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Chichen Itza's - Solar Cities Shadowed Secrets

Posted by J.D. Jeffrey on May 18, 2017 at 6:10 PM

Chichen Itza's 13th Ballcourt -

Solar Cities Shadowed Secrets

To the victor goes the spoils - he who wins, writes the outcome...or as Napoleon quoted - "History is a set of lies agreed upon."

This we have seen throughout history. Various cultures whom the megaliths are asscociated with have been passed down through the ages with stories that are unbelievable and no finer example is there than that of the Mayan society and the Spaniard conquistadors.

However - like the Sun creates night casting shadow upon part of Earth only to be revealed at a later time, the truth can never remain hidden.

The great Mayan city of Chichen Itza is known for it's center pyramid that articulates the use of sunlight twice a year creating a casted serpent accentuated and captivated in shadow. This architectural phenom draws major crowds to view this light and shadow display twice yearly defining it's revelation as a Solar City.

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Quietly obscured there is a game of eternity cast in light and shadows played hourly as the day silently passes along at the great Mayan Ballcourt that has virtually gone unnoticed, which parallel's the ingenuity and uniqueness El Castillo's twice yearly Serpent shadow displays.  

"The Mayans were great sportsmen and build huge ballcourts to play all their games. The Great Ballcourt of Chichen Itza is 225 feet wide and 545 feet long overall. It has no vault, no discontinuity between the walls and is totally open to the blue sky.

Each end has a raised to the temple area. A whisper from end can be heard clearly enough at the other end 500 feet far away and through the length and breath of the court.

The sound waves are unaffected by wind direction or time of day and also night. Archaeologists engaged in the reconstruction noted that the sound transmission became more and more strong and clear as they proceeded.

In 1931 Leopold Stokowski spent 4 days at this site to determine the acoustic principals that could be applied to theater for an open-air concert he was designing. Stokowski failed to learn the secret.

Today it has not been explained.

It is easy to imagine a Mayan King sitting here presiding over the games. Legends say that the winning Capitan would present his own head to the losing Capitan, who then decapitates him. While this may seem very strange reward, the Mayans believed that this to be the ultimate honor.
The winning Capitan getting a direct ticket for heaven instead of going through the
13 high steps that the Mayan's believed they had to go through in order to reach peaceful heaven.."


It should be noted that each of the Ballcourt extensive dual curbed 'walls' are 95 metres long with the ball-hoop at a height of 8 metres.

Adding 95+8= 103 contiributes to the knowledge towards Chichen Itza's calculated Codex 13.

The grand Ballcourt is divided and centered by 'twin ball-hoops' situated on each wall at a height of 26 feet (8 Metres). The ballhoops are centered exclaiming 'halfway point' to the courtyard.

By examining the 'Ballcourt ball-hoops' we find an interesting factor portrayed as the El Castillo pyramid provides a shadow play of light. The amazing point registered at the Ballcourt is the game of light and shadow is played daily at Chichen Itza's Great 13th Ballcourt.

Like numbers on a clock as it carries out it's daily silent routine, the shadow cast from the ball-hoop grows longer with each passing hour as it circles the Ballcourts giant scoreboard wall returning to the top starting point.

Steadily as the day grows and sunlight passes over the solar city of Chichen Itza, so does the shadow cast by the Serpent hoop lengthen creating a display shadowed in advanced knowledge of astronomy combined with geometric architecture of a higher level.

The 'hoop' combined with it's shadow reminds us as the hours grow longer starting as a single digit until they double; the numbers double and time without constraints, proceeds to march on.

The great Ballcourt's hoop continually cajoins delivering the symbol of Infinity.

The sideways figure eight Infinity symbol declares it's solar city secret that not all language is spoken -  that the language of time is guided by the silent hour-hand of the cosmic clock as it cycles infinitely through the Universe.

The knowledge of Earth passing through shadow and light is played out back and forth upon the great wall of Chichen Itza's 13th Ballcourt detailing constant wisdom to the movement of the Sun and Stars.

As the shadow hand of the Ballcourt Hoop-clock cycles up and down the wall transcribing daily time, the shadows also lengthen creating a pin-point location upon the stelea reliefs embossed upon the base of the Ballcourt wall directing knowledge of the sequencial ages.

Enscribed upon the Ballcourts two main walls, along it's base, the walls are slope-slanted depicting the ballcourts game and it's two teams of athletes.

One particular inscription details a player as being decapitated with a strange ejection of blood stream emulating that of writhing serpents.

It's quite possible to the victor goes the spoils and the Spaniards misunderstood the significance behind the revered ball game establishing a false history to the Mayan folklore in order that they may present them in an unlawful way justifying their claims in why the Spaniards decimated the Mayan's true history as gatekeepers to Chichen Itza's solar city secrets.

With serpents as Chichen Itza's signature motif, also construde in the ballcourt stelea and the center hoop, a notary figure emerges known as Orobourus shadowing truth as it comes full circle.

The wisdom bestowed us in silent shadows creates a language of counting time that humanity, without losing our heads, inherently and comfortably understands.

Written in megalithic advanced architecture, symbols and cycles, like the amazing acoustics attributed to Chichen Itza's El Castillo pyramid and the 13th Ballcourt remind us from whispers across time that our Grandcestors understood life is not just a game and that truth may lay obscured within the sport of shadows, but always truth returns to Light.

Copyright research of JD Jeffrey

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