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Great Pyramid's ~ every Nook and Cranee:

Giza's Great Pyramid - the last remaining seventh wonder of the ancient world...

How was it built..?

Throughout history there has been various definitions of how this Great Pyramid was constructed and yet still today there is no definitive answer forthcoming.

Egyptologist's have claimed the pyramid was created by use of an enormous external ramp system. (or possibly various ramps)

There is also the claim of an internal-ramp system hidden within the Great Pyramid's structure.

Two claims are put forth using water;

Theory one devises an open 'water-lock' system while theory two devises a completely enclosed water-floatation 'chute' method.

There s also the 'aggregate' method of crushing the stone and re-assembling in molds while still in a liquified form.

The last method put forth of building this ancient wonder is yet to be reconciled and as of yet has no foundation - which is the 'levitation' method.

The various methods assembled leave a mind in curiosity trying to evaluate the correct building method and procedures.

How is it this magnificent wonder was created - and what theory makes best sense?

Is there an answer to this mystery that can help evolve history..?

After spending a life-time studying every aspect of the Great Pyramid and it's wonders

(recording much of the findings) and the various claimed methods on how this megalith was built -

an idea was fashioned that is fundamental in simplicity and falls inline with what Egyptologist's would consider as a plausible theory.

After reading many books, scrutinizing photographs and every blueprint drawn including compiled dimensions - after scouring every nook and cranny..a curious anomaly, an enigma in the structure opened a portal of thought expanded on through future investigations.

For your personal perusal, Ancient Agenda provides ..'building a better history.'

Approximately two-thirds of the way up on the Great Pyramid's North-eastern ridge (above the entrance) we find a 'peculiar nook' leading into the pyramid's corner.

This curious nook slightly resembling the pyramids entrance is an unknown feature lost in cycles of time lifting curiosities to those whom find interest in examining it's chosen area.

Knowing the Egyptians imported wood from Libya and the myth that wooden levers were used in the Great Pyramid's build system; allowing knowledge of the Romans whom history eludes their knowledge came from sacred Egyptian mystery is possible a 'crane' was implemented in the service of creating and lifting of the megalithic stones incorporated in this magnificent structure of architectural precision.

First assembling a crane into the plateau and building from the pyramids corner, a base can be constructed to the level just above the Entrance opening cavity. The weight of lintels over the entrance (and further adage of stones) allows the entrance to be used to 'insert' the crane, which then holds and controls it securely.

This method enables the crane to lift stones into the pyramid and construct it to the next level where we see the 'corner nook' anomaly.

The elevated corner-ridge opening allows the first crane to lift and insert a second crane to reach and finish the additional areas along with the pyramid's coveted Capstone.

After completion, the lower crane removes the upper crane and installs the angled corner casing stone closing off the opening. Re-inserting the second crane into the plateau allows removal of the Great Pyramid's entrance crane. The re-inserted plateau crane can then seal the Great Pyramid with it's hinged entranceway casing stone door.

This two-tiered crane system allows blocks to be lifted and transported to all areas of the pyramid and with combined strength of both cranes are able to lift the massive King's Chamber lintels to their stacked resting place.

The dual crane's timber can then be recycled into boats and other useful wooden objects.

Freeing the stones can be removed from their quarries by use of said crane power, moving the stones to the pyramid location takes another avenue of thought.

Recent research has revealed the Moving stones of Death Valley's secret.

As the desert goes through extreme temperatures, the massive heat sweltering during day creates molecules of 'perspiration' upon the desert floor and the bottoms of the rocks, which due to the drastic change in night climate freeze causing a thin layer of ice, which the wind then easily pushes the massive stones down slopes of hills.

It's quite possible the ancients understood this desert climate secret and moved the blocks to their destination during winter season sliding them upon a minimal sheet of ice by means of animal or human dragging efforts, lessening the cumbersome weight issues.

While academia stagnates in processing the mystery in history, we at Ancient Agenda encourage those interested to stand on the 'proverbial-box' and see the vision in where our enlightened Grandcestors once stood using their cranium to lift the veil of secrecy while we together view the building of a better history.

Copyright research  of JD Jeffrey


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