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Incan Triptych Solar Gallows

Hung in the balance of history, from the far reaches of every corner to Earth

we are becoming aware of our ancients and the magnificent astrological observatory's

they have created in stone.

Often misunderstood and truly misnamed treasures of antiquity stand hanging

distilled in time for our personal judgement.

Perched high in the mountains of Bolivia located near Lake Titicaca we find an isolated area misnamed as the 'Inca Gallows' that with astounding precision lights the way to Equinox and Solstice regulatory patterns in justification to our yearly seasons.

Said to be in use for the past 4,000 years, this observatory with pin-point accuracy executes a final positioning of Sunlight through a drilled time-worn hole located at a higher elevation created within a rock encropment at a precise measured metric distance of 21 metres away from the majestical 'sun-calendar' gallows where during spring Equinox and winter Solstice yearly executions the Sun hangs.

Through the encropment-hole the Sun shines creating a 21 metre long beam of Light that deliberately illuminates in jurisdiction upon the singular shaped rectangular cross-beam fitted bench stone presiding nestled into the dual adjacent enbuttments completing a triple rock structure of a courtship in 'triptych' towering stone.

From a stone tryptic sense; a tryptic temple has 3 doors with the largest or tallest in the middle. Here the upper standing stone hitching the Sunlight between the lower 2 is the higher/taller standing stone of the 3. As a Trilithic structure, with it's horizontal stone across the top, in this specific formation an appropriate descriptive name would be 'Hitching post of the Sun' - as it describes the function. The Suns rays are focused (captured or hitched) through the hole 21 meters above illuminating a spot on the cross-beam rock.


The Sun only renders it's shining verdict to a given spot for a short given period of minutes, and only once or twice a year. When the Grandcestors built these megaliths, they knew exactly when the Sun was going to strike a certain place, and to be able to envision a beam for it to light something else at a specific time and distance away is truly remarkable.

Obvious advanced intelligence shows this supposed 4,000 year old monolith was created with a higher knowledge that not only incorporates the movement of Sun pattern but also advanced building techniques with a metric based math system.
Complete examination of this ancient site and it's entire astronomical implications can not be defined as most of the observatory was destroyed by the early conquistadors. However in reserve of judgement due to advanced astronomy inquiries to one of the mysteries to histories 'closed case files' reopened and investigated - we can establish our prior ancestors intelligently created monuments with precise positioning enabling astronomical observations that define like clock-work our yearly seasons created by the movement to our solar systems celestial jury of gods and goddesses known to us today as our planetary solar system.


The Inca Gallows inappropriately named hangs judgement on our inaccurate past also implicating those whom are delinquent in obstruction to the whispers of our Grandcestors civilization and the verdict to the specified message it carries has yet in restitution to acknowledge what the observable astronomical tryptic solar gallow-stones imply;



Research compiled by Joani Jiannine ~ Jon Gilbert & JD Jeffrey


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