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Chankillo's Resurrection

Posted by J.D. Jeffrey on October 23, 2016 at 2:15 PM


Chankillo's Resurrection -

Th1rt3en Sacred Solar Huts to humanities Beast of Burden.


As history is researched and archaic monuments have their disguises lifted, certain attributes are boldly shown and detailed.

Verifiably the answers come back calculated in astronomy equating to the number Th1rt3en.


Ancient Agenda has collectively revealed a message from our Grandcestors detailed from the plateau of Giza reaching out across the continents of Earth showing a highly advanced past global civilization that academia claims should never exist, and yet with open eyes these great monuments built by the hands of our Grandcestors defy present history books logic.


Known as a solar observatory built (founded) in the 4th century BC upon a Peruvian coastal desert of the Ancash region, South America, this intriguing monument had once been interpreted as a 'fortified temple'. Designated to an area that covers an estimated 1.5 square miles (four square kilometres) the Thirteen Towers of Chankillo are speculated to be the earliest known observatory in the Americas. This astrological observatory strategically placed upon a slanting hill consisting of 13 towers uses their divisions in space by observing the sunrise and sunset from each corresponding tower to determine an accurate solar date within error of a day or two.


"The regularly-spaced thirteen towers of Chankillo were constructed atop the ridge of a low hill running near north to south and are, forming a "toothed" horizon with narrow gaps at regular intervals. To the east and west investigators designated two possible observation points. From these vantages, the 300m long spread of the towers along the horizon corresponds very closely to the rising and setting positions of the Sun over the year,[1][2] albeit they are not all visible. On the winter solstice, the sun would rise behind the leftmost tower of Chankillo and rise behind each of the towers until it reached the rightmost tower six months later on the summer solstice, marking the passage of time.[5] The Thirteen Towers of Chankillo could be the earliest known observatory in the Americas. Inhabitants of Chankillo would have been able to determine an accurate date, with an error of a day or two, by observing the sunrise or sunset from the correct tower.[6]

The towers had been known to travelers for centuries, the astronomical function of the towers were speculated famously by Thor Heyerdahl in his book Kon-Tiki of the 1940s but only recently hypothesized at length in 2007 by Iván Ghezzi and Clive Ruggles."

Chankillo remains a mystery to Archaeologists as to whom actually created this incredible complex construction of what is reported as the first ever solar observatory in the Americas.  

The 'Chankillo Towers' according to archaeologists reports, were originally constructed as a flat-topped design. Noticably today the towers construe a 'split-back' design with each hut up to 6 meters in height spaced at intervals between 4.7 and 5.1 meters.

The Towers vary in shape and size, ranging from 70 to 130 meters in width.

The creators to Chankillo's observatory created a time-scale allowing knowledge aided for planting and crop yeilds. Modern historians are without answer to the civilization who paid tribute to the sun and stars, aiding the builders of Chankillo to create a monument detailing Solstice/Eqinox also locating planting and harvesting seasons.

History dictates across the planet civilizations paid homeage to the worship of our Sun. By the measure of the moon, stars and seasons - our Grandcestrial ancients left a celebratorial mystical connection with the Sun only today being uncovered . It appears by the fascinating archaic structures still evidently correctly identifying a clock-work time telling scenario, Chankillo today still holds this secret adoration as the towers observe not simply as a calendar and celestial observatory, but also the same message portrayed and acknowledged in humanity's ideological Earthly relationship with our life giving Sun disc.


Chankillo's mountainis hill, in color and shape, conjures the image of a mystical serpent lost to history, a sleeping jurassic dynastic dragon with the staggered towers reflecting complete as defensive spinal-dorsal fins. Another message from our Grandcestors relaying the sun and the moon change as seasons change, as the stars in the heavens change, as the zodiac time changes.

The great cycle recycled and a warning to sleeping nations.


Around our great planet are constructed megalithic sites known for astronomical observatorions. Giza, Chichen Itza, Sacsayhuaman, Stonehenge and others; the astrological implications often contain one point of astronomical alignment providing valuable information for an accurately measured yearly solar time scale.

Chankillo's Solar Observational Tower's of Th1rt3een contain a 'window' to the codified message of Solstice/Equatorial Light riding on the serpents back sharing the Keys of our Grandcestors awakened Codex 13 verifying a serpents tale to a timeless message measurable by the Heavens reminding us of our 13th Zodiac symbol, the sleeping Orobourus, who returns every 13,000 years.

Our Grandcestors painstakingly share forgotten knowledge of Archaeo-astronomy as together procuring truth during this Unison Quest we ride the beast of forgotten history whilst the astronomic ages drag-on.

Copyright research of JD Jeffrey 2017 [5 min. 37 sec. Chankillo's mystery in history] [3min. 27 sec. hosted by BBC's Brian Cox]


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