"Sharing the Keys, to our Grandcestors archaic past"

Here at Ancient Agenda, our vault of decoded research, defiantly challenges 'world- views' exposing archaic monuments as a coded message, written on the face of earth. Left by a prior advanced civilization.

 With guidance from the ancient Atacama Giant, created with 'Geo-Metric' math, ultimately explaining Giza's lost ruler myth; You the viewer decodes Giza's pyramids as a 'Gate-Way' to a Codex list of archaic monuments strewn across the Earth. 

 With this newly-found evidence. The culmination of a globally advanced, forgotten civilization is shown via an ingenious message. Disguised as a Hall of Records treasure map - The Nazca Lines are now decoded and revealed as the Great Pyramid's blueprints. 

 Following the Keys presented in the Codex, an epic golden era to history is exposed. Privately using today's technology, ANYONE regardless of age, can locate and duplicate exactly what is witnessed - with identical results! Decoding an epic riddle, an untold history, encoded long ago and blueprinted in the sands of time... a precise message. Written exclusively ~ for YOU !

   Throughout history, many have spoken of a lost codex to a prior advanced civilization. Scripture defines it as a scroll of accountability, for when mankind has reached an age of true awareness. Some have referred to this as a book of prior wisdom, while others describe it as, the Holy Grail.

This expose will document a codex written in Earth’s archaic monuments. Showing a direct link to a past advanced, technological civilization, not accounted for in today’s history’s books.

Ancient Agenda shares a humbling journey starting with the Great Pyramid. Introducing many mysterious ancient monuments. Displaying the same hidden clues to find their secrets, as the Great Pyramid has reluctantly revealed.

This redundant message exemplifies a simple numerical Codex, to an astronomical equation of THIR13EN... Leaving Earth’s archaic monuments silent no more!

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