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Posted by Jon Gilbert on January 31, 2017 at 8:00 PM

Private Conversations

Long ago in a time much like today, on this planet extremely similiar to which we live upon now - many years ago in ancient history there existed a 'Prior-Man' known as the 'Mu's' of Lemurian folklore, with an advanced technology likened to that of the fabled Atlantis.

Their technology could not save them from what they had learned through their applications of math and astronomy: the eventual cyclic demise of the alpha-omega ordinance of our Universe. They understood mother Gaia was in for the formidable battle of her life - asteroid impacts causing huge roving tsunamis, earthquakes setting off the Ring of Fire volcanism creating polar tilt leading into extensive ice age.

The world was a world of intelligence based upon living in perpetual balance with each other and mother nature, with a religion structured around accessing the wisdoms of harmonic frequencies, medical fields, astronomy and science's.

Using technology at the push of a computers translation button we ALL spoke the same language at the Tower of Babel, for tower means pinnacle and babel means civilization. We had advanced in the technological age continuing to above what we have today. The pinnacle of our Grandcestors civilization was knowledge that of a God's understanding cataclysm would envelope Gaia and the species would be devistated scattered leaving the majority of the surviving populace to perish from disease coupled with other dire consequences.

Knowing this, and not near the semi-self indulged arrogant society such as we are today, they would not let their lineage fall to a foot note of cosmic dust. One nation didn't war for resources planning on survival. The whole of Earth was ONE nation - One Nation Existence.

As our scientist would do today if faced with total annihilation, their's was a plan to gather two of everything in DNA form knowing our planet would eventually self generate with the settling of the electro magnetisphere restored with re-growth life fauna and microbial species after the cataclysm when atmospheric pressures and ocean conveyer belt activity returned to normal. The addition to their planned regeneration included leaving what we see today as ancient monuments encoded in a combination of astronomy coupled with math in a codex form to explain our mysterious past and create illustrious speeds in technological intelligence.

As their species was as ours and do to subjectual bombardment of solar radiation, are unable to sustain extended periods of intergalactic space travel, thereby developed a robotic custodial servant to succeed such a monumental endeavor constructing our remarkable jump to where we are today in supposedly only six thousand years.

All planet species DNA was gathered and cryo-genetically frozen, then stored in the spherical acronymed Arc to be sent away from ours prior to advanced CME strikes and various other planets in our solar system's imminent destruction. Using technology such as computers and sleeper-key timers combined with astro-physics would then be brought back at a later date to replenish the Earth through test tube and eventually invitro method once a suitable creature was created from the clay of Gaia., the bonding agent to all DNA carbon based true chimera life form extracted from the Adamu project as which we know of through the Adam and Eve scripture combined mythological and culture specific oral history that exist today.

This 'servant' was created to endure and recreate it's masters, teaching as they went.

We today would see the servant as a synthetic robot built with a exo-carbon skeletal fibre frame hyrdaulically activated humanoid, commanded by internal nano-bot computer chips with timers and fibre optics draped in a grey synthetic heat absorbing material transferred to an energy perpetual motion machine within the body cavity, covered in armor durable latex simulated skin. Humanoid slightly in appearance and yet not frightening, not quite four foot tall due to the inferred metric system used, silent in operation with large dark eyes for 'solar power operated internal batteries' and enlarged cranial housing the advanced computers main frame engine. Known to some as an E.B.E (extra-terrestrial biological entity) and commonly referred to as Grey-Alien's. (Greyliens) In the coming decades our civilization will see this as a form of advanced Artificial Intelligence.

The E.B.E's were dually tasked with seeking out planet's with the correct minerals and replicating in miniature the mother-ship plus creating additional artificial intelligence forms to a position where they could multiply for the return to Earth and the enormous undertaking of human gene-assisted re-creation.

These E.B.E's do not harm but help to advance our civilization enhancing mental capabilities to those few whom are not frightened and willing to accept the extensive knowledge they can instill through the guardian selected slated for abductionated nuero stimulating process.

This is OUR heritage, our legacy left by our Grandcestors to resume a class one society reverting back to Earth's previous garden of Eden, to the foot of the tower of babel in a relatively short expanse of time as we become our own pinnacle of civilization.

Indeed - the NOAA ARCC theory is correct, but with a modern version view.

Nation Of One Astrological Analogical Atonement Recovery Crisis Cohabitainer.

We have sent them from our past into our future to reclaim todays present.

The implied Greyliens casually mis-referenced as the annunaki are 'ours', bequeathed with love from our distant Grandcestors the true annunaki of whom our civilization's DNA is strained humannunaki.

The history we view, the monuments, the global megaliths..

We seen pain staking effort created in a message distributed strategically across the planet for us through geoglyphs, petroglyphs and heiroglyphs.

Countless areas across mother Earth are scribed with ancient rock wall art, cave paintings, mozaics of archaic homesteads, earthen mounds and astrological observatories etcetra.

These prior-man's advanced achievements record more than just an astrological message to our civilization.

Our Grandcestors understood we would never hear their voices, see their appearance, know the surname lineage of which they came or any of the fondly told stories to which they endured, and so constructed and left us memorial letters written with love they new we would one day be able to read, to light our path into the future providing the Key to our missing link and who we are.

Additional information on our missing-link and the history of the fore mentioned HumAnnunaki, our Grandcestors..

Nephal I Am -

Secrets beyond the Garden and the Oracle of our Grandcestors


(condensed version to full book - Copyrighted research JD Jeffrey)

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