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Paracas Candelabra

Posted by Jon Gilbert on January 15, 2017 at 9:10 AM

Paracas Candelabra: A Trident Clue (extending the Olive branch)


One of the most enigmatic megalithic ground drawings ("geoglyphs") belongs to South America and is seen best from several miles out at sea. Etched into a sloping hill at Pisco Bay on the Peruvian coast, this strange figure looks vaguely like a candlestick; thus, its name "The Candelabra of the Andes" and can be seen from a distance out to sea of 13 kilometres. After that the Earth's curvature obstructs the linear view.

Mankind's history is diverse which includes different facets ranging from numerous different backgrounds such as the monuments themselves, sacred symbolism, scripture and oral traditions of which mythology abounds from.

-Symbolism and Mythology-

"In Hindu legends and stories Shiva, a Hindu God who holds a trident in his hand, uses this sacred weapon to fight off negativity in the form of evil villains. The trident is also said to represent three gunas mentioned in Indian vedic philosophy namely sāttvika, rājasika and tāmasika.

In Greek myth, Poseidon used his trident to create water sources in Greece and the horse. Poseidon, as well as being god of the sea, was also known as the "Earth Shaker" because when he struck the earth in anger he caused mighty earthquakes and he used his trident to stir up tidal waves, tsunamis and sea storms. Parallel to its fishing origins, the trident is associated with Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek mythology, the Roman god Neptune.

In Roman myth, Neptune also used a trident to create new bodies of water and cause earthquakes. A good example can be seen in Gian Bernini's Neptune and Triton.

In religious Taoism, the trident represents the Taoist Trinity, the Three Pure Ones. In Taoist rituals, a trident bell is used to invite the presence of deities and summon spirits, as the trident signifies the highest authority of Heaven.

The trishula of the Hindu god Shiva. A weapon of South-East Asian (particularly Thai) depiction of Hanuman, a character of Ramayana.

A fork Jewish priests (Kohanim) used to take their portions of offerings.[3]

The glyph or sigil of the planet Neptune in astronomy and astrology."

The Greeks offer an insight into mythology, and from them they have given the names of the gods.

One of their most impressive gods is known as Poseidon.

It is possible the Candelabra with it's three pronged indicator may also signify the South American Peruvian area is known for it's devistating earthquakes..?

-The Powers of Poseidon-

"Poseidon was the Greek god responsible for natural and supernatural events, mainly the ones associated to the sea world and was the savior of ships. He possessed a trident which was so powerful that it could shake the earth. Poseidon was able to cause tempests and earthquakes, drown lands, shatter rocks and had the ability to finally bring back peacefulness."

South American mythology presents a god worshipped throughout South America. According to local legends they conclude this 'carved' Trident is a representation to the Peruvian god Viracocha's 'lightning-rod'.

French writer Robert Chatroux led an expedition in 1969 noting that although the mountain-side was exposed to the wind; the wind contained no dust or sand thus concluding the trident carving could have been drawn millennia ago.

It has never been identified for certain the age of the original carving and to this date the megalith avoids any significant erosion.

The Pisco geoglyph is not recognised as a verifiable motif catalogued in books on South American archeology meaning it is one of a kind.

The Candelabra's makers, purpose, and symbology are in doubt. Archeologists claim it is only a trident, however the South American coastal desert's record a lost history that is now awakening and speaking it's secrets.

We have been left a mathematical message encoded from this Candlelabra in sequencial distances to light the way of understanding to a codex.

Measuring using Goggle Earth from the triangular base center north to the center of Teotihuacan's Sun Temple is 175,264,050.03 Inches. [1+7+5=13]

Measuring from the triangular base center north to the center of Chichen Itza's El Castillo temple is 13.262,718.90 Feet.

130 Miles to the south of Paraca's Peruvian Candalabra is this world reknowned Nazca Lines.

Calculating from Nazca, 1300 hundred kilometers south along the coast locates the Atacama desert with it's goliathon Atacama Giant geoglyph.


Teotihuacan's Sun Temple 175,264 Inches [1+7+5=13]

Chichen Itza'a El Castillo 13,246 Feet

Nazca Lines 130 Miles

Nazca to Atacama Giant 1300 Kilometres

Inches - Feet - Miles - Kilometers..all archaic megalithic masterpieces revealing a message of Th1rt3en.

The Paraca's Candelabra Trident is measured at 595 feet tall. Is it possible this number can be associated to the Great Pyramid? The pyramids estimated weight is estimated at 5,955,000 tons.

Could it be the Candelabra's measurement is off by a 'half a foot' correcting it's measurement to 595.5 feet in height thus showing the 5995 of Giza's Great Pyramid?.

Since it was measured before laser measurements were invented - it should be re-measured using updated tools to verify the accuracy.

The base of the trident is shaped as rectangular in similiar detail to an envelope. A message of what this trident envelopes as this design is the basis to Phi mathematics. The essential starting point and the 'why' to the incrimential mathematics.

This Candelabra 'triangle' near the base discloses it's prime secret - by drawing a line through the 'slope angles' and extending - one side goes to the Nazca Lines..the other uninhibited crosses the ocean and points to another set of lines drawn in one of Australia's deserts..while the Trident points directly to schematics of Russian Lines.

Scriptures book of Revelation speaks of the extention of a peace offering known as - extending the Olive branch.

The Candelabra Trident intent appears as a branch, abstract though it may be.

As we walk through our Grandcestors journey we find a peace offering of clues filled with knowledge to our lost history.

Capturing the intensified light and knowledge, the sealed message from the past points us to illuminated keys of understanding.

The knowledge of what was once lost now found as we continue our journey along the path sharing the Olive branch of our Grandcestors lighted wisdom within Codex 13.

[Copyright  research of JD Jeffrey]

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