"Sharing the Keys, to our Grandcestors archaic past"

About Us

We are a provocative new community website, disclosing never before seen information to our ancient past - thereby setting the history books right.

We welcome all with open arms to this quest to re-right our historical origins; we must stress however our research is on a professional level, therefore we ask everyone please keep posts and information relevant to our work. 

We believe that our world suffered a catastrophe decimating an advanced race, which left survivors scattered to the four corners of Earth. To rebuild the once lost fabled Eden, which our research correlates. Also leading us to believe the Atlantis theory was not an island or sunken continent. but a global advanced unified civilization. Much as Earth is today and why we chose to sanctify the name.

Our intent is to share this new found history FREELY, with all like-minded individuals. In hopes they will in turn, share their personal knowledge. To leave no stone unearthed in this quest of ancient agenda. Exposing our now corrected blueprinted history, once lost in the sands of time. 

Thank YOU to all, for your civility in discussion and to pursue this, in a noble and intelligent manner. Rectifying in Unison, humanities golden era to history.

(Please - if anyone chooses to share Alienology, Channeling or Spiritual connotations, we will discuss it. However there are other professional groups that cater to these specific topics)

"Between us we may hold all the answers - if not for confrontation"

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