to be a Square and his body to be a Rectangle. Inspection shows the hands 'Cupped' in a 360 Degree circular significance. The two eyes and mouth are indeed Three Four Sided Squares showing a mathematical precision of the numerical twelve. Closer inspection reveals a Triangular arm showing a geometric design.

Discovering this, it is clear the giant's spaghetti head is in fact a Geometric Grid Pattern.

This archaic friendly child enticing design resembles that of the syndicated children’s cartoon from the 1970's as a "Jestson's" character. A timeless riddle awakened now numbered in time. A number standing at 390 imperial feet equated at 119 metres in statuesque height.

Speaking his silent language of Math, Geometrics and Phonics allows the explorer to evaluate the giant’s hidden language of metrics. Understanding the Atacama Geometric Giant is holding a Ruler or rather what we would perceive as a Yard/Metre-stick as in relation to its size ratio to the giant itself. Uniting this size ratio brings into the question the number of 390, which equated to Pi Thoth's height. We in math view the number as 390 with a decimal point between the thirty-nine and zero qualifying it as the 39.0 metric metre. This is verified in example by the giant’s metric height of 119 metre's. By applying the same math logic to this number and placing a decimal point between the eleven and nine -11.9 Rounding Up - we perceive this mathematically as Twelve inches imperial. As the ways of the ancients replicates mirroring both math systems.

An impossible factor becomes apparent when the giant is shrunk using computer technology to a six inch size.

By following his apparent special interest points, he is obviously instructing and incorporating the grid idea of his head to himself.

Aligning this puzzle as each line is added by the instructed points creating increments in one inch imperial values totalling six inches in a geometric ruler form. Locating the squares, rectangle, triangle, cupped-circular hands and metre stick with grid pattern implies the intended geometrics.

Astoundingly upon measuring the six inch ruler one realizes three distinct fractions to this ancient colossal giant.

a.) The ruler incorporates quick reference numbers for easy simple schematics as the end metre stick has a 90 degree edge in one inch form. Across the yardstick to the head grid edge reveals exactly two inches. Across the top and also on the bottom equates the three inch allowance. The sixty degree outer edge combining the foot to the bottom of the one inch metre stick understandably is four inches. Measuring across the giant's upper body’s outer lines from side to side becomes five inches. Connecting from bottom to top fully shows the six inch quick reference number system.

b.) His quick reference numbers continue showing ratios as 90 degree inner and outer edges. 90 degree right angles. Sixty degree edge angle. Lastly the 35 degree corner angle incorporates the Pythagorean principle.

c.) The figure’s geometrics combine measurements also for quick reference referring the main body as a one inch by two inch rectangle. The head is a one inch squared square. The eyes and mouth are each one quarter inch squared. The hairs are one inch long by one quarter inch wide, times twelve. The above rectangles are one inch long by one half inch wide. The elbow is three half inch increments combined to make an equilateral triangle. [Equilateral triangle - three equal sides, *'always'* Sixty Degrees] The hands are cupped showing 360 degree circles. The metre stick equates to 3 inches by one eighth. Drawing a circle around the outside from tip of head to the metre stick’s end [signifying your outstretched fingertip] to the feet and around the opposite side back to the top of the head creates a perfect 360 degree circle showing relevance to the Pi mathematics system.

The six inch ruler is sectioned as all rulers are in one inch intervals.

Higher mathematics is hinted at by measuring the ruler’s inside left angle rectangular increments allocating them in order from bottom up as 3 inch - 3 3/4 inch - 4 1/4 inch - 4 7/8 to 5 inch.

The full outside right angled edge is 1 1/4 inches as the rising inside 90 Degree edge shows itself to be 1 1/2 inches.

The top inside 90 Degree corner measures two visible sides and an invisible side angle starting from bottom right side at 2 inches rising up the left 90 Degree corner at 1 1/2 inches across the top of the invisible line at 2 1/2 inches connecting all three points respectively at 1 1/2 - 2 - 2 1/2 inch increments creating the known Pythagorean example.

The top grid area measures fully at 3 inch by 1 1/2 inch in geometric rectangular proportion.

This is the resurrection of the Atacama Giant as the colossal Pi Thoth, the Atacama Geometric Ruler awakens..

Everything intentionally designed as an all-purpose geometric measurement tool simplifying the building of the complex mathematical schematics-diagrams procedures...which in turn exposing the explorer as a verified student to an archaic geometric ruler now awakened as the monolithic Pi Thoth - brought consciously fully into the light remembering the task set about for him, in his true identity, a forgotten revered Ruler - known in the whispered breath of "From the awakened student, a teacher of Humanity shall arise!"

..and awaken he has, a true epic monolithic Solo-man, the knower of riddles, the keeper of keys, he who knows the movement of the moonm sun and the stars; his calculated wisdom is said to be archaically of the wisest!

A giant now releasing the dust from the historic pages lost in the sands of time..the Spanish named Gigante de Atacama now multipilying his wisdom of days gone, of days reborn when he was once Ruler of the ages.


This newly rebirthed ancient modern man now walking the sacred Halls of Amenti acknowledging his place with the gods of old.....reaching into the Hall of Wisdom, dawns his own historic face, the face chosen in representation of 'unity' to Mother Earth's entity of mankind!

A mask if removed, shows the same mask - twice removed yesterday!

Atacama Giant DECODED: Awakening the Giant Video

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Decoded and written by JD Jeffrey

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