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Nazca Lines Decoding

Posted by JD Jeffrey on February 22, 2015 at 7:15 PM

"..and HE spread it before me; it was written within and without -

there was written therein lamentations, and mourning, and woe." Ezekiel 2:10

Nazca Exposed

The word pareidolia is associated as a common occurrence for artists such as testified regarding DaVinci for example. It's meaning refers to seeing elephants, whales and such hidden within cloud shapes, a pastime as children we have all enjoyed. Also proved it sometimes means what is there in plain sight, most can't see until in abstract art. A left-brain thought process to be precise.

So it is with Nazca.

The decoding of NazCAD is no accident. It could not be totally inspected and verified until satellite technology and Google Earth were created.

This quest has taken over 35 years to BEGIN, and although first noticed over three decades ago digesting everything literary including available pictures and videos over this time period, took leaps of technology to extensively research ultimatley disclosing Nazca's true meaning.

A quest just started as the Nazca Lines reveal is not the end, but merely a beginning and will be investigated in full through this particular created Google Earth (shown in the videos). Of what has been recreated and shared - those that have viewed and understood the full decoding to our hidden history have urged this sharing with mankind..those interested in the three released Youtube videos have been allowed to see a glimpse, for there is much more to divulge including a mathematical equation written upon celestial movement explained in antiquities ancient monuments verified and shown as cleverly hidden in scripture exposing the true meaning to biblical connotation.

When the exploded views around the 13 kilometre cut-away pyramid at Nazca are complete, they are to be located on the 'marker-chevrons' in the cut-away which creates a 13 kilometer tall Great Pyramid making it a virtual 3D tour showing everything that we today know, and that which we are about to find out via said blueprints of the Great Pyramid's hidden secrets.


The 'how to'  decode is made relatively simple following Nazca's Keys ~

1) The video presented shows there is no need to assume Nazca is in fact a blueprint rendering as there are rulers, tape measures, pencils and drafting tools strategically placed giving self-evidence to Nazca's purpose of it's technological blueprinted layout.

2) Next is to distinguish there are five different sizes of lines. Each line thickness represents a different blueprint so colored in one chosen color to reveal what is hidden in sepia.

3) The thinnest line always has a pencil attached at one end so colored chosen in black like a pencil line is known to be.


4) The various different Geoglyphs are blueprint 'Icon's' which expIains the careful detail required at that particular section of the build procedure.

In other words, they are reference points to the math and integral structure needed to complete that section of the blueprint.

5) There are round circle dots - a circle within a circle - denoting directional view and advising it as a new section of blueprint.

6) Also there are giant chevron markers through schematics showing north/south orientation so the blueprint can be read properly.


7) When you become familiar you will notice boulders and rocks are strategically placed for where a line ends or starts. They have also placed a certain number of boulders on rulers to show a math equation.

You can start anywhere at Nazca employing this method eventually finding your way and yes, you will end up recreating in detail the Great Pyramid Blueprints.

There is a 'snag' at Nazca..some areas must be followed closely and not at height because the Government has left automotive tire tracks indistinguishable from a certain height. (this sometimes takes hours to research one line)

These seven keys and familiarity will lead to understanding Nazca truly is a sequence of mind teasers, riddles hidden in phonics and join the dots. Our ancestors new language is constant in change but math, geometry, phonics and the movement of the stars and moon are pertinent to the advancement of an intelligent species. This is implied at Nazca and as now shown, a language we all know but have overlooked.

Countless hours researching Nazca via Google Earth without ever drawing a line have been spent to understand where the line goes and connects and now have been recreated in color ontop of Nazca's actual lines to show everything drawn is in fact located where shown to be. 

Only by scrutinizing details does Nazca reveal it's truth.


All free tools from Google Earth explicitly were used to show ANYONE can do cost nothing but time and downloading Google Earth to anyone's PC is completely free.

 In regards to NazCAD, for the past three years this message has been recreated in spare time coloring to date over 7000 lines. There are however in excess of estimation at Nazca alone over 30,000 to finish and recreate.

The actual extent of the Giza blueprints runs from the Peru Triad adjacent to Pisco Valley all the way through the Nazca Lines - the Sajama Lines to the Atacama Giant, and yes, he is the key to understanding all of this..he is a math ruler, the knower of riddles - the ruler of the ages. The message conveyed of his language however obtrusive it may sound, by the end of the total video presentations will be clearly understood by all.

Do you know at Nazca there is a female almost exactly like the Atacama Giant ?

He teaches Imperial while she teaches Metric mathematics.


Additional photos to the NazCAD decoding can be found in the 'Pictures Forum'.

After reviewing Nazca in depth, certain truths become revealed - Nazca is not the 'original' blueprints to Giza but an extensive message that can not be hidden.

One thing is clear deciphering Nazca - the creators had a vast knowledge of this planet, it's forests, jungles, mountains, deserts, oceans, streams and weather patterns. This is also included and shown at Nazca to be true of animals, insects, fish and birds. They new what we know and more! They show a knowledge of using these items for math living in perpetual balance with mother nature and believed to be a society of Left Brain THINKERS.

The Nazca desert was chosen for it's helio coil desert surrounded by mountains which keeps dust and debris swept away ultimately leaving the lines unobscured verifying what is drawn at Nazca could possibly last as long as the Giza monuments themselves as it receives little to no rain and has seen no residual weather effects since the glacier age making it Earth's perfect 'blackboard' to draft a message for the future offspring of the now removed fabled technologically advanced civilization known as the Tower of Babelytes.

From researching ancient history and reviewing the hidden stories told at Nazca - it is quite possible our ancestors purposefully left these messages knowing full well the greed and hypocrisy of man would keep mankind's true history undisclosed by those who would secure these secrets for their own personal use - thus our parent civilization created a message that when we developed technology for world wide use, the message could be deciphered and read by all those with the patience to understand the coded riddle...a message for the meek, a message that could never be truly removed or hidden.

This message will be addressed and revealed in full disclosure in the release of upcoming videos and all interested will be offered the reality of our lost and supressed history.

***If something is misrepresented on this website in regards to any information presented then please advise correction as the final decision to release this material was to build a class of those who would do just that - refine this message and help complete these extensive blueprints using the presented Google Earth for guideline.

The Google Earth shown will soon be installed to the website where all interested will have the opportunity to examine in detail NazCAD and are offered to help finish in the recreation of this timeless riddle connecting a Line from our present day history to the past thereby revolutionizing the future.

Anything missed or any other questions, please ask as truly this is not about ego  - it is about realizing truth so we here at Atlantis Awake are not above asking for help in this quest.

A personal note:

Additional NazCAD schematics as completed will be updated to the 'picture forum'  and as mentioned above, soon the Google Earth seen in the videos presented will be available here on this website for all to inspect with a list of keys on how to decode Nazca...and what the other blueprints mean from Pisco Valley down to Atacama. Now only facts will be shown and an open challenge is given to anyone who can prove this to be pareidolia. Yes, surely some is wrong, a wrong line drawn, a wrongly decoded glyph - this is obviously accepted. This will be rectified in time by truth seekers and naysayers alike, as actually believed - this was indeed created to be deciphered by a classroom of brains, not one person...and why openly shared - for it is our ancestors design and wish for all humanity to share in requirement this message of antiquity does not  become a virtual Pandora's box.


Atlantis Awake administration


"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."                            Albert Einstein

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