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Amaru Muru: a road less traveled

Here at Ancient Agenda cooperation is always more important than competition.

Only as a unified society can we truly delve into solving the enigmatic mystery in history.

Together let us travel back in time to Amaru Muru on the road less traveled.

Aramu Muru is located north of Chucuito in southern Peru, not far from Lake Titicaca in a region known as "The Valley of the Spirits".

Of the archaic mystery monuments that cover our world, Aramu Muru in it's grandeur is one of the forgotten and lesser known.

A unique stone "wall-structure with a door-styled" into it creates a gigantic stone door appearance, conjuring the idea of a portal with its mysteriousness impressing the senses and stirring imaginations of all who uncover it.

Resembling a gate, Aramu Muru's colossal size leaves researchers inquisitive knowing it's history is unknown as exactly who built this megalithic structure and it's intended purpose.

The size of the "gate" is about 7 x 7 m or roughly 23 by 23 feet which is literally carved into huge rock/cliff created with diagonal lines of peculiar interest. It appears not as a building nor is there is anything "inside" or behind the gate although it is clearly carved into a solid cliff creating thoughts of Jordan's Petra.

The hole in the Aramu Muru gate some say resembles a key hole. According to some theorists, a person could be the key.

Locals say that the gate only opens to certain people and only at some times. It is believed that one must possess great wisdom in order allowance past through the gate.

Local Quechuan, descendants of Incas created stories and myths about this "gate", yet no verifiable proof exists that the door-way is of Incan origin. Although they have laid claims about Aramu Muru, they never said they created and built it.

Many others claim Aramu Muru is a potential "star-gate", a doorway to another dimension...a road less traveled. There are even those who believe the 'keyed door-way' is Alien-made and leads to a secret underground base.

The name of the gate comes from antiquity and the folklore of a Incan priest's name. He was called Aramu Muru and belonged to the fabled "Seven Rays Monastery".

Legend has it that the priest was carrying the Golden Sun Disk (a revered golden Incan artifact) travelling from Tiahuanaco to Cuzco while trying to escape his pursuers, the priest stumbled upon Aramu Muru's gateway door, and according to legend -

disappeared never to be seen or heard of again.

This legend from antiquity proposes that a priest managed to escape by stepping through this questionable gateway door.

Locals believe that by stepping into the grand doorways T shaped key hole, touching the gate's frame with both palms, visions occur. It's been noted that the dream-state individual incurs visions which include fire, secret tunnels running under a mountain and the ability to hear musical melodies.

There have been those who affirmed they have experienced strange phenomena, and stranger still some have said they've actually entered and past in through the gate, which somehow magically opened to them.

The superstitions have kept most locals at bay cautious as to certain past mysterious events regarding Aramu Muru. Legend has it that those who pass through will enter another world. Believers say that only selected special people can pass through the gate.

It should be known Amaru Muru is of ancient and uncertain origin possibly dating back to an unrecognised advanced valley of spirits civilization.

The myths also state that god 'Meru' lives beyond the Aramu Muru gate, which is an entrance to his "Temple of Illumination". The T shaped door uses shadows created within it's recessed area to the scale sunlight exclaiming seasonal change.

As our Sun can be considered a Star, it shines on the door creating a solar gateway of knowledge. The doorway cavity T shape is not symmetrical allowing for varying shadow lengths creating time markers as the doorway fills with shadow effect illuminating it's archaic message. The doorways advanced triptych rectangle geometric design feature reveals a knowledge of solar movement encased in stone.

This rock formation has the appearance of a human 'in form' lying on-top of it as a god beyond the gate of Amaru while our celestial sun lights it's seasonal way, creating with other archaic monuments a global message.

This supplied 0ne minute and Thirty-one second long video reveals an explaintion to  Amaru Muru's seasonal Sun-calendar.

It is also claimed that the 'portal-gate' becomes semi-transparent when the Sun sets upon it connecting this mysterious timeless Key-hole to a forgotten star-gate of history to our Grandcestors mystery, as together we journey on this UNISON Quest to humanities age awakening transit on a welcoming road that was once less traveled.


"Between us we may hold all the answers, if not for confrontation."

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