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Great Pyramid Decoding

Posted by JD Jeffrey on February 22, 2015 at 7:05 PM

Many years ago in ancient history, there existed a 'Prior-Man'  -  a people of advanced technology.

No true name has been found for this missing civilization formerly accompanied by mythical titles such as Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, Turtle Island or even Pangea - places rumored hidden backwards in the existence of mankind's mysterious past. A civilization of advanced technology now vanquished to the secrets of time.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Their technology could not save them from what they had learned through their applications of math and astronomy: the eventual cyclic demise of the alpha-omega ordinance to our Universe. Before imminent cataclysm erupted, the united decision was made to construct a message across our planet, which Father Time could withstand: a message of hope to those few survivors..a message of knowledge, technology and profound wisdom left to a future unknown offspring from a parent civilization of not remembered sir names..certainly a message of love to a future mankind to realize and establish their true identity and existence.

This is our heritage, left by OUR ancestors, to resume a class one civilization in a relatively short expanse of time. Now is that time, the time to break the Second Seal allowing a view of the next Key to this unique book of antiquity written upon Mother Earth's pearl precious face.

A Key revealing ..that which has been is now: that which is to be - has already been, and the Primordial requires that which is past..

 ..for in today's age of information, lack of knowledge.. but a choice.

Great Pyramid DECODED as Replicated Solar System:

  One of humanity's greatest academic enigmas stands today as our world's last of the ancient seven wonders, regarded also as one of today's new seven wonders, a wonder that in our past until today, and for the past 4,500 years has been a direct challenge to uncover its persistent mystery.

Said to be created by a dynastic Pharaoh whose specific intent was to be a funerary chamber, a term used by Egyptologists but known to us as a funeral crypt, located near Cairo Egypt, is the Great Pyramid of Giza. A funerary chamber built to house a Ruler so that he may reconnect his God status by escaping through the archaic name of Star-Shafts leading him into his rightful place among the Heavens.

Many have believed this inacurrate distressed history as fact due to the upper area of the Great pyramid known as the King's Chamber. This belief is held due to a rectangular hollowed box labeled the Pharaoh's 'sarcophagus'..or known in latter day terms, as a coffin. This history is steeped in Egyptian mythology leading academics to follow as truth..but it is a truth that has become a Mystery in History.

Never has anything been aquired from the Great Pyramid to link direct correlation to the ancient Egyptian myth of a Pharaoh's funerary chamber. This myth simply ignores the other chambers and passageways including what some refer to as architecture's finest achievement, an achievement known as the Grand Gallery..a mathematically precise message from our past.

At the supposed time the Great Pryamid was built, the Egyptian society at this time were as we know astute in their historic record keeping proven through today's academics, and yet, there are no pertinent records regarding the Great Pyramid. There is no scale model showing an architect's specific intent for this monolithic achievement, as of today* no actual blueprints have been revealed to such a detailed complex structure. The pyramid itself questioningly is void of inscription unlike other ancient monuments strewn across Egypt asking an educated mind to delve deep into this taboo mystery.

Many throughout the passages of time have stood in wondrous amazement seeking the hidden Key to unlocking the mystery of this timeless riddle from clergy to professors, to philosophers, laymen and history's war heroes - for it was Napoleon Bonaparte who quoted - "History is a set of lies agreed upon." The inquisitive question would be to ask; did Napoleon remark that statement after his visit and study of the Great Pyramid?



Upon entering the Pyramid, you are greeted by one passageway diverging in two different directions. One leads you down in to the basement area referred to as 'the Subterranean Chamber'. The other passageway leads upwards to three extensive areas. First noticable is the aptly named Grand Gallery. Before entering the Grand Gallery, you are given the choice to continue or investigate the passageway to the Grand Gallery's immediate left, leading to the Queen's Chamber.


The Queen’s Chamber resembles a house, with a floor, four walls and a peaked roof. Two square holed areas situated at each Northern and Southern side of the Queen's Chamber are easily visually acknowledged, which are situated in the center of each wall. The Western wall houses a 'five-step' Niche. A peculiar alcove with a rectangular tunnel exiting from it leading to nowhere, a mysterious dead end. The floor directly in front of the Niche is intentional stepping down to a recessed area, an area filled with dirt, which incidentally is the only area in the Pyramid that isn't stone questioning as to why?


Upon returning to the Grand Gallery, an impressive feat of architechture is recognised. The Grand Gallery leads to the King's Chamber and is inclined at forty-five degrees. The Gallery is 'corbelled' (stepped) in the fashion of a ziggurat pyramid. Each wall is made up of eight megalithic stones where as the ceiling is a conglomerate of smaller stones sectioning the ceiling into many pieces. Along the floor area to each side of the Grand Gallery are 'notches' cut into the stone work in exact replication equally spaced. The Grand Gallery has the distinction of being labeled as the finest example of complicated architecture, unsurpassed in the world of antiquity.



Traveling upwards through the Grand Gallery leads to its end and a square passageway known as the Ante-Chamber that enters the enigmatic King's Chamber. Immediately upon entering, a rectangular hollowed out box is noticed. This box is known as the King's 'Sarcophagus', or in modern terminology, we refer to as a 'coffin'. The sarcophagus is without a lid showing its exquisite perfection inside and out. As with the Queen's Chamber, the King's Chamber resumes the same 'house' style layout also housing two eight inch squared passageways located in the same areas as the Queen's Chamber, which are to the center of each Northern and Southern wall sometimes referred to as air-shafts.


The King's Chamber's two eight inch passageways are actually eight inch by nine inch and lead directly out of the pyramid's top section whereas the Queen's Chamber's eight inch squared passageways perform a blocked off stop area somewhere inside the pyramid. It should be recognised that all four passageways lead out of their respective areas at a straight-line exit before inclining to their respective destinations.


The great pyramid of Giza is known thoughout history as the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu/Cheop's funerary temple, although history has contested no Pharaoh has ever been located within the pyramid and in fact, nothing has ever been verified as proof to this claim. Other than a few red ochre painted cartouches (heiroglyphic symbols) located above the King's Chamber in the area known as the 'Five King's Chamber Lintels' (which make up the 'suspended' roof structure) nothing has been found. No inscriptions etched or integrated into the stonework as seen with other Egyptian monuments have ever been found. No items as accustomed to a Pharaoh's burial have been found connecting and establishing this claim as truth. The Pyramid is essentially void of all description.



In a place where time stands still, the interior to this great geodesic design..that is where the quest of understanding and enlightenment truly begins.

To answer this riddle found awakened in the sands of time, this exposé will show ancient mythology coupled with technological fact, geometric and mathematics showing astrological mechanics to witness beyond hypothesis the truth to this most archaic of riddles.. a riddle now awakened and answered as aKey unocks another Seal.

Welcome to what we refer to as - “the world you thought you knew.”


What if you were told we've been down this road before? Everything we have has been said and done before and there really isn't anything new under our Solar System's big hot Sun. Most of the riddles have been solved.. ..except a couple.

Such as who built the Giza pyramids and has mankind enjoyed previous technological advances as equated in accordance to Plato's 'Atlantis' theory or the Tower of Babel scripture. These two riddles confound many, however, we may have stumbled upon the answer to part of the Giza equation.

Looking at a cut-away view of the great pyramid of Giza and familiarizing its layout, always curious like so many before as to why it was that two of the so called 'star shafts' were plugged leading out from the Queen's Chamber without leading to the Pyramid's exterior, as verified by the King's Chamber's 'star shafts', which they apparently do.

A formulated idea appears:

From what we see before us, and if a hunch was right, then whoever built the great pyramid of Giza did so with a computer and its everyday simple 'paint' program. If this is true then there is no doubt that an extremely intelligent species used a computer program to design and not only build the Giza complex but to encode such a simple message that any child with basic photo-shop knowledge could decipher and have fun doing so.


Here's what has been discovered:

Starting with a picture of this simple cut-away view of the great pyramid of Giza and noticing the 52 degree increment marked in the bottom left hand corner of the picture which everyone commonly knows is the measurement to the pyramid's side slope angle; a geometric idea can be formulated.

With the chosen picture open in paint shop, open the LOOP (circle) marking pencil and start drawing.

Start drawing circles one after another using the 52 increment angle keeping in mind that circles are 360 degrees round, therefore basing all circles on that rule.

The first circle is determined by drawing a circle using all three points of the Giza Pyramid's geodesic triangle.

Acknowledging how co-ordinately the triangle and the circle worked together, eventually settling on strategic points coupled with a common sense approach; the 'Key-Points' of the King's Chamber show to draw a circle by using the area between the Grand Gallery and the Ante-chamber, followed by using a key point in the subterranean area that appears to resemble where a cursor would be placed.

Realising the geometric pattern allows a search at the Queen's Chamber to draw another circle.


The Pyramid entrance shows the key angle for the remaining circles to be drawn as another circle is created at the entrance outside the Pyramid.

Using the four known 'star shafts' also known as 'air-shafts'; their guidance is where the next circles should be drawn.

Always using the 52 degree angle to produce a 360 degree circle for every circle drawn thus proving to mind, this epiphany is indeed holding true.

The King's Chamber Star-shafts locate circles 'outside' the Pyramid while the Queen's Chamber 'blocked' Star- shafts are explicitly directing their prospective circles to be drawn on the pyramid's 'inside'.

When all circles are located to what is believed the Giza pyramid is directing to do, as in the different circles and their sizes; adding colors creates a beyond hypothesis answer to this age old geodesic monument - forming a celestial highway once forgotten.


Amongst the Pyramid's geodesic triangular design, the inside contains many rectangles and squares of different sizes and lengths. It also holds the secret of hidden circles which when found completes the basic forms to geometry including maths in the form of Imperial and Metric showing an exact replica to our solar system.


The large passageways are rectangular squared showing a metric equivalence while the star-shafts are all eight inch squared. Eight inch squared geometrically signifies 8 + 4 equalling one foot thereby signifying the distance to prospective planets given per foot as per astronomical unit.


King's Chamber explanation:

To find the mathematical answer to the King's Chamber, it is understood by its uniqueness to the Great Pyramid's sarcophagus. Not unique as a sarcophagus as they are readily found in Egypt and other pyramids of this planet: unique to the Great Pyramid as it is the only piece to the structure that is not integrated into the building process showing its secret math indicating it was 'added'.


To find the circumference of our Sun-star, the math process is to use the King's Chamber's overall 'area' adding the 'volume' of the empty sarcophagus thereby 'multiplying' by the raised upper roof King's Chamber's massive 50 ton Lintels by a factor of 'Five Radian'.                               (one Radian is the equivalent to double Pi mathematics)

Interestingly the King's Chamber is made of Red Granite stones with a granular-molecular structure such as Quartz, Feldspar and Mica.

The sarcophagus known also as the 'coffer' is made up of a brown chocolate Granite hewn in exact precision from one solid block. Its precision upon inspection is that of perfection and said to be a Marble of black, white and red spots and has been referred to as Black Marble. As many before have attested, when the coffer is 'struck', it emits a harmonic frequency reminiscent of a bell. (could the coffer be a representation of our Sun's core or possibly the astrological realization of Sun-spots?)

Great Pyramid of Giza stone volume in cubic meters equals 2,590,00 - a very similar number to the great solar cycle of 25,920 Earth years.

The great pyramid is 3.60 of a degree off of true north, a feat we today have not yet accomplished but as we examine the astounding knowledge and precise achievement this monument has to question that the builders intentionally set Giza from true north at 3.60 degree off signifying the 360 degree mathematical prowess attained to the movement of the zodiac and the circumference of the earth? With their advanced intelligence - it stands to reason as yes.


Queen's Chamber explanation:

The circumference of the Queen's Chamber denotes the size of Earth. The shape of the pitched roof and four squared walls represents a house stating 'You are HOME'. The 'Five-step Niche' is the geometric riddle to Earth's Moon. The base square of the Niche signifies the circumference of the Moon. The upper 'four squares' of the Niche represent that it takes 'four' Lunar faces to cover 'one' Earth face. This characteristic is known as 'stacking'.

Stacking the Earth’s Moon 'Four Times' equates to the Earth’s Diameter as the upper four squares to the Niche represent. 7,913 miles is Earth’s average diameter as our Moon measures 2,159 miles. The Moon’s luminescent surface allows easy visibility although its distance from Earth equals a quarter of a million miles away. (236,339 miles)

The anomaly of the rectangular shaft inside the base square of the Niche is mathematically represented a the 'Perigee-Apogee' between Earth and our Moon.

As the Niche is offset and not center to the Queen's Chamber, it is referencing a clue to the Moon's elliptical orbit.

Curiously the floor directly in front of the Niche is recessed at approximately one metre and at one time was compacted with a dirt substance which consequently is the only place in the Great Pyramid that is such. (if the dirt had not been removed and could be laboratory tested, would it show the same composition as moon-dust?)

As a peculiar note, it should be known that the Queen's Chamber at one time was indeed covered in a salt composition which would be a direct correlation to Earth's acidic salt oceans.

The floor is a rough unfinished area estranged from the perfection to the rest of the Queen's Chamber, explaining Earth's rough terrain surface.



Grand Gallery explanation:

By understanding the Great Pyramid of Giza is in fact a geodesic replication in exactness of our solar system, the riddle of the enigmatic Grand Gallery is readily acknowledged and explained through examination.

Accoring to the layout of the geodesic design as an abstract version of a thermometer which replicates connecting Mercury to the Grand Gallery, thereby showing its funicular design. Science and astronomy have taught us that Mercury moves in towards and away and back again in a perpetual solar dance with our Sun. This was established by Mister Albert Einstein during an observational view of a solar eclipse by astronomers to verify his mathematical calculations in regards to his contribution to solar mechanics in the month of May during 1919.

The design of the Grand Gallery is eight 'corbelled' massive stones per side with an incorporated roof design made up of many smaller stones.

The lower block on both sides incorporates rectangular notches shown as large increments on a thermometer with the mutli-layered ceiling signifying the smaller increments incorporated in between the larger notches. The notches distances as equated by each of the Grand Gallery's pathway stones indicating the distance between notches.The entrance is referenced by a step down design signifying the space between the notches as they equal the same length squared. The base step-down design also incorporates the base 'holding' area of the thermometer.


Standing at the Grand Gallery's base with its 1:2 ratio grade degree incline angle looking up to the ante-chamber opening angle implies a Geometric Thermometer in exact replica including increments. The double eight corbelled sides signify two eights as in reference to Mercury's eighty-eight day 'retrograde' movement.


The 'over-flow' step known in antiquity as 'the great step' leads to the planet Mercury signified by the Ante-chamber interestingly designed in Red Granite; showing Mercury over-flowing into the geodesic Thermo-mercumeter known as the Grand Gallery.


 The Subterranean Chamber explanation:

Length [planned] 46 feet - Jupiter's Radius is given at 43.441 miles

Width [planned] 24 feet - Jupiter's Gravity given at 24.79 m/s2

Height [planned] 17.5 feet - Jupiter's Mass is 317.8


The Jovian planet of Jupiter is primarily a gas planet with very little oxygen being produced.

Coincidentally, the Subterranean Chamber is oxygen deficient, residing approximately 100 feet below the Giza Plateau's surface.


Star-shafts & Passageways numerical explanation:

The King's Chamber Star-shafts are recorded at eight inches wide by nine inches high with the Southern shaft having an incline angle of 45 degrees while the Northern shaft is angled at 32 degrees 30' emerging at the pyramid's 103rd course of stone blocks.

The Queen's Chamber Star-shafts are given at eight by eight inches squared.


Forming a road to the Greek word Pyramidos -meaning 'pyre' for fire -and 'mid' for middle, establishing the meaning 'Fire in the Middle'..our Solar System's Sun, represented by the King's Chamber showing our Sun-Star.

The Great Pyramid inside decodes as a representation of our solar system as the passageways and rooms exemplify, explaining themselves in representation through math and geometry completing as the solar system.

The word pyramid comes from the prefix pyre meaning fire and the suffix mid meaning middle when combined they form the conceptual word pyramid, meaning fire in the middle - ol' Sol, our Sun.

Explanation with theorem:

The King's Chamber is a representation of our Father Sun, telling its story through the inappropriately named sarcophagus and the upper five lintels..the five lintels are separated showing four empty spaces allocating this to be the four rotational seasons of our sun ( each season takes approximately 3,250 years) The sarcophagus is a finely honed and prepared rectangular box perfect in form yet its outer edges are roughly hewn with one corner desecrated in a 'V' form pointing to the direction of the Queen's Chamber explaining a direct correlation between the Sun, Earth and Coronial Mass Ejections. The King's Chamber Lintels also resonate at an 'F Sharp Chord' - 438 cycles frequency [according to tests done by NASA] which incidentally is the frequency of Earth relating that it is the Sun that causes Earth to harmonically resonate. The five lintels signify the King's Chamber is to be multiplied by a factor of Double Pi known as Radian math. The mathematics in dimension equate the size of our Sun-star.

The Queen's Chamber is a representation of Mother Earth as told by the mathematics in dimensions including a representation of Earth's Moon which is represented by the five step Niche and its rectangular tunnel exiting to nowhere inside the Niche. The Niche is stepped consecutively smaller suggesting the bottom largest box to be the dimension of the Moon with the upper four boxes being the dimension to how many Moon surfaces it takes to equal one Earth surface size. The rectangular tunnel exiting to nowhere from the center of the large lower box is a representation of the distance between the Earth and Moon as told by the dimension of the rectangular tube signifying it to be a metric equivalence. The four Star/Air-Shafts leading from the King's and Queen's Chambers lead to our planets and the dimensions in distance from said Chambers are told in Inches ( Shafts are 8 inches squared - 8 inches in Imperial math is 13 millimeters in metric) The floor area in front of the Niche is a hard packed dirt substance which if analysed could possibly display the same composition as the Moon (proving an intelligent race before us walked the Moon bringing back this compacted Moon-Dust) The Earth revolves around our Sun at a constant speed of 66,600 miles an hour.

The Subterranean Chamber is a representation of Jupiter as is the entrance to the Pyramid a representation of Uranus (showing this the entrance to our solar system) with the prospective distances in dimensions told through the size of passageways exuding a squared metre.

The Grand Gallery shows itself to be Mercury, the only planet that moves in and out including in retrograde to our Sun (as concluded and proved by Albert Einstein) the closest planet to the Sun which is indicated by the eight tiered Gallery having the notches in each side of the Grand Gallery as 'Thermometer' degrees. The 'Step-Down' at the beginning of the Grand Gallery passageway signifies to count the spaces 'IN BETWEEN" the notches to calculate the Thermometer's degrees as depicted in the ceiling. The square entrance Hall between the Gallery and King's Chamber which is vividly seen when looking up the Grand gallery is Mercury's dimension. Mercury orbits the Sun every 88 days at a rate of speed at 106,000 miles per hour as suggested by the corbeled walls showing a tier of 8 on both sides equalling 88.

The southern King's Chamber Planet-Shaft relates to the planet Saturn and the KC's North Planet-Shaft is Neptune, two of our solar system's outer most planets. The Queen's Chamber Planet-Shafts relate as two of our four inner most planets in our solar system with the Southern being Mars and the Northern concluding as Venus.


Quote from sir Flinders Petrie book Wisdom of the Egyptians in which he concluded after studying and documenting the Great Pyramid:

"but these relations of areas and of circular ratio are so systematic that we should grant that they were in the builder's design."

..circular ratio - systematic - in the builders design.

 By understanding the code left within the Great Pyramid of Giza in the form of math and geometry, we are able to establish by using the pyramid's slope degree to create 360 degree circles around rooms and exits, using the dimensions supplied by rooms and passageways, we find an exact representation to our known solar system..a language written by the Gods.

Twice removed from yesterday..

We also see the 'Four-Shafts' of the Great Pyramid first extend from their prospective rooms horizontally, then inclining to their prospective planets. This we also see in a modern education's replicated scale model solar systems..a horizontal exiting line inclining to a planet.

The builders of the Great Pyramid made no mistake..mankind has, but for a very astounding reason. We were not able to decode these riddles until our present day technology was allocated in line with those who came before, those who inscribed these wondrous messages...our parent civilization.

Great Pyramid FINALLY Decoded -MUST SEE-This changes history!

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