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Teotihuacan: the Dead shall Rise

Posted by J.D. Jeffrey on June 19, 2017 at 6:55 AM

Teotihuacan's risen recital:

"In that day the Dead shall Rise"

Teotihuacan's anthem to it's amazing city like perfection is claimed to be

'Where the God's were born' from our anthropology of antiquity.

Created by our Grandcestors antics, you could say they upped the ante in this antedated city that holds many secrets that raises your antennae as we antagonizingly anticipate answers of antidote.

Viewing Teo's city from above while being visited by crowds of humans, if you focus with inner-eye awakened, you can see the antsy ancestral-grandchildren of those known as the antediluvian Ant-people clambering upon and over these mesmerizing pyramids like ants surrounding their home base ant-hill.

Often wondering, with Teotihuacan in its original detailed colors of stone and the Street of the Dead filled with water..would a cloudless sun-shiney day beaming into the water also create in reflection Teotihuacan to shine as a beacon?

And as beacon is often translated as 'message' - just exactly what is this majestic city's message..?

"Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known." 1 Corinthians 13;12

From the silent Street of the Dead, echoes of voiceless whispers can be heard.
Teotihuacan's triptych pyramid city, 'Where the God's were born' reveals a language in sacred geometry reconstructing verifiable knowledge to our solar system.

Various researchers such as Nassim Haramein realize the mathematical constant of Teotihuacan's tetrahedral pyramids as one part of the 'as above, so below' antiquital equation.
Nassim's verification of the chosen location upon the face of Earth to this sleeping city of the dead does appear of an exact godly orientation in reference to the knowledge of our planets defined geometry.
The fundamental geometry that defines the mechanics of our solar system was understood and documented from our histories past in such a way as to not be mistaken in the message sent over time.


This advancement into the technical age has graciously allowed us to realize Teotihuacan's massive undertaking could only be created by a civilization working as a unified force such as depicted in natures regimental gifted approach by the insect ant civilizations.

Our Grandcestors understood the balance of nature and the benefit as a global civilization working as one. The message Teotihuacan defines offers this beacon of knowledge in honor of those whom came before..those whom were advanced enough to see the gifts nature combined with science can create in an awakening of what was once thought of to be a dead street of silence.

Teotihuacan is claimed to be 'Where the God's were born' from our anthropology of antiquity anthem in accordance to it's amazing city like perfection .

By reviewing Teotihuacan, allowing knowledge of astronomy to percept the cities layout, we can define what the message is exactly by mentally reconstructing each of Teo's triptych pyramid's.

The geometic representation to each pyramid reveals advanced knowledge of 'Circling the Square' explainging Teo's pyramids.

The Moon pryamid details our Solar Systems 'inner four planets' closest to our Sun-star.

Each squared level details a circling of the square to explain each planet.

The creators of Teotihuacan created each squared-ring with 'canted' edges. This curious element distinctly details each planets 'ecliptic' angle in regards to it's station in our solar system in postion to the Sun and Zodiac calender.

"Ecliptic, in astronomy, the great circle that is the apparent path of the Sun among the constellations in the course of a year; from another viewpoint, the projection on the celestial sphere of the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. The constellations of the zodiac are arranged along the ecliptic."

The pyramid of the Moon's fourth ring shows advanced knowledge of our Earth's oblong revolutions around our solar systems Sun.

Isaiah 26: 19

"But your dead will live, LORD; their bodies will rise-- let those who dwell in the dust wake up and shout for joy-- your dew is like the dew of the morning; the earth will give birth to her dead."

Teotihuacan's majestic city is built upon 13 kilometers of land.

The center 'street' is named the Avenue of the Dead which is 1.3 miles long and 131 feet wide.

The three temples are known as pyramid of the Moon, pyramid of the Sun and the Feathered Serpent's pyramid.

Teotihuacan's temple of the Feathered Serpent is offset by 13 degrees to the pyramid of the Sun; this is indeed an intentional message in sequencial formation.

In this place where the God's were born, adding Teotihuacan's geocoordinates in singular sequence add's up 67 -or- 6+7= 13.

19°41′33″N 98°50′37.68″W - 1+9+4+1+3+3+9+8+5+3+7+6+8=67

The God's born of numbers in destiny.

The number Th1rt3een is calculated often on this silent street of the dead's pyramids also incorporating it's city-wide layout.

Through the verified numerics, it is established astonishingly not only  a geometric layout of our Solar Systemwe also find it plotted to Orion's Platonic transit.

TEO Facts

Graham Hancock's "Fingerprints of the Gods"

"Teotihuacan's 'Mathematical city' it is stated that at the time of the equinox a shadow passes along the face of the pyramid in 66.6 seconds."

This number 66.6 is of interest as from the dimensions given in the book, the base of the pyramid is 666 Indus Valley feet equaling one foot as 13.2 inches.

66.6 can be seen as 6+6+.6=12.6 and the same number given by Giza's holy city of the three main pyramids. 12.6 can also be rounded up which in turn gives the number 13.

"Referencing the Teotihuacán Mapping Project, René Millon (1973), Aveni writes: ”As Millon (1973) and his co-workers of the Teotihuacán Mapping Project have shown, the streets of the ancient holy city align in one of two directions, a north-south orientation 15° 28’ east of north, which is exemplified in the map of Fig. 68 by the Street of the Dead, and an east-west orientation 16° 30’ south of east…The archaeological evidence suggests that the deviation of 1° from a perfect right angle between the two is probably not accidental. Many building complexes and residential compounds within the city follow the first orientation while others obey the second…” Source: Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico, Anthony F. Aveni, page 223."

15° 28’ east and 16° 30’ south of east can be construed as 1+5+2+8=16 and 1+6+3=10..16+10=26 which is a hint at the same number as the Orion 26,000 years Transit.

‪Mexico's Teotihuacan‬ Pyramid of the Sun layout is to the right of what would be the opposite side of the Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt. When the last 'ray' of Sun light strikes the peak of Giza's Great Pyramid, exactly at that precise moment in synchronicity relays the first ray of Sun light at the top of Teotihuacan's pyramid of the Sun in Mexico .

It's said the Great Pyramid covered in polished Turo limestone casings shone like a beacon, as Teo's cleansing waters would also make Teo's city shine.

These two 'lampstands' of our Grandcestors displaying a unique 'olive branch' of knowledge, offer peace and tranquility in wisdom standing before Earth's Sun-god. [Revelation 11: 4]

We find these exquisite messages from time, taking in Earth's tilt, exactly across from one another on our globe.

Often missed in scriptures, we find the allowance of a distinct as above, so below message created from the Tower of Babel scripture in elation to the Teo-Giza equation..

"Let us build a CITY and a TOWER .."

Genesis 11: 4

Teotihuacan's pyramid of the Moon's layout incorporates a plaza of 17 platforms that geometrically explain our solar systems planets and their major moons as associated by the major platforms accompanied by smaller pedestal-platforms. 

This shows a strong link to what the Olmec heads indicate

identifying advanced wisdom of our solar system predating modern astronomical knowledge.

In all of the Moon pyramids divination, Teo's pyramid of the Moon exclaims our inner-four planets to our solar system.

However, transfixation in concentration to heavenly glory offers more of Teo's time elapsed secrets to be unveiled.

The pyramid of the Sun details our complete Solar System.

The Plumed Serpent pyramid has mostly been destroyed, however we have the mythology of whom the Feathered Serpent is, and so we can rely on other monuments of the same name to conclude an astrological answer.

Teo's Plumed Serpent pyramid, according to Chichen itza's Kukulkan pyramid, reveals a plumed message of our Sun-star ~ which befits it's presentation at the end to the Avenue of the Dead.

The Plumed Serpent temple constitute's our Sun with three sets of four platforms adorning this pyramids frontal view.

These 12 platforms replicate the precessional knowledge of Solstice/Equinox patterns detailed during that specific time of year as both day and night are equal in length to the 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness to Earth's routine  scheduling of  the 24 hours in  a day.

Revelation 11:1-19 

"Then I was given a measuring rod like a staff, and I was told, “Rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and those who worship there, but do not measure the court outside the temple; leave that out, for it is given over to the nations, and they will trample the holy city for forty-two months. And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.” These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth."

Interestingly we find that Teo's Plumed pyramid held a total of 260 serpent head iconography statues. This dual reference from numerics and symbology explain our solar system and it's systematic 26,000 year Platonic Preccessional trek.

The three platforms 'behind' the Sun Plumed Serpent temple create the same identical message found and given at Egypt's three main Giza pyramids.

Teotihuacan's Plumed Serpent temple reveals Orion above and beyond overlooking our Solar System.

Teo explains what is not revealed about Giza's three main pyramids contributing to a completed understanding in the overall message left for our awakening as we are risen into the technological age.. age once shared by our Grandcestors.

From the Plumed Serpent pyramid, the view along the Avenue of Dead in it's heavenly glory is but a finger pointing a way to the prestigious Moon pyramid allowing in unification to awaken the Inuit Lazarus.

Matthew 27: 52

"..and the tombs broke open.

The bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life."

This innovative-man construction details humanity platformed standing upon our inner solar system.

Above the center Earth 'belt line' circled-square is created a stairway (with overtly large ballastrades) to the upper levels constructed as 'rib cage with lungs' detailing Earth's necessity to Venus.

Beyond that is the uppermost level stairway, the 'throat' to the top Sun-square revealing the Sun gives our planets harmonic waves producing sound.

Histories comatose Lazarus awakens positioning his gigantese message, sleepless no more.

By drawing a line directed from the pyramid of the Moon straight down the center of Teotihuacan's 'Street of the Dead' and projecting onward across the ocean, you will encounter only Easter Island orienting an advanced knowledge of our planet singling out a solitary remote island.

The megalithic Moai statues circled around the desolate island seem to exclaim a global unified civilization of industrious proportions. Curiously the stone statue's of Easter Island are oriented with eyes painted and pointed in search of the cosmos.

Teotihuacan's risen recital furthers the exquisite knowledge gifted our generation written upon Earth in timeless fashion to our Grandcestors Codex 13.

co·dex (kō′dĕks′;) n. pl. co·di·ces (kō′dĭ-sēz′, kŏd′ĭ-)

A manuscript volume, especially of a classic work or of the Scriptures.

[Latin cōdex, cōdic-, tree trunk, wooden tablet, book, variant of caudex, trunk.]

Word History: Cōdex is a variant of caudex, a wooden stump to which petty criminals were tied in ancient Rome, rather like our stocks. This was also the word for a book made of thin wooden strips coated with wax upon which one wrote.

The usual modern sense of codex, "book formed of bound leaves of paper or parchment," is due to Christianity. By the first century bc there existed at Rome notebooks made of leaves of parchment, used for rough copy, first drafts, and notes. By the first century ad such manuals were used for commercial copies of classical literature. The Christians adopted this parchment manual format for the Scriptures used in their liturgy because a codex is easier to handle than a scroll and because one can write on both sides of a parchment but on only one side of a papyrus scroll. By the early second century all Scripture was reproduced in codex form. In traditional Christian iconography, therefore, the Hebrew prophets are represented holding scrolls and the Evangelists holding codices."

Where the God's were born comes from Aztec mythology and what they told the Conquistadors when they were asked if they created Teo's city. They said it was there when they found it..home of the God's.

From oral tradiitons, stelea's, historical written submissions, scriptures, etc.~ we know the ancients referred to the God's as Heavenly bodies of the cosmos, traditionally known today as planets and our zodiac calendar.

Earth's archiac monuments also speak this silent language, resurrected from time, now dead no longer.

Codex 13, the Tree of Life stump signifying Earth's life force, Eden's Garden Tree of both Good and Evil wisdom in Logo's (Greek word for 'story-telling') written upon archaic monuments on both sides of our classical planet combined with Scriptorial liturgy -

the book of our Evangelist-Grandcestors apocalypse (Unveiling) bequeathed to our generations understanding so that we may together Witness the Light of our true history.

Copyright research of JD Jeffrey

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered:

the point is to discover them." Galileo

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