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Posted by J.D. Jeffrey on January 21, 2018 at 11:05 PM

Grandcestors archaic monumental 'Early Warning System'

Across our globe a codex is written in archaic monuments.

This specified codex carries a mathematical instruction that decodes the information equated in the Heavens.

Know if you follow the most ancient of antiquities monuments, you will find a certain number explaining each monument - that number is 13.

When this is realized, using Giza as Orion's three belt stars, then locating the other truly misunderstood ancient monuments strewn across mother Earth that equate the numerical 13, an amazing message is shown.

As united we stand in this technological era of a one world language, the honored 'ancients' defiantly reveal what has for too long been hidden now awakened in the UNISON Quest of our Grandcestors lighted wisdom.

A book from the global history pages that explains the future during todays present with a monumental message offered from time's logical muse.

Through time at hand the pyramids stand in history be revealed the knowledge of old....a Light will come when the proper time beckons...a lost global civilization of ambient light will be reawakened; questionable history no longer will be.

Within the Tower of Babel mythology, we are explained Gaia once consisted of a 'One World Language'.

Mythology explains this unique civilization was extremely advanced.

We see this from the wondrous examples conduced by megaliths created at all cardinal points of Earth which defiantly construe the movement of the sky, sun and heavens.

The Tower of Babel mythology also explains the industrious civilization was as advanced as the 'gods' - able to build towers to the Heavens;

that they were so advanced they could create miracles as only the gods could achieve.

Through the study of Sacred Geometry, we are able to understand this once forgotten one-world tongue.

Ishtal Maxin defines as a triptych sacred symbol of the Sky, Sun and Stars.

Solex Mal is the tongue of the archaic astronomical language.

The Aztec 'SUN' Calendar exemplifies this knowledge pictographed in stone with a human face detailing a tongue protruding from it's center among astrological orientations.

The word 'Babel' translates as 'confusion'.

The Tower of Babel was an advanced civilization whom understood the movement of the Heavens, which could be considered as their sacred 'religion'.

It is this precise confusion of our lost history that has corrupted the prior advanced civilizations sacred astronomy religion.

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CODEX 13 - Base Count To Our Numbered History

Reviewing the archaic monuments, allowing them to speak their own specified language, gives great details to this forgotten advanced civilization now transformed through modern CSI History investigation techniques.

Giza's Great Pyramid is built on 13.1 acres with a height of 481 feet detailing 4+8+1=13.

Giza is essentially the 'vault' to understanding this number.

There are in total 130 'pillars' at the Karnak Temple.

The Amun Re temple

-the massive 15 m thick, 43 m high and 113 m long, first Pylon of the Precinct of Amun-Re.-

It also has one of the largest Obelisks standing 29 meters tall and weighing 328 tonnes. [3+2+8=13]

Coordinates: 25°43′7″N 32°39′31″E ..add to 75 and 102..75102 ..751 reveals 13 and 02 means twice..or 26 for Orion's full oscilation period.

Adding 134 applies as 1+3+4= 8; the equivalent of 8 Imperial math reconstructing as 13 Metric.

8 is also the sign for the prestigious Infinity symbol.

Valley of the Kings gargantuan 'seated' guardian Mignon statues are 13 metres tall and spaced 49 feet apart. [4+9=13]

Easter Island's standing Maoi Statues: the majority are calculated 'without hats' as 13.1 feet tall with a total of 888 Maoi figures. Again 8 transfers from 8 Imperial as 13 Metric also constituting the Infinity symbol.

Puma Punku's largest stone, the Base Stone is 131 metric tons. It's second heaviest stone weighs 85 tonnes [8+5=13] and the site is built at a 13,000 foot elevation.

Nazca's longest Line is 13 kilometers in length. The geoglyph known as the Giant is 130 feet tall.

You will find 13 written all over Nazca by measuring various lines, trapezoids-geometric shapes and even the geoglyphs themselves.

Machu Picchu covers an area of 13 square miles. The Hawks-nest overlooks Machu Picchu by 130 meters.

Sacsayhuaman's 'base-wall' is just over 1300 feet in length also revealing 13 numerics of 13 within the complex's measurements. It also holds the 13 Sacred Steps monument adjacent to it.

Chichen Itza's Temple of El Castillo 'base-side' measures 55.3 meters equaling 5+5+3=13 and also in Sumerian of 130 Cubits. It has 13 'ball-courts' with the sacred ball-court 490 feet to the south of El Castillo-Kukulkan. [4+9=13]

Teotihuacan covers 13 Kilometers of land and the Avenue of the Dead is 1.3 miles in length plus 131 feet wide.

China's Emperor's Pyramid is 130 feet tall and the Great Wall of China is over 13,000 kilometers in length.

Each side-length of Angkor Wat's 'square moat' is 1.3 miles in length and it's tallest tower is 130 feet tall.

Stonehenge's Trilithon Stones overall height are 13.7 metres tall and there are including the 'Sun-stone' a total of 76 megalithic stones. 7+6= 13.

Ohio's Serpent Mound's total length is 1,376 feet. This effigy's height ranges from one foot to three feet, signaling out the numbers 1 & 3.

Although each site contains many more th1rt3en's in their data, measurements etctera, there are also other archaic monuments carrying this number yet to be revealed detailing our Grandcestors expansive globally connected message to Codex 13.

The Great Pyramid revealed its codex of numbers in 13 that led into CODEX 13 - Base Count To Our Numbered History..a synopsis of monuments coded in 13 worldwide revealed its intent detailing Inches - Feet - Miles & Kilometres also locating our Grandcestors over-all message as Orion staged front and center.

The Great Pyramid is built upon a footprint of 13.1 acres. This is the Great Pyramids base thereby instituting it as the base count. This implies a base count of 13.1. If we apply this to the Orion transit of 26,000 years, then it is just .1 'past' the halfway count of 13,000 years. 13.1 ..This is the 'footprint' to the count cycle.

If we look at 13.1 as a base count (defined by the 'volume' calculated of all three pyramids revealing Orion's full tranist count of 26,000 years) and we count three revolutions of the base count, we get 39.3 or 39,300 years - an age very close to when Cro-magnon man appeared.

Also an age of when Zep Tepi could be associated to and a diffinitive role in locations as to what these archaic monuments are stating.

Serpent Mound built at the edge of a Comet strike debris hole.

Teotihuacan built in the area of surrounding Volcanic activity.

El Castillo built at the location to the Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaur's.

Sacsayhauman built to withstand devastating Earthquakes.

Nazca drawn in a desert waste-land.

Easter Island built around a defunct Volcano.

Stonehenge built at the edge of the Ice Shield.

Angkor Wat built as a Flooded City.

The Great Pyramid built as an Irrigation device - a Pump..needed in Floods.

And there are other monuments speaking this same decoded language.

We are silently being told of the Deluge story..a cosmic catastrophe that starts with our Sun throwing CME'S (coronial mass ejection solar flares) as our solar system is penetrated by incoming debris field. This is the cyclic asteroid-comet impact destruction that falls into oceans, lakes and streams causing massive roving tsunami's. This event sets off the Ring of Fire volcanoes that encompass Earth's continents. In turn this sets off colossal earthquakes,  all the while the atmosphere is turning into a nuclear -winter type waste land.

There are many clues and there are also places of refuge catalogued such as Machu Picchu and Derinkuyu. These we know of and have documented. There is also speculation to a cavern-sanctuary in the Grand Canyon and tunnels running under Peru, China, Spain, Turkey..etc.

This shared knowledge is your birth-right.

It is freely yours to explore without hinder or cost.

The provided CSI History research of decoded monuments to 'Earth's Monumental early warning-system' is catalogued and vaulted for all to examine at their leisure, so that it may be acknowledged and understood that the whispers sent over time of our Grandcestors wisdom, is a timeless message written exclusively to You.

Through mythology it has been defined 'we', the offspring of our Grandcestors, will return to this sacred wisdom;

So it has been written ~ as so it shall be again.

This is UNISON Quest !

Copyright research of JD Jeffrey 2018

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