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Chand Baori Chants

Posted by Jon Gilbert on March 23, 2017 at 12:45 AM

Chand Baori: Chanting of our Grandcestors

India presents some of the most beautifying and majestical monuments to grace our history with Chand Baori deep in the running for magnificence.

Please observe the district of Rajasthans village of Abhaneri's Chand Baori carefully for the original name Abhaneri was previously named from antiquity as Abha Nagri,

which chants "City of Brightness".

This is one of the deepest 'step-wells' in India which extends approximately 30 metres into Earth's ground revealing to an inquisitive mind architecture built to resemble an upside down Ziggurat pyramid with it's stairwells revealing the up-righted ziggurat pyramid shape. The water at the bottom signifies sky..or the heavens to be precise.. chanting "As above - so below."

As deep as Chand Baori is, there is a deeper message chanted here and it is numerical showing a higher intelligence that we are only now starting to acknowledge.

This amazing 'step well pyramid' has 13 tiers and each staircase counting base platforms is devised of 13 steps.

The total steps is 3500 covering approximately 13 stories which devises the math that is detrimental in understanding Chand Baori's advanced astronomical message.

Chand Baori encodes the enchanted number 13 extremely catalogued within monuments of antiquity delivering the astronomical message to Orion's 26,000 year half-way Transit point.

A true grand architectural marvel, this 'inverted' Step-well pyramid has a unique 3D principal, for when viewed from directly above; reveals what is below - is above.

Although created cut into the ground as deep as 30 meters, the entirety of the view from 'above' this Step-Well creates the projection of a 3 dimensional Pyramid with use of it's many integrated staggered stairwells,.

The illusion the Step Well creates is a reverse appearance..

Instead of recessing into the ground, it appears to rise above ground level.

The Codex encompassing Chand Baori is also registered in it's circumference calculated at .0.13 miles.

For further contribution and evaluation is the adjacent Temple.

It registers dual 'squared' rings.

The 'outer-ring' measures 0.13 Miles while it's 'inner-ring' measures 0.13 Kilometers.

Measuring from center of the Temple's Cathedral-tower, along  the pathway to Chand Baori's entrance, gives a value of 0.13 Kilometers in length.

To understand this distinguished coded message, Chand Baori's 'City of Brightness' has chanted it's position in depth now revealed by the silent monuments of antiquity chanting  explanations of humanities past missing history.

Through the monuments themselves also incorporating actual history, oral traditions, mythology and scripture , this Codex 13 irrefutably connects our society with a highly intelligent and technological civilization that walked our planet unknown years ago.

Our Grandcestors wrote this gift in book form created upon Earth with monuments as the very pages so that with our OWN eyes we may read this coded message, a message that could never be erased or hidden..

..a message that could only be understood by children of the past; our civilization, as we develope into our own enchanted technological world.

[Copyright research of JD Jeffrey 2017]

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