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Codex 13 - Chichen Itza Speaks

Posted by JD Jeffrey on July 13, 2016 at 12:00 AM


Forgotten Identity

 As we in UNISON expose the archiac Codex 13's Mayan Solar City, we examine the 'Mystery in History' first discovered at the pyramid of Kukulkan leading to a forgotten identity.  An enigmatic Key figure known as Chac Mool whose aboriginal title translates to "Paw, Swift like Thunder".

Located at Central America, historically famous for the guarding of Chichen Itza's Mayan pyra-temple monuments, Chac Mool is depicted in Mayan and Aztec culture with various spellings.

Since the discovery of the first statue in the 19th century, there has been little agreement among the archaeological and historical community "exactly what the statue represents or what its purpose might have been."

The Mayans's represent a history mixed from Toltec and Olmec heritage.

When researching mainstream Mayan history, we find the Toltecs came to the Yucatán from the Mexico City region ‘Valley of Mexico’ around 1000ad. Chichén Itzá became their capital. If we look closely at the Temple of the Warriors at Chichén Itzá, we find Chac Mool as lead Watcher.

We repeatedly find Chac Mool 'front and center'  in temples such as El Salvador, Guatamala. Throughout Central Mexico and the Yucatán this mysterious statue is recognised and revered.


As we gaze deeper into the reflection to Chac Mool's stare of this Solstice Shadow Watcher, the secrets to the Temple of Quetzalcoatl as a magnficent Solar Year Calendar appear from this timeless Pyramid.


Chac Mool -Chac Ra witnessing an ancient abandoned city with a unique pyramid of architectural mystique allows details of a Sun-star empire left in the form of solar architectural advanced astronomy matching solar/terrestrial layout.


Connecting these correlations correct Chac Mool relabeled as 'Chac-Ra the Solstice Watcher', relaying an importance to more than Sun watching.

By viewing additional details, we witness a message left in the form of solar architectual advanced astronomy.

These techniques and designs incorpoated with customs and mythology reveal an interpretation not yet recognized.

Following Chac Mool's lead of Sun Gazing, the temple of Quetzacoatl the 'Plumed Serpent' explains what is being missed.

With the Plumed Serpent Queztacoatl representing our solar year, our Sun, as it sits center courtyard to Chichen Itza - the other temples reveal thier intent explaining this hidden message.

The 'pyra-temple' is known by several names such as ‘Quetzalcoatl’, Kukulkan’, El Castillo, or in layman’s terms – the Castle’. This is the home of Chac Mool. This is where we first found him.

Chac Mool Watcher, Keeper to Times Secrets Solar City Revelation

Let’s take a closer look at the monuments that surround El Castillo.

The grounds of Chichen Itza are quite amazing and highly impressive. At the heart stands El Castillo a testament to the ancients engineering and construction abilities. Among its amazing architectural attributes is its use of not only sunlight during equinox but its acoustic abilities sharing these and its clear solar equivalent connection to Egypt’s Great pyramid. The idea that the Maya, Toltec or a previous civilization used this site to expand their vision of the universe may or may not be true, what we know is there was no physical model of the solar system there for them to use, to so accurately design Chichen Itza in such a way.


Archaeo-historians and astro-archaeologists have yet to recognize Chichen Itza as a beautiful ingeniously accurate representational layout to our Solar System.

Our history books do not provide how ocean’s apart historic sites reveal a technological solar system not understood until now.

Throughout generations humanity has been in awe of these archaic monuments without ever noticing the inspiring specified language they clearly speak in mathematical-astronomical dedication.

Quetzacoatl's Pyramid is an advanced 'geodesic' Solar Sun Calendar.


  • The Venus Pyramid platform - the name speaks for itself.

  • The Observatory pyramid..if you were observing the sun and other planets of our solar system, as we are Earthlings - the Observatory Pyramid would represent Earth and it's smaller platform would be our moon.

  • The temple of the Warrior Twins is Mars as throughout world mythology Mars is always portrayed as a warrior.

  • The courtyard of the temple of a Thousand Warriors adorned by columns adjacent to the Warrior Twins Mars platform equals our solar systems 'inner' asteroid belt and it's thousands of fragmented meteorites.

  • Platform of the Skulls is Mercury. We know mercury is dangerous to humans therefore the danger symbol is given as a skull.

  • The temple of the Bearded Man is Jupiter as a beard signifies age and Jupiter is suspected in astronomy as our solar systems eldest planet.

  • The Jaguar temple Uranus, another of our solar systems distant planets sits adjcent the Ball Court to the Bearded Man as they watch the perpetual ball dance Mercury portrays.

  • Platform of Eagles and Jaguars is Saturn with it's vast rings and many circling moons.

  • The Sacred Cenote, our solar system's furthest planet Neptune.

 • The infamous Mayan Ball Court is a special reference to the constellation of Orion; as a ball travels the court back and forth so does the Orion Platonic Year tranist osscilation with it's perpetual dance as above so below with Earth and in our Heavens. This clue is why the Ball Court is placed across from the great solar castle Pyramid of Kukulkan and furthest from the Mayan Solar City.(more on this further below)

The Mayan's as we know kept unparalleled records in astronomy as evidenced today by their knowledge of math and the cosmos including their precise calculations and mythology to the Milky Way. They claim this was a gift from a mysterious tall white individual that could be construed as the Chac Mool statue and known as Quetzacoatl.

A Message in the Stars: The Serpent Rises

In our journey to Giza the Codexed13 was established and confirmation to this practice also is explained at Chckhen Itza. The numerical thirteen is equated to the constellation of Orion's 26,000 year Platonic Transit with 13,000 years as the half-way interval marking point.

Chichen Itza proclaimed ownership by the Mayans, histories amazingly correct astro-technicians who incorporated a 13 month Solar Calendar as their clock-work orange society.

When history is concerened -to the spoils go the victors- so there is no true way to know if the Mayan's were the atrocious riders on the storm conquistadors labeled them as for the Mayan's are known as peacable astronomers taking direction and intiative from their prestigious high-Preistesses representing love, tranquility and knowledge of one of Earthling's three oldest symbols known as the Orobourus Serpent who eats it's own tail explaining the never ending cycle of life, recognised by Chichen Itza's center pyramid constructed to explain our planet's solar year incorporating the Solstice application of Light as an advanced message built into the pyramid Kukulkan's stairway Serpent insignia.


With this archaic advanced astronomical practice that today is still our history's best known mathematical astronomers; also revealing within the build structure the Codexed message of Th1rt3en.

El Castillo's Solar Serpent and the 'Grounds' Sacred Solar Cenote Neptune Connection

We started our journeyed investigation into Chichen Itza with the El' Castillo Pyramid revealing it's coded mathematical Light message and now inquire why history's Conquistadors saw Chichen Itza's truth as unsophisticated..?


Solar Observations From the Mayan Sun City

The Mayan's as we know kept unparalleled records in astronomy as evidenced today by their knowledge of math and the cosmos including their precise calculations and mythology to the Milky Way. They claim this was a gift from a mysterious tall white individual that could be construed as the Chac Mool statue found at El' Castillo and known as Quetzacoatyl. Chichen Itza's pyramidial city layout explains in detail our solar system in math, geomtery, astronomy and heiroglyphics showing an advanced sacred knowledge.

The name of this remarkable geomteric solar city known as Chichen Itza means "at the edge" which translates from the word Chichen - and Itza translates as "the Well." With Chichen Itza revealing it's monuments through the pyramid of Quetzacoatl as our Solar System, could this 'Edge of the Well' term signify astrologically that our Solar System is on the inside arm of a Galactic well?

A verified scientific astrological understanding showing intent of this message no acident.


Wikipedia: "Our Solar System is located within a disk shape, about 27,000 light-years from the Galactic Center, on the inner edge of one of the spiral-shaped concentrations of gas and dust called the Orion Arm. The stars in the inner ≈10,000 light-years form a bulge and one or more bars that radiate from the bulge. The very center is marked by an intense radio source, named Sagittarius A*, which is likely to be a supermassive black hole. Stars and gases at a wide range of distances from the Galactic Center orbit..etc"


El Castillo's Numerical Language

Chichen Itza's historic 'Solar City' shows a Serpents slippery slope on a Solstice stairway of the El' Castillo 'Watch-Tower'. We have also uncovered a serendipitous serpent geoglyph embossed across the citadels sacred grounds encompassing all pyramids wrapped around Chichen Itza's center Solar Sun pyramid. By looking at this magnificent architectual structure from a different Light, we can visually see the buildings repititous reptillian 'Skin of Scales' designed into the precission craftmanship as together we review times truth scales of Justice finally balanced..


According to todays astro-matheticians, the Mayan Calendar recorded in Baktun's restarted on December 21st 2012. Some believed this date incorporated destruction of an Extinction Level Event ignoring Mayan theology of their god Bolon Yokte' returning. (the Mayan variation to a returning cycle in time of a deviation from a lesser dark knowledge)


Excerpt written by Will Hart

"Every facet of the calendar system relates to the following numbers 13, 26, 52, 91, 104, 364, 891 and 1508. The author has shown in other papers that these numbers are part of a series and all are closely related."

The calendar was based upon “synthetic numbers” that had THIRTEEN as the seed number, which were used to carefully measure and track the solar year, the synodic periods of Venus, Mars, and Mercury as well as to tabulate much longer cycles. Nonetheless, the prime cycles were the sacred/solar year, synodic periods, and realigning these with Venus was the real focus of the 104-year Venus Round.

As shown above there is simply no denying that fact that the central idea of the Long Count that the Maya had conceived, was that the Sun went through cycles roughly, every 5,200 years. One Sun would end; a new one would emerge. The author has come to take this literally, by that he means that the Maya observed that solar output oscillates over prolonged cycles. That is the core thesis of the Long Count and Great Cycle Round (26,000 years- the Orion Platonic Tranist). full article HERE


The Mayans created a calendar based on 400-year periods, known as “baktuns,” with each era made up of 13 cycles of 400 years that added up to 5,125 years. The current era, according to their calculations, would end in December 2012 Bolon Yokte, according to the prediction, would preside over the birth of a new era that would start on Dec. 21, 2012, and oversee the end of the current era. “The arithmetic of the Maya calendar shows that the end of the 13th baktun is with symbolic value, such as the reflection on the day of creation,”


"The view of history as a narrative of human events was a secondary concern for Mayan scribes, who instead focused on rituals. The inscriptions show complex relationships between time, the sculptures and the buildings. In the ancient Mayan view, time was constructed just like the sculptures and the buildings that contained them, the periods had consciousness, will, personality, and they behaved like humans..” [Mexican epigraphist Erik Velasquez]


The Mayna Baktun cycle of 5,125 years interestingly calculates back to the numberical message of thirteen..5+1+2+5= 13. During this epic beginning to the Mayan 13th Baktun ending we travel along the Grandcestors Codexed timeless message gratifying in examplary use of the number th1rt3en..


El' Castillo shows us it's patterned 13 Geometria language with it's architectual design.

For those who have noticed..the exquisitely ordained elongated protruded stiarways are ntocied and counted first as 'four rectangels'. Next we are adressed with the pyramids side which split into '8 equalatteral triangles' and last ordained by the 'singular top temple'. This geometric equation stiplifies 4 rectangels-8 triangels & 1 square. It is to be seen as 481 and a direct mirrored message to the Great Pyramid of Giza's height of 481 feet.

Throughout the design features of this astounding pyramid the number 13 is continually revealed and catagorically displayed.

Kukulkan's pyramidial 'nest' is built over a 'Cenote' and supported by a slab of limetstone calculated at a direct equation of 13 feet in thickness.

Within the various monuments laid out at Chichen Itza, the Codex 13 also reveals itself showing duplicity of calculated premeditated intention.

The Solar Serpent and his 'grandcestrial message' of Th1rt3en can be specified at Chichen Itza's magnificent 'Ballcourt' as the dual hoops reveal 13 per side of the ball court calculated each as a cycle of 13 and construing both halves to the cylce of the 26,000 year Platonic Transit of Orion's oscillation.

A Step in Time Written in Stone

Is it time to absolve Chichen Itza of it's past sins for a new age history to wash it clean? This advanced hidden history monolithically recorded across our planet was done with unwavering loyalty in purpose and specific intent leading us to a time forgotten in the past where the language spoken is written in sosltice shadow riddles, phonics (acoustics) understood through the constant language of math/geometric astronomy proclaiming an ancient forgotten history..a message left for a future intelligent civilization who could decipher this coded riddle such as we present day borgiouse society defend.

It is a language we all have witnessed but not understood; lets examine one more riddlle of El' Castillo in step with a correlation set in stone within Giza's Great Pyramid.


There is an undeniable mathematical equation linking these two archaic pyramids seperated by oceans of hidden and mistaken history. Of El' Castillo's 91 steps per staircase, the 50th level arraign's a height of 13 metres above ground.…/…/1564


Concurrently the Great Pyramid's 35th level of stone blocks is wider than lower blocks (exception of Base stone) given at 50 inches showing the equation of 35th row by 50 inches; using a whole number count system such as the Mayans used we aquire 3+5+5= 13. With both monuments spontaneously exuding this specific number of 13 with astrological representations; Giza is aligned to Orion as the constellation 'rises' and 'falls' at 13000 year intervals equating the 26000 year 'Platonic' cycle which oscilates above the Giza plateau every said 13,000 years. The message is written in math, geometry and solar mechanics for 'prior-man' new language is constantly changing -but math, geometry, the movement of the stars do not.



Incidentally both El' Castillo and the Great Pyramid are both known for their wondrous phenomenal acoustic abilities.

Standing in front of El' Castillo cupping your hands clapping causes a loud chirping sound to be reverently heard while inside the Great Pyramid sound reverberates so someone speaking in the uppermost level can be easily heard in the lowest level. This is advanced mathematics technology not understood by our past ancients according to our history books and so the age of old reborn, the continued cycle..the age speaking in riddles uttering secrets hidden from the foundation of the world returns. A time to set forth mankind's hidden past..and truth's freedom for all. This Codex message gives humanity a chance to be collective with 'those who came before' - to walk with the grandcestors of yesteryear, for us to discover the key to mankind's lost blueprinted history, an epic riddle hidden in the sands of time.


Understanding the riddle researching ancient history allowing knowledge to cross reference providing actual-factual legible understanding begets knowledge but with all learning in knowledge -beget understanding.


WE the ordinary people have questions of intent regarding mankind's misplaced past. For us, the answers are limited for lack of understanding regarding myths attributed to silent Egyptian Pharonic individuals, Conquistador mercenaries, religious intent or a host of other fallacies.

Chichen Itza has revealed a Codex written in Imperial, Metric and also the ancient Sumerian math identifying the numerical 13 restricting all illusions this message is an accident as it recitifys wisdom from our Grandcestors.

This mysterious Watcher Chac Mool has shown Chichen Itza’s magnificent central pyramid to be a reflection in math and geometry revealed as our Solar Sun-disk.


Chac Ra watches the Sun Calendar, graciously revealing itself as our solar system.

The Greek name for Giza's Great Pyramid is pyramidos..for ‘fire in the middle’ with our sun in its middle as the King’s Chamber.

Chichen Itza, home to Chac Mool the Mayan pyramid watcher: Is this an advanced solar city layout mirroring the Great Pyramid of Giza and are we witnessing a coded message as we stare into the face of a prior global advanced antediluvian civilization?

The connection of global pyramidial use implies the Mayan Solar City Watcher Chac Mool’s view of Chichen Itza further reveals a connection to the Great Pyramid as a Solar Revelation. (Click HERE for link to our Great Pyramid Decoding)

Chac Mool is always depicted in the center of religious/ceremonial activities.

This statue is leaning back on elbows with feet squarely on the ground,

knees fully bent with body angled at 90 degrees.

The head always faces west.

Surveyors have measured the head angle

to be a Key 13.5 degrees off due West .

Adding 90 degrees plus 13.5 creates 103.5 and another

deliberate intent to share the Grandcestors message.

The indication of Chac Mool's 'forgotten identity'  as 'Watcher Chac Ra' verifies with explicit intent the Grandcestrial pathway to

Codex Th1rt3en - Earth's monuments of antiquity Silent No More!

Written By: JD Jeffrey & Jon Gilbert

Copyright research of 2016


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