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God Speak: Locating the Hall of Records

Posted by J.D. Jeffrey on June 16, 2017 at 3:00 PM

God Speak- Histories Hidden Hall of Records.

"The ancient Egyptians regarded Thoth as One, self-begotten, and self-produced, the master of both physical and moral (i.e. divine) law, making proper use of Ma'at.

Credited with making the calculations for the establishment of the heavens, stars, Earth, and everything in them.

He is said to direct the motions of the heavenly bodies. Without his words, the Egyptians believed, the gods would not exist.

His power was unlimited in the Underworld and rivalled that of Ra and Osiris.

The Egyptians certified him as the author of all works of science, religion, philosophy, and magic.

The Greeks further declared Thoth the inventor of astronomy, astrology, the science of numbers, mathematics, geometry, land surveying, medicine, botany, theology, civilized government, the alphabet, reading, writing, and oratory.

They further claimed he was the true author of every work of every branch of knowledge, human and divine."

Thoth is claimed to be many things and a skilled architect was of his many acomplishments creating the Great Pyramid, but also credited to the wisdom of creating a hidden Hall of Records from before our civilization began.

From mythology it states there are infact three Hall of Records.

In today's technological age where history is being unearthed and rewritten everyday, it is possible to locate the fabled hidden Hall of Records as not myth but fact - and can be located using clues from history and mythology combined with modern technology.

The Hall of Records is said to be an actual hidden building that houses the records of the pre advanced bipedal species that were devestated through a cyclic catastrophe..a place said to have the knowledge to end all wars. Although Cayce recorded there are three Hall of Record locations - two are known as decoys with a clue to the actual location.

The problem is finding it as it is said to be hidden.

Thoth's emerald wisdom is known to be profound, leaving clues with instructions to these lost and hidden records.

We are meant to discover this location and as a collective humanity, to solve this enigma from the passages of time with Thoth's own words.

This hidden vault of ancient time, constructed and sealed by Thoth himself, leaves it possible this mysterious vault can be found. This vault is not in Egypt under the Sphynx like the American sleeping prophet Edcar Cayce prophesized and as many have misinterpreted.

"Use thou the KEY of the SEVEN,

and open to thee the pathway will fall.

Now unto thee I have given my wisdom.

Now unto thee I have given my way.

Follow the pathway.

Solve thou my secrets.

Unto thee I have shown the way.

Each to the other is the Keystone;

each the gateway that leads into LIFE.

Follow the KEY I leave behind me.

Know ye that seek and the doorway to LIFE shall be thine.

Seek thou in my pyramid,

deep in the passage that ends in a wall.

Know ye that in the pyramid I builded are the Keys

that shall show ye the Way into life.

Aye, draw ye a line from the great image I builded,

to the apex of the pyramid, built as a gateway.

Draw ye another opposite in the same angle and direction.

Dig ye and find that which I have hidden.

There shall ye find the underground entrance to

the secrets hidden before ye were men."

By following Thoth's wisdom and clues, it possible to locate this most mysterious of ancient Mystery in History riddles.

"The principles of the truth are Seven:

He who knows these, understandingly, posseses the Magic Key before whose touch all the doors of the Temple fly open."

the Kybalion

The message from Thoth comes from an advanced civilization.

Such as a civilization with higher intelligence..could we today, across the whispers of time , could we read it- could we today with all our amassed knowledge and technology understand this message? And if these messages are readable..would it give humanity a chance to be collective with 'those who came before'..a chance for us to discover the key to mankind's lost blueprinted history, a riddle hidden in the sands of time.

If all this is true, Thoth's legend and myth of a hidden Hall of Records once forgotten - then is humanity ready...?

Finding the hidden Hall of Records blueprint came from attempting to decipher a starting point and ending to the Giza blueprints located at Nazca.

For certain Nazca is NOT the original blueprints, it is however a learning tool to the next step in the journey.

Link to Nazca Lines decoding revealing the Great Pyramid blueprints -

All blueprints have a first, second, third and so on page(s), thereby applying this knowledge to the glyphs to be "instruction icons" found on all blueprints.

The glyphs each explain a peice of the build procedure, therefore logically looking at a map of the glyphs (without the Nazca lines) as they are displayed in the desert, settling on what is refered to as the "Dinosaur 'baby" as starting position.

This is a 'Chickling', which leads to ''Duckling, to 'Yearling', to 'beginning' or BEGIN - so the Dino baby is where to begin!

The first thing that must be done is to orient the map so the Dino-chickling is standing upon it's feet. This gives direction to reading of the mapped instructions.

When using a building process, first find the scale of what you wish to build which leads to the "Whale" glyph. With 'carpenters square' through the Whale's back center - the two words combined phonically of square and whale - they become 'Scale'.

Next in the build process is to survey your land area of which you wish to build said project, thereby taking us to a geoglyph resembling a contractors survey "Tri-pod".

After setting up the tripod, it is used to find the man in the field to start the actual 'layout' to your building ..which is a 'hands on' process.. taking you from the tripod to the 'man waving' known as the "Giant" glyph, to the glyph known as the "Hands".

These three glyphs combined explain - 'this is the hands-on-part of the build procedure'.

It can only be done by manual labor and not robotic.

Nazca's Flight of the Bird lesson -

The bird leaves it's nest zig-zagging in flight (Heron geoglyph) in search of food such as illustrated by the Fish and Kelp geoglyphs  and also the Flower geoglyph beside Hummingbird geoglyph as a bird naturally seeks out nectar from flowers  - and then returns to it's nest.

In the construction trade, if a bird builds a nest during construction, it is NOT removed for it is a sign of Good Luck.

Nazca's flight of the bird instills it's traditional message of Good Fortune upon it's hidden schematic of the industrious Hall of Records.

Following the rest of the glyph story creates a schematic, one that is not to do with pyramids.

Following the story displayed by the glyphs, an offer by our Grandcestors is instituted -

they have drawn many lines at Nazca and now offer You to draw your line in destiny;

to be one with them on Earth's greatest blackboard of historical instruction.

By drawing a line in coordination of the glyph story, essentially 'joining the dots' to our lost history, you have truly become one and joined with the ancients wisdom in rectifying a map to what was once found in the voiceless sands of Nazca.

Thoth's Hidden Hall Of Records myth has dredged through the anals of time to survive todays modern world. It is a myth heralded as impossible for it entails the wisdom of the ages, a knowledge said to have existed and recorded before our time began.

A wisdom passed to our generation from a society not recorded in our present day history books - hidden in a yet to be located vault.

A vault not to be opened until our civilization is ready.

If openly found - the 'authorities' will without a doubt over take the 'find' and sequester it as it changes everything we were taught regarding historic timelines including religions strangle-hold on advancement as equals.

So the question is - if the Hall of Records could be found; How do we keep it from the TPTB to be used for the good of humanity???

Could it be the ordained Pandora's Box fable?

Together we have walked the Lighted path of our Grandcestors as they echo answers to riddles brought forth from the annals of time.

As we stand on the global epoch of shared technology, time allows mankind to discover who really built the Giza pyramids and that humanity enjoyed previous technological advances as equated in accordance to Lemurian folklore, Plato's 'Atlantis' theory and the Tower of Babel scripture.

The fabled Hall of Records and it's mysterious riddle to mankind, of what it could entail for humanity is a truly bestowed with great honor and servitude to all whom follow and share this messsage..a personal gift to YOU from our very Grandcestors, and so beit that may we all together hear their silent voices of wisdom -

WE are the gods incarnate of today and so we are destined to wear the ancient mask taken from the Halls of Amenti..

UNISON Quest was designed and engineered so that all of humanity may share in these re-discoveries.

Time reveals all and it is now more than a belief the Hall of Records is no myth but indeed fact.

The final step in this epic journey of many life-times, is to match the schematic blueprint to it's hidden location from the Nazca riddle, scrolled across the desolate silent desert of South America as it releases it's God's Speak secrets from the sands of time.

Isaiah 29:18

"In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll...."

Namaste ye seeking only truth.. ..Welcome through the illusion.

Copyright research of JD Jeffrey

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