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Sillustani Serenades

Posted by J.D. Jeffrey on February 5, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Sillustani Serenades: PI'ed Piper plays

A long time ago, when Babel was green

There was more kinds of Towers than you've ever seen

They were built free while the Earth was being torn

And it was all written on the Chullpas stone;

There was carved Lizard-gators and long-necked Geese

Some humpty backed Serpents and some Chimpanzees

Zodiac Cats, Rats and Elephants, but sure as you're born

All written on the Chullpas stone..

Located near the North-Western shore of Lake Titicaca and built upon a plateau of red sandstone covering an approximate area of 10 acres, resides one of Peru's now silent towering tributes.

Historical acadamians claim the Sillustani Chullpa Towers were once indeed funerary chambers distinguished as Burial Towers; however the accuracy in placement and construction play a different note.  

Due to the various towers deconstruction destruction by conquistadors and profiteers in search of gold, we are able to peer inside the architectural details with a hint to the architects mind.

Meticulously carved, these towering megaliths out of the pages of unknown history incorporate an advanced 'hollowed socket' construction to reduce weight for ease of lifting the massive blocks into place regarding stacking order. With a smooth fit appearance on the outside, the inside is also filled and coated to add strength and extra resistance, which is an integral part of the cylindrical design feature.

In technical terms, this type of build procedure is known as 'dry-laid convex polygonal' stone manipulation construct. This is the main construct system used with a few built in the 'heterogeneous dry-laid coursed ashlar ' stone masonary work.

Sillustani Chullpas are of pre-Incan history and are located on the shores of Lake Umayo near Puno in Peru.  Suspected grave robbers have left obvious destruction caused from dynamite entry for unknown valuables, while other towers appear left unfinished.

Understanding these towers presents a challenge;

Each of these Towers is slightly different in size and height, with different size and shaped openings. Among the circular conical towers, there are also geometric squares. Documented as the widest Chullpa, this certain particular tower incorporates the squared base shape.

All Chullpa's are distinctively created with the same curious ground-level access hole alignment.

Although they vary in size, shape and height, the Chullpa openings respectively face Cardinal directions. Easterly faced openings are often associated with Sun travel and notably documented upon other archaic world monuments.

Chullpas are found across the Peruvian altiplano with Sillustani considered to be in preservation, the best example offered. Finely detailed architecture reveals a sophistication of complexity not found in typical Incan structures. The rectangular edged stone work with bevelled surfaces are aligned stacked with a precision that allows for a tapered appearance. 

With most of the rectangular towers collected at a distance from the embodiment of conical towers, Sillustani's largest and finest circular tower constructions occupy prominent positions along the outer-edges of the plateau.

Various towers are shown to have embossed protrusion 'notches' known as knobs that face a Northernly direction, with certain stones carrying various creatures reminiscent of Gobekli Tepe.

With every global archaic advanced structure, the architect leaves clues inviting function to form, for all function has form.

Sillustani's architects left their own clues.

1st clue is the name chosen used to describe the towers.

2nd clue - they are the highest altitude monument in the world.

3rd clue - they do the same thing Dolmens do..but at a higher pitch.

Clue one is the Spanish name Chupa: Although the original name to this sacred site is lost to time. Appropriately chosen, the word chupa in Spanish, translates to 'suck or draw in'.

The name of Sillustani's towers describes their possible functioning purpose.

Second clue refers to the Codex 13 signature:

Estimated height above sea level is 13,000 feet.

Geo-coordinates 15°43′16″S 70°09′30″W

Adding the South and West coordinates together gives us 85.5246.

Further reduction as in 8+5 reveals the 13 significance.

.5246 fully reduced becomes 8.

Sillustani's tallest tower is said to reach 40 feet tall [12 metres]

The most numerated area of Chullpa's are constructed as smaller towers. Finished in a white clay mixed coating distinguishing them from the others, these particular structures are known simply as the 'White Towers'. Documented measurements describe certain White Towers as 48 feet in circumference with a height of 13 feet.

Clue three refers to what it is the towers are for: 

Resonance frequency exchange.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

― Nikola Tesla

Chullpa's are contructed as conical energy frequency capacitators for sound amplifying.

To expand on this operation first please take note looking closely at the tapered Tower shape..and notice the bottom opening? All openings are situated at ground-level.

They are  essentially Flutes; elevated fluted conical stone pipes.

The towers typical Pinecone-BeeHive center is constructed as a flute 'Reed'.

Based on a hillside, these Chullpa's encapsulate 'ground-winds' thereby circulating within the core structure creating a frequency sound.

Many archaic monuments across our great planet are documented incorporating a finely tuned harmonic frequency message.

From chance study, it has been revealed Chullpa Towers create Harmonic Vibration Soundwave in hi-pitch sound frequency.

"..using a phone application which can emit specific musical notes, A and A# caused the inside of the chullpa to seemingly amplify the sound, while other notes did not. "

Rounded-tip top's create an even flow for wind to enter or escape the inner cavity.

The tapered conical tower shape with internal curvature reverberates an external echo using the beehive-center construction as in sequence to a fluted baffle-reed.

The reason why Sillustani incorporates 'both open and closed' tower-roof systems is explained through knowledge pertaining to the musical Wood-wind instrument.

"All woodwinds produce sound by splitting an exhaled air stream on a sharp edge, such as a reed or a fipple. A woodwind may be made of any material, not just wood. Flutes produce sound by directing a focused stream of air below the edge of a hole in a cylindrical tube. The flute family can be divided into two sub-families: open flutes and closed flutes.

Reed instruments produce sound by focusing air into a mouthpiece which then causes a reed, or reeds, to vibrate. Similar to flutes, Reed pipes are also further divided into two types: single reed and double reed. Single-reed woodwinds produce sound by placing a reed onto the opening of a mouthpiece (using a ligature). When air is forced between the reed and the mouthpiece, the reed causes the air column in the instrument to vibrate and produce its unique sound."

From documented evidence of archaeological dictation, we learn from the caves of France, the earliest 'constructed' flute dates to the Paleolithic age in approximation between 35,000 to 40,000 years into mankinds past. Both bone and ivory flutes pieces were found in the cave complex consisting of Vulture bone flute and possible Mastodon ivory flutes.

"Researchers universally accept the existence of complex musical instruments as an indication of fully modern behaviour and advanced symbolic communication but, owing to the scarcity of finds, the archaeological record of the evolution and spread of music remains incomplete."

Is it possible in lieu of previous primitive musical knowledge, the towers of Sillustani each would play a destinctive sound?

Due to the varied constructions observed by the tower wall thicknesses, stone density, size and height of fluted chamber to be resonated; it is quite possible to recreate notes 'tuned' at a specific resonant frequency performance allowing hollowed enclosures to harmonically resonate with variable frequencies. Lightning produces a certain destinct type of electromagnetic signal known as 'whistlers'.

Particles hitting the ionisphere and atmosphere (especially in hi auroral borealis regions) emit sound frequency.

This is known as VLF radio, which can be harnessed naturally according to Nikola Tesla's research using a coil (cone) type apparatus.

"A whistler is a very low frequency or VLF electromagnetic (radio) wave generated by lightning.

Frequencies of terrestrial whistlers are 1 kHz to 30 kHz, with a maximum amplitude usually at 3 kHz to 5 kHz. Although they are electromagnetic waves, they occur at audio frequencies, and can be converted to audio using a suitable receiver.

They are produced by lightning strikes (mostly intracloud and return-path) where the impulse travels along the Earth's magnetic field lines from one hemisphere to the other. They undergo dispersion of several kHz due to the slower velocity of the lower frequencies through the plasma environments of the ionosphere and magnetosphere. Thus they are perceived as a descending tone which can last for a few seconds.

The study of whistlers categorizes them into Pure Note, Diffuse, 2-Hop, and Echo Train types"

With the towers located near Lake Titicaca and directly upon the lake of Umayo, built at an altitude where the air stays chilled, atmospheric conditions contiunually keep moisture in the air. 

Yearly, and occuring during all seasons, the altiplano is known for it's frequency in thunderstorms. This combination of constant moisture and thunder-electromagnetics would help to amplify the serenading VLF 'whistler' effect.

If this hypothesis is correct, it stands to reason each sound is a planet in our solar system interacting with our Sun.

This would be determined by locating which one is the Sun Tower.

"..another class of structures- of which there exist a group of 'four' at the foot of the cliff on which the largest chullpa stands, while an isolated one is on the slope of the North-Eastern promontory. These are called inti-kuntana, translated place where the Sun is tied up.”

Incan mythology includes the belief the Sun was reborn each day by "Pachamama," or Mother Earth; a mythology stating our Sun each day rises in the East. Found across Peru from Cusco, to Lake Titicaca's Hangmans Gallows, to Machu Picchu; we are faced with advanced astronomical observatories.

Many alignments of specific constellations including the Milky-Way are known to this area where astute observations in calibrating the Sun and Heavens are noted. Orion is one of the many noted observation possibilities.

Although no official astronomy notations have been taken, it's possible by taking direction from other ancient cosmological monuments ascertaining that Solstice 'should' set upon smaller Tower's East-facing entrances, while Equinoxes 'should' be determined by noting Equinox noontime Sun setting on top of certain tower pinnacles.

The 'ark' of embossed carved hieroglyphs regarding the Serpent and Lizard glyphs at Sillustani help in understanding. Serpents we find everywhere in ancient history..and serpents are susceptible to frequency change able to detect minute vibrations. Lizards apparently respond to an extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field. The glyph of the four-legged animal with long tail curled in essence would be of the feline cat-family. Felines are able to detect sounds up to 65 kHz; approximately two octaves higher than humans, also able to detect noise variances of only 1/10 of a tone.

With the resonant frequency chamber towers, there is a sequence; there are many towers built in pairs, some alone, and some in groups. 

An accurate diagram of tower placements is needed to reconfigure the numerical note sequence of Sillustani's Towering PI'ed Piper Musical Zodiac Scale.

Solar Harmonic Musical Scale:

"The earth and each of the planets of the solar system revolving around the sun makes a musical note so low it cannot be heard by the human ear. If we imagine a piano keyboard without limitation,

the sound of the earth is a "C sharp" placed 33 octaves below middle C.

Mercury - the closest planet to the sun - plays a "C sharp" with its orbit. The orbit of Venus runs the note "A", and the sequence goes on with the Earth (C sharp ), Mars (D), Jupiter (F sharp), Saturn (D), Uranus (G sharp), Neptune (G sharp) and Pluto (C sharp).

The "merit" for the planet most in tune goes to the planet Uranus. The most "tone deaf" are in order Mercury, Neptune, and in third place, the Earth. The "pitch" or more properly the average pitch in which the solar system is tuned to is 441.27 Hz, which is only five hundredths of a semitone above our traditional “A” note conventionally fixed at 440 Hz (five hundredths of a semitone difference are perceptible only by a discrete "musical ear")

The notes of the planets are obtained by a mathematical calculation applied to the related periods of rotation around the sun, corresponding to the opposite of the rotation frequency. The principle is simple: a frequency oscillation (expressed in Hertz) and a precise musical note corresponds to each body with a periodical oscillation which is constant over time." 

Earth's notable resonation is known as the 'Schumann frequency', which registers a 'normal' resonance of 7.83Hz

"The Pythagorean musical scale is simply based on whole number progression of 8 Hertz

as the fundamental frequency to create the note 'C'. Eight hertz is very close to the Schumann Resonance of 7.8 Hz."

This constitutes the Earth frequency (Earth's Soul) as a C note.

Note 'A' is our Solar System's combined sound-frequencies created by our Sun-star.

"More recently, discrete Schumann resonance excitations have been linked to transient luminous events – sprites, ELVES, jets, and other upper-atmospheric lightning."

With recent submissions regarding the Schumann frequency and resonances predicting Upper Atmospheric Lightning, Elves and Sprites conditions; it's quite possible we are observing the Sillustani glyphs as a clue to advanced knowledge left to us from our misappropriated past.

The culminating factors coupled with the Towers embossed clues reveal an advanced message being played out...Sillustani plays an A frequency; Giza's Great Pyramid Kings Chamber plays an F frequency..both A & F fall under the age of Aquarius.

The age of musical vibration frequencies in the time of cyclic-catastrophe reveals Earth's frequency changes from C-minor to A-major.

Peru shows signs of rock vitrification, and there are other sections on Earth that are vitrified.

This has to do with the Sun's frequency as our Sun goes into a mini-micro Nova during this specific part of the catastrophe-cycle.

There is documented evidence provided through Earth, Lunar and Mars expeditions of solar vitrification, according to astronomy-science.

Our normal Sun reverberation frequency intensifies during the Sun's mini-micro Nova; the Suns 'frequency change' intensifies.

Going up the scale from C-minor, Earth's harmonic reverberation 'pressure' intensifies to an A-major. 

(higher pitch equals higher frequency intensification)

These towers of solar-resonant resurrection, once found to hold the remains of deceased families, are so deemed as burial towers. Presently referred to as Chullpa's, rightfully suspected as 'intrusive burials', they are towering pillars to Earth's Soul.

The term 'chullpa' referring to Sillustani's stone towers comes from the words 'uta amaya' translated as "Houses of the Soul".

To hear the resonant serenade of our Grandcestors PI'ed Piper codex transported across the symphony of time, is to gaze in true wonder; 

to to listen to the fluted harmonic rhythm of your Soul.

The ark started movin, it drifted with the tide.

Them Chullpa stones made up from the rocks and they cried,

And the waters came down and sort of floated them away,

And that's whats written on the Chullpa stone, to this very day.

You'll see carved Lizard-gators and long-necked Geese,

Some humpty-back Serpents and some Chimpanzees,

Zodiac Cats, Rats and Elephants, but sure as you're born,

..history played on the Chullpa stone.

Copyright research JD Jeffrey 2019

These mystical altiplano symphonic resonant tower-chambers contribute as part of Earth's Monumental Early Warning System

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