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Grandcestors Duality of Greatness

Posted by J.D. Jeffrey on May 8, 2017 at 12:55 AM

Great Temple's Namaste of Duality in Numbers.

Our Grandcestors Dual Greatness

Many lighted paths fall open to the visitor of archaic history and the country of India creates a historic pathway for all travellers to take exploration of a time 'before we could know'.

India's Angkor Wat, most well known of monuments outside cultural history shines above and beyond however when it comes to shining examples, India has created an astounding recognised 108,000 Temples dictating a humble equation to the Codex unvieling.

Areas rich in mystifying history include known historic sites such as the impressive Kailasa temple of the Ellora Caves carved from one solid stone basin, Konark Sun temple with it's Chariot of Light detailing it's tell-tale time sequenced wheels of balance, Ajanta Cave system with it's enlightening views , Angkor Wat's sun-summit majestic appeal or the finely created extraordinaire example of Chand Boria.


Chand Boria's stupifying stepwell reversed zigurrat pyramid has chanted it's echoed message of 13 as do others of India's lighted pathway to our Grandcestors wisdom.

In duality of learning or learned, young or old, male or female, together this journey leads us to focus on Tanjore India's Brihadeeswarar temple dually known as the Rajesvaram temple.

The compound is created with dual doorways leading to the 'brihan' derived from Sanskrit as the Big Temple.

Through the smaller temples of the Keralantakan Tiruvaasal and the Rajarajan Tiruvaasal gateways the dvarapalas Door-keepers and Nandi-Sacred Bull are revealed in reverence of the Brihan Temple, the great temple.

Exalted as one of India's tallest ancient structures, the magnificent Brihadeeswarar temple at a height of 66 metres (216 feet) centers the entire temple complex with its vast enclosure and dual gateways chosen to specifically be built from 130,000 tons of granite stone details a complex Interlocking design illuminating the need for a concrete based cement creating this wondrous accomplishment with a mystifying 80 ton solid single-carved Kumbam stone created as a capstone.

The mythology to how the capstone was raised to the temples enormous height entails that a six kilometer earthen-ramp was created to 'roll' into place the capstone combined with the use of elephants. A myth time nor technology has verified.

Between the capstone and three tiered base of the Great Temple resides a 13 receding tiered tower identically created in relief detailing a magnificence to it's majestical architecture of numerous sculptures. The 13 tiered stone terraces are stacked with precision balance and equilibrium. No binding material is incorporated within construction of the tiers establishing this architectural masterpiece is created to carry it's own specific weight.

Built of interlocking stones this monumental effort has not developed a crack or tilted even centimetres despite six known earthquakes since it's creation.

It should be noted this is the only temple in India where a King specifically dictated (by use of an inscription) that this is an all-stone temple titled ‘Kattrali'.

(‘kal' meaning stone and ‘tali' a temple)

Mythology explains this monument was built by the great Raja Raja Chola (who ruled from 985 -1014 Common Era). A tell tale sign to the operation of this clock work masterpiece is that Raja-Raja the great appointed an astronomer named ‘Perunkani' for announcing dates based on the planetary movements in order of celebrating the temple's festivals.

Created through the 'hollow interior' of the architectural brilliance, revealed from below devises an illusion of an impressional three dimensional view to a mystical Mandala.

The mathematical calculations are highly advanced shown through the height of the Great Temple revealing exactly twice the width of the outer base of the adhistana (plinth) of the sanctum providing a duality in numbers.

The numbers Eight and Th1rt3en signify the feminine and the masculine duality in mirrored reflection as the number 8 imperial math translates to 13 in metric math devising one and the same number. The use of numbers also completes the Hindi knowledge of duality to advanced math computations often used for sciences and astronomy levels of learning.

8 and 13:  Prime number 13 exemplifies it should be found with numerical recording (i.e. measurements of monuments etc.) however, as the Prime Number example stipulates, if a specific Prime number is found in abundance - it was selectively positioned as such and not a coincidence.

As quoted by R. Nagaswamy, former Director of Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department, states -

“This is the only temple in the whole of India where the king specifically mentions in an inscription that he built this all-stone temple.” The king uses the word “katrali” – kal and thali in Tamil mean a temple built of stone. This epic inscription, running to 107 paragraphs.." ( 1 + 07 = 8 )

India's Great Temple is dedicated to Siva, the main deity which is a massive cylindrical linga in a double-walled, box-like sanctum. The monolithic linga is 1.66 m in diameter mounted on an “Avudaiyar” ( yoni-pitha) altar.

The linga rises in height height of two storeys. (1+6+6=13 times 2 storeys = 26)

Hinduism means Eternal Dharma and although it incorporates many deities, the worship is of one eternal God. One God with many forms.

Hinduism dates back to 700 BCE in literature, but in truth can be traced back in approximation of 10,000 years. According to practioners, Hinduism has no founder..or it's history is so old it has been lost to the ages of time.

According to Hindu mythology the Great Temple monument with its 13 receding tiers looks like the mythical Maha Meru mountain.

The UNESCO World Heritage monument Brihadeeswarar temple complex incorporates a beautifully created Nandi of epic proportions. The carved Bull statue is 13 feet tall.

The Bull's complete measurements are 3.66 metres in height, 5.94 metres in length and 2.59 metres in breadth. 3+6+6+5+9+4+2+5+9= 49..

..fourty nine transfers as 4+9 equaling  Th1rt3en.

The Brihadeeswarar temple faces east in order that it may capture the brilliance in duality of daylights dancing Sun and the highlights of nights endless dance form of the cosmos.

India's temples provide spirituality, tranquility and peace.

These significant architectural wonders of revitalizing energy centers entice the luxurious significance to the delicate dance of life. The duality worship of both male and female dieites carved into these megaliths reveal poetically we are all created equal.

Equally across our planet we find archaic monuments of inexplicable design efforts encased in stone written in a silent language establishing a coded number of 13 revealing an astronomical significance to a message from a time before we could know.                                                   With all the signs in place to this Great Temple of our Grandcestors Codex encoding numerical astronomy in duality of equally masculine and feminine inter-locking sequencial cycles of namaste in harmony, the dance of life is witnessed through the secrets of India's sacred enchanted Lighted pathways to eternal dharma wisdom.

..and so it is that our Grandcestors ultimately transform before we could know, to now that we know.


Copyright research of JD Jeffrey

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